Amazon doesn't always offer the best deals.
Bloomberg—Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Kerry Close
November 28, 2016

As you begin your holiday shopping this year, you might want to remember that doesn’t always offer the best deals.

Google’s price comparison site showed that other retailers offer lower prices on Amazon’s site for about 60% of the online retailer’s bestsellers, Re/code reported. It’s a timely reminder to shop around, since millions of Americans will do their holiday shopping on Amazon Prime.

Walmart, for instance, is making a big play to try to undercut Amazon’s prices. The superstore was beating Amazon on 20% of top-selling toys that both retailers were selling, and it matched its price on an additional 35% of products. What’s more,—also owned by Walmart—offers better prices on 46% of bestselling toys sold on both sites.

If you are in the market for some Amazon products, though, here are some of the site’s best deals for Cyber Monday:

And here are some deals on non-Amazon products sold on the site:


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