April 5, 2013

These MONEY heroes help retirees and members of the armed forces with their tax returns, and assist people caught up in legal problems with the IRS.

Have Mercy! Full House Cast Reuniting for a Super Bowl Commercial

Everywhere you look (everywhere), there’s a heart (there’s a heart), a hand to hold onto. And then also, everywhere you look, there is Greek yogurt. And the next place you’re going to see it is in a Super Bowl commercial featuring the cast of Full House.

That’s right, friends. The dream of the 90s will be alive once again on Feb. 2 when Danny, Uncle Jesse and Joey — the trifecta of ambiguous father figures — will reunite in a commercial for Dannon’s line of “Oikos” Greek yogurt, AdWeek reports. As the youths would say, this might seem pretty random. However, you may recall that Uncle Jesse (real name: John Stamos) has already appeared in several Dannon commercials. So this year, it looks like the company decided to round up his Full House co-stars Dave Coulier and Danny Tanner, because why not?

Also, “oikos” means “house” in ancient Greek, so this all kind of makes sense now. If the commercial stirs up enough interest, maybe we’ll be treated to a spin-off called “Full Oikos” in which Uncle Jesse turns the Tanner household into a bustling gyros restaurant with Steve (remember Steve?) as Uncle Jesse’s sous-chef. Anything can happen.

Anyway, here’s a quick teaser of the upcoming ad, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to include D.J., Stephanie or Michelle:

Helping the elderly find tax refunds

Photo: Jean Paul Molyneux

Donald Gore, 76, volunteer tax preparer AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program

Upon retiring as an attorney for Lockheed in 1995, Gore soon found a way to share his interest and expertise in taxation.

As part of a free AARP Foundation program funded by the IRS, he spends December through April preparing about 85 tax returns — mostly for the elderly — taking particular delight in unearthing prior-year refunds due new clients.

A trailblazer in the program’s shift from pencil and paper to computers, he’s also the technical coordinator for six AARP tax-prep sites in California’s San Luis Obispo County.

“The 1040’s instructions are more intimidating than the form itself. If you go down line by line, it’s pretty simple.”

New Footage of Aspen Jet Crash Released

The Aspen-Pitkin County Airport released new footage of a jet crash that killed a co-pilot and injured two others earlier this month.

The infrared footage shows the aircraft — a Canadair Challenger — touching down hard, bouncing off the runway, then coming back down nose-first before bursting into flames.

“I saw a jet that didn’t look right,” airport employee Kirk Schoenthaler told the Aspen Times following the Jan. 5 crash. “It was in a nose-high attitude close to the ground, then it went nose-down and quickly dropped towards the runway. As soon as I saw that, I knew I needed to start responding and headed towards my truck. I didn’t wait for anything else.”

The airport footage was made public following a Colorado Open Records Act request from Aspen Journalism.

[Aspen Journalism]

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