The Ultimate Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Techies

Great gadgets for everyone on your shopping list and advice on how to find electronics for a true bargain

It’s easy to find pre-holiday electronics sales—they’re as common as needles on a pine tree. What’s harder is spotting the true bargains on gadgets your family wants. That’s why this year’s guide doesn’t just come with gift ideas for anyone on your list. It’s got price targets so you’ll know when you’ve found a real deal.


  • Cord Cutters

    Courtesy of Google

    Each streaming stick, box, and connectable has its advantages. For the Google Chromecast, it’s all about being easy to use. Start a video on your phone, tap the Chromecast icon, and watch it on your TV; no interface.

    LIST: $35

    BUY IT PRICE: $20

  • Movie Night Enthusiasts

    Courtesy of Vat19

    The Vat19 Smartphone Projector Box takes the video running on your phone and projects it on a screen or wall. Requires some minor, kid-level assembly.

    LIST: $32

    BUY IT PRICE: $25

  • The Dad (or Mom) Cave

    Courtesy of Sonos

    Perfect for a medium-size room, the Sonos Play 3 speaker pushes out great sound without using a whole table.

    LIST: $300

    BUY IT PRICE: $280

  • The In-House Daredevil

    Courtesy of GoPro

    The GoPro Hero helmet-mountable videocamera is perfect for ski bums and skateboarders who like to go wild—and then show off to their friends.

    LIST: $130

    BUY IT PRICE: $100

  • Budget Apple Fans

    Courtesy of Apple

    The newer, svelter MacBook line has made the MacBook Air a bit passé. But the older model is still a great, nimble, lightweight machine, and this season it will be an excellent bargain.

    LIST: $899

    BUY IT PRICE: $699

  • Family Room Upgraders

    Courtesy of Vizio; courtesy of Everett Collection (still from Love Actually)

    You get a lot for a little with the Vizio 43-inch 4K TV, including razor-sharp resolution, streaming video apps, and a keyboard-laden remote control.

    LIST: $600

    BUY IT PRICE: $500


  • Hard-Core Duffers

    Courtesy of Garmin

    The Garmin S2 golf watch comes loaded with the layouts of 30,000 courses to make club selection a snap. It’s built like a tank too.

    LIST: $180

    BUY IT PRICE: $150

  • Media Omnivores

    Courtesy of Roku

    Want access to a jillion streaming services, popular to obscure? The Roku 4 pipes into just about every form of entertainment on the planet, and it features a killer DVR-like interface.

    LIST: $130

    BUY IT PRICE: $100


  • Junior Web Surfers

    Courtesy of Amazon

    The Kindle Fire HD 8 is Amazon’s Goldilocks tablet: not too big, not too small, not too cheap, not too expensive. It’s durable and plays content from almost anywhere.

    LIST: $150

    BUY IT PRICE: $130

  • The Spy Kids

    Courtesy of Udric Toys

    The UDI RC quadcopter drone is easy to fly and takes HD video that you can record for later viewing. (Don’t tell the neighbors.)

    LIST: $100

    BUY IT PRICE: $50

  • Old-School Drivers

    Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

    SZV’s Bluetooth-to-FM transmitter brings Bluetooth to aging cars, bridging the gap between phone and stereo for hands-free, cable-free music and calls.

    LIST: $50

    BUY IT PRICE: $35

  • The Workaholic

    Courtesy of Fitdesk

    Convergence at its sweatiest, the FitDesk 2.0 Exercise Bike + Desk features a laptop tray so you can take care of business while raising your heart rate.

    LIST: $350

    BUY IT PRICE: $299

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