Bored and Frustrated Business Gorilla in the Office
Getty Images

These 25 Weird Stock Photos That Sum Up What Doing Your Taxes Really Feels Like

Feb 10, 2017

We’re not sure what’s actually going on in these photos but we do know that they’re awful and we’re glad someone posted them to Getty Images.

  1. When you have a ton of things already on your mind and your W2 shows up in the mail but you know taxes are due in a month...
    Kind of Immature Businessman Sticking Tongue Out Getty Images 
  2. "Ok. New Year, new me, remember? I got this."
    A middle aged man is very happy he's getting an Income Tax Refund Alamy 
  3. A month passes and you still haven't started so you tape your 1040 to your forehead so you'll stop procrastinating.
    Man With 1040 tax form covering face Getty Images 
  4. You finally get started and you're feeling like such a professional rn.
    Smart Business Dog Doing Taxes Getty Images 
  5. ...Exemptions? Taxable interest?? Qualified dividends???
    Taxes that make your head spin Getty Images 
  6. Now you're feeling a little like this.
    Smart business boy protected from the dangers of the worldwide web with neck cone Getty Images 
  7. You decide to collect receipts that are laying around your apartment cause that's what people do... right?
    Businessman Office Worker Looking Stressed with Big Pile of Paperwork Getty Images 
  8. Your roommate walks in and asks if you're OK and you're like, "Of course, why wouldn't I be? I love doing my taxes."
    Income Tax Fun 1950s Style Getty Images 
  9. But in reality, you're going a little crazy.
    Crazy Person Accountant Getty Images 
  10. You take a nap.
    man feeling the pressure of tax season Getty Images 
  11. You have nightmares that involve this guy...
    Series with Uncle Sam character in various poses with props. Alamy 
  12. And this happens...
    Woman with tax blocks on parking garage roof Getty Images 
  13. And a gorilla tax accountant shows up.
    Bored and Frustrated Business Gorilla in the Office Getty Images 
  14. You wake up frazzled and decide to forget about it for now.
    MAN IN SEA OF TAX FORMS Getty Images 
  15. But everywhere you turn you see this.
    Tax Due! Getty Images 
  16. Every piece of paper looks like a tax form.
    Frightened Woman With a Large Sharpie Getty Images 
  17. "Ok, relax. Taxes are due the 15th. How many days do I have left to put this off?"
    Tax Due Date existential dread Dreamstime 
    Frustrated, middle-aged executive business woman holding tax return which caused her eyes to cross. Alamy Stock Photo 
  19. But then you read online that taxes are due April 18th this year.
    Accountant in striped sweater vest feeling very excited or very angry about some paperwork Getty Images 
  20. You finally decide to put your pride aside and ask your Dad for help.
    Noble Tax Superhero Getty Images 
  21. But he's all like, "Uh, no. I've got too much going on with my own taxes!"
    Middle aged man feeling a Little Anxious about his taxes Alamy Stock Photo 
  22. What the heck, Dad.
    Man holding out his irs returns form Alamy 
  23. But your Mom has your back and she makes him help you.
    A senior couple having some fun doing taxes Alamy Stock Photo 
    Man subtly celebrating on a white carpet with receipts And calculator Alamy Stock Photo 
  25. You're drowning in all your other problems, but at least your taxes are done!
Man holding up tax return forms in the style of the Lion King Alamy Stock photo 

Now you stare down the mailman every day until he brings your tax return check.

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