Best Colleges

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Location: Cambridge, MA
Value Grade/Ranking Score: A/4.3
Enrollment: 4,503
Net Price of Degree: $154,676
Acceptance Rate: 9%
Average H.S. GPA: 4.5
Avg. Annual Salary Within 5 Yrs: $68,600
Patrick Gillooly

MIT is one of the world’s most respected science schools, with good reason. For one, consider its notoriously competitive selection process—at least 25% of students got perfect scores on their math SAT. Then there’s the grueling workload, which includes physics, biology, chemistry and calculus as required courses. And, of course, MIT’s professors are world class, with nine Nobel Prize winners currently on the faculty.

All that hard work reaps rewards, as the 92% of Techies who graduate tend to do very well. Those who go straight into the workforce report earning 22% more than students at similarly elite schools. While the school isn’t exactly a bargain, it’s one of the less expensive private schools and generous with aid: 55% of students get institutional grants. As a result, only about 20% of undergraduates borrow in a typical academic year.

MIT has a highly diverse student body, with no one ethnic group making up a majority. The urban campus in Cambridge gives students access to nightlife and the cultural activities of nearby Boston. Techies are known for creative nerdy fun like playing Quidditch or experimenting in the Laboratory for Chocolate Science.

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