More Money Monday roundup: Bag taxes & cheap cures for the cold

Personal finance from around the Web:

  • Bad news for the waiters and taxi drivers expecting big tips at that above-mentioned economists’ convention: Economists are some of the world’s biggest cheapskates. [It's Your Money via WSJ]
  • Let’s be honest here: The District of Columbia’s new five-cent “fee” on shoppers’ paper and plastic bags isn’t a fee. It’s a tax. [Tax Foundation]
  • iPhone accessory company Mophie plans to launch a credit card reader at the annual Consumer Electronics Show this week. The device would allow users to swipe their cards, enabling an internal iPhone app to process the transaction. [Telegraph]
  • If you have a cold, don’t waste money on ineffective vitamins or medications; instead, try these practical tips for battling the sniffles without the hurting your wallet. [The New York Times]

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