Share your health care savings tips in MONEY magazine

Have you found a way to save money on health care? MONEY magazine would like to hear about it.

Despite recent government efforts, health care costs are taking a bigger bite out of your wallet every year. Whether you’re a family with kids, struggling with a chronic ailment, or trying to stick to a budget after retirement, chances are you feel the pinch every time you pay your insurance premium or walk into a doctor’s office.

In a forthcoming story, MONEY will give dozens of tips for readers at every stage of life on how to lower their medical bills. As part of that article, we want to include stories from different people about actions they’ve taken. We’d love to include your experiences — and wisdom — to supplement the strategies we’re covering in our pages. Some examples of things people can do to lower their costs:

  • Negotiate costs with a medical provider or offer to pay in cash.
  • Fight back against a denied insurance claim.
  • Switch to a different type of insurance, such as a high-deductible plan with an Health Care Savings Account.
  • Fund a flexible spending account or take a medical tax deduction.

If you’d like to share your story with MONEY and its readers about your health care costs — and what strategies you’ve used to lower the tab — please fill out the
form below.

In no case will the magazine publish your name or your story without first getting your permission.


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