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By Brad Tuttle
May 3, 2016

For Star Wars Day—a.k.a. May the Fourth. as in “May the force be with you”—we’ve gathered a variety of merchandise and outings that’ll be of interest to, well, the kinds of people who look forward to celebrating Star Wars Day.

To start with, retailers like Party City, Walmart, Target, Petco, and Build-A-Bear Workshop are promoting Star Wars Day deals and discounts on toys and collectibles, and many of the items in our list are quite affordable. (FatWallet has compiled a handy list of May the Fourth discounts on Star Wars merchandise.)

On the other hand, some rare memorabilia from the films have prices that are (sorry) out of this world. They’re justifiable only if you’re swimming in cash—or “imperial credits” or “portions” to borrow lingo from the “Star Wars” sphere—like Harrison Ford or George Lucas.

So in addition to many other money lessons to absorb from “Star Wars,” here’s another: It is wise to hang onto items that are likely to increase in value.

Leia and Han Hand Towels: $25

courtesy ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek is loaded with delightfully nerdy “Star Wars” gift ideas, like these his and hers hand towels featuring some famous dialogue that inserted unexpected humor during a moment of tragedy in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

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Star Wars Build-A-Bear Dolls: From $35 for 2

Build-A-Bear Yoda, Ewok and Chewie
courtesy Build-A-Bear

In celebration of Star Wars Day, Build-A-Bear Workshop is having a special deal: Buy one “Star Wars” furry friend (choices include Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader Bear, Wicket the Ewok) at regular price ($25 to $35), and a second costs only $10. Use the code STARWARS10 at checkout for the discount, valid through May 11.

Star Wars Day at Sea: $1,100+

courtesy Disney Cruise Line

Select Disney Cruise sailings aboard the Disney Fantasy feature the Star Wars Day at Sea package—which includes meet-and-greets with characters like Chewbacca, Jedi training for young Padawans, and screenings of new and old “Star Wars” movies. The Star Wars departures are available in early 2017, for seven-day cruises in the eastern and western Caribbean.

Force Awakens Package in Ireland: $160

Portmagee, Ireland, where The Force Awakens package is offered.
courtesy The Moorings Portmagee

If you want to check out Luke Skywalker’s amazing hideout visited by Rey at the end of “The Force Awakens,” you’ll have to head to southwest Ireland. The scene was filmed on Skellig Michael, a jagged rocky island and World Heritage site that’s home to an abandoned Catholic monastery. The island has become a popular tourist attraction since the movie came out, and the Moorings B&B, which hosted the crew during filming, now has a special package with two nights’ lodging, a visit to the island, and a Star Wars T-shirt for €149 (about $160). Granted, you’ll have to get yourself to Ireland as well to walk in the Jedi’s footsteps, so the trip will cost considerably more.

Dinner at The Fork Awakens: $80

Lucasfilm Ltd./courtesy Everett—Copyright ¬© ¬©Lucasfilm Ltd./courtesy Everett / Everett Collection

A Star Wars-theme pop-up restaurant in London called The Fork Awakens will serve items like Hutt Dogs and Banthaburgers for a limited time this summer. The dining experience awakens on June 23 and will be open for a handful of dates to be determined later. Dinner runs £55, or about $80, and the crowd that it will draw is bound to be as amazing as the Mos Eisley cantina.

Lunch with Mark Hamill: $10,000


Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, has occasionally put himself up for bid as a lunch date in charity auctions. Organizers have generally estimated the experience to be worth $10,000. If that’s too steep, perhaps you can have your own “Star Wars” lunch at home, with a vintage lunch box you can score at eBay, for as little as $20 depending on the condition and rarity.

"Slave Leia" Costume: $96,000


Carrie Fisher unknowingly became a sex symbol when her character, Princess Leia, was enslaved by Jabba the Hutt and forced to wear this iconic gold bikini. The outfit has been criticized as sexist, and Fisher warned “The Force Awakens” star Daisy Ridley about the likelihood of Star Wars fans fantasizing about her, just as they have with Leia. In any event, demand among fans to get their hands on an authentic “Slave Leia” bikini is clearly high: They’ve sold for as much as $96,000 at auction.

Album Signed by George Lucas, Harrison Ford: $4,658

Joel Ryan—Invision/AP

Among the collectibles currently available from Hollywood Memorabilia is a copy of the original soundtrack from “Star Wars,” signed by both Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and George Lucas, the visionary behind the entire Star Wars world. A variety of other vintage “Star Wars” albums (without autographs) can be purchased at eBay for $10 to $20, perhaps less depending on how auction bidding goes.

Harrison Ford Han Solo Jacket: $191,000

Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in THE FORCE AWAKENS
David James/Lucasfilm—

Riding high on the renewed hotness of Han Solo via “The Force Awakens,” a jacket worn by Harrison Ford in the film sold for an astounding $191,000 in a charity auction this spring. Bidding began at just $15,000 and nearly reached $200,000 during a two-week online auction.

Empire Strikes Back Action Figure Set: $32,500

Don Emmert—AFP/Getty Images

One week before “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was released, Sotheby’s hosted a special auction of vintage “Star Wars” toys and collectibles that wound up netting $500,000 from enthusiasts. Among the hottest items up for bid was a seven-piece “Empire Strikes Back” action figure set sold only in Canada. It was forecast to sell for $8,000 to $12,000 and sold for $32,5000.

Luke Skywalker Original Lightsaber: $240,000

LucasFilms—Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett

Obviously, it’s extremely rare for one of the lightsabers handled by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywallker) in the original “Star Wars” trilogy to go up for auction. And obviously, they’re in high demand when it happens. Back in 2008, one sold for a cool $240,000.

Autographed Star Wars Card: $223

James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader
Jim Spellman—WireImage/Getty Images

James Earl Jones and Peter Mayhew don’t show their faces in any “Star Wars” film. Yet true fans of the series will know that each actor is the force—pun intended—behind a key character. Jones, of course, is the iconic voice behind Darth Vader’s mask, while the 7’2″ Mayhew is the guy inside Chewbacca’s furry suit. A “Star Wars” card featuring the signatures of both behind-the-scenes men is on the market for $223 from Hollywood Memorabilia.

Functioning Darth Vader Suit: $18.3 Million

Lucasfilms Ltd.—courtesy

What would it cost in our world to put together a suit like the one Darth Vader needs to live in the Star Wars universe? Shade Station investigated, and after adding up costs like prosthetic legs (plus one left arm), a breathing apparatus, and an airtight base suit like the one astronauts wear, dressing like Darth Vader would cost an estimated $18.3 million—Force not included.


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