Courtesy of the Town of Beaverton

9. Beaverton, Ore.

Updated: Oct 20, 2016 5:24 PM UTC | Originally published: Sep 19, 2016

why we love it
A melting pot in Nike’s backyard.

Median Home Price$319,950
Property Tax$4,399
Unemployment rate4.7%
Commute time22 minutes

Portland may be the top foodie hub in this neck of the country, but private chef and sommelier Tân Huynh says that Beaverton is a worthy culinary contender. “You have so many ethnic populations here,” says Huynh, a lifelong resident. “With that comes culture—and restaurants.”

It’s fitting that Nike, Beaverton’s most famous resident, took its name from a Greek goddess. One in five Beaverton residents was born outside the U.S., and nearly 100 languages are spoken in the public schools—which, incidentally, rank among the best in the state.

But one of Beaverton’s prime selling points—value—translates easily into any language. The median home price is $320,000, up about 11% from the year before. Property taxes are about 85% of what you’d pay in Portland. Another reason you’ll find extra money in your pocket: Oregon is one of only five states with no sales tax.

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