More Money Monday Roundup: Job Expansion & Tax Tips for Gays

Personal finance from around the Web:

  • Two Bloom Boxes can power the average American home. What is a Bloom Box? A device, unveiled on 60 Minutes Sunday night previewed by Fortune Brainstorm Tech last Friday, that allegedly uses a new kind of fuel cell that is entirely self sufficient. [Huffington Post]
  • A new survey produced by the National Association for Business Economics forecasts job expansion and sustained growth in the next two years. [FOX Business]
  • If you’re funding a prepaid tuition plan, be on the lookout. Some institutions are trying to get out of their contracts because of funding shortfalls. [WalletPop]
  • It’s no secret that the tax code tends to favor married couples. Here’s how gay couples can minimize their obligations when filing their tax returns. [Bucks]
  • Back in November, MONEY highlighted some ways to increase your income. This opportunity may be knocking on your doorstep: The Census Bureau is still looking for surveyors. [ABC News]

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