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Jonathan Lipnicki Makes Hilarious Video About the Plight of Former Child Stars

Aptly titled "You Used to Be Cute"


Remember Jonathan Lipnicki? Sure you do. He was that adorable, bespectacled little boy who famously informed us in Jerry Maguire that the human head weighs eight pounds.

Well, Lipnicki grew into an adult — you know, as children are wont to do. He’s remained pretty under the radar since his acting heyday in the 90s and early 2000s, though he did get some attention back in 2011 when photos of his chiseled physique began circulating around the web. Everybody seemed to wonder: Hey, what ever happened to that Jerry Maguire kid?

And so the actor, now 23, has created a sketch called “You Used to Be Cute” about the plight of a former child star. Everybody pigeonholing you and remembering you for just one role, confusing you with other child stars, commenting on how adorable you used to be, and so on.

It’s pretty hilarious and seems to be pretty spot-on too. Even Mara Wilson — best known for her roles in Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda — has sung its praises:


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If I Stay’s Chloë Grace Moretz: ‘I Have Literally No Idea’ What’s Cool With Teenagers

Chloe Grace Moretz 'If I Stay'
Chloe Grace Moretz at the premiere of If I Stay Richard Shotwell—Invision/AP

"I meet 13-year-olds, and they’re talking in a lingo I totally don’t understand," the actress says

She whooped butt in the Kick-Ass series, but now 17-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz is aiming for your heartstrings with her new movie If I Stay, in theaters now. In the film, based on Gayle Forman’s popular young-adult novel of the same name by, Moretz plays a college-bound musician whose ghostly spirit must decide whether to fight for her life after a car accident kills her family and puts her body in a coma. Here, the actress talks with TIME about the role, learning to play the cello and why she’s “the worst” at pop culture.

TIME: Your character, Mia, is a cellist who falls in love with a punk rocker. Are you a classical person or a punk person?

Chloë Grace Moretz: I’m kind of both. I don’t really have a biased opinion on exactly what I like. It’s really whatever is my mood in the moment, whatever I’m feeling in that second.

At shows, do you hang in the back and avoid the mosh pit like Mia?

Oh, no, I’m not shy at all when it comes to concerts. I totally make a fool of myself.

So this movie is quite the tear-jerker.

Definitely. I cried the first time I read the book.

Is it cooler to make people sob in movies now?

For sure. I think it just happens more than it used to.

Looking over your filmography, you sure do a lot of movies about death.

They have pretty heavy subjects. Acting for me is not just being happy-go-lucky. That’s my real life. Acting for me is doing the opposite of who I am.

You learned to play the cello for this movie. Did practicing drive your parents crazy like in the movie?

Yeah, my mom was like, “I have to deal with you fake-playing an instrument for this long? It’s kind of painful.”

But you look good!

I got better at it than I figured I would, but it wasn’t me most of the time.

You had a hand double?

I had a body double.

Wait, they can digitally do that in movies??

Yeah, they just put my head onto it. It’s super crazy.

You’re a high-school senior. Has playing a teenager stressed out about college made you more or less interested in applying?

I think I’m going to take two years off to see what it’s like and then go to school for film editing and cinematography.

Allow me to nag: What will you write for your application essay?

I’d probably say I’ve had my job since I was 5 years old, and I’ve been able to hone it and create a career.

Hard to argue with that.

I think colleges look for people like that, who have had a passion for a long time or have been able to make themselves incredibly diligent and grounded when most people can’t do that at a young age.

This movie has a great soundtrack. Did you get to contribute your picks?

You know the cello moment when the girl does a cover of [Beyoncé’s] “Halo”?


I found that artist online and send it to [director] R.J. Cutler and she made it into the movie purely because I found her online and fell in love with her music.

What else is on your radar?

Honestly I am the worst at pop culture. I think I’m really abreast of pop culture and then it turns out I’m not. I meet 13-year-olds and they’re talking in a lingo I totally don’t understand.

So you can’t tell me what’s hip with the kids these days?

Exactly. I have literally no idea.

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Meet Every Single Doctor From Doctor Who

The doctors are in

The British sci-fi television show Doctor Who premiered in 1963 and stars a time-traveling alien called The Doctor. As a plot device, the Doctor is able to regenerate himself into an entirely “new,” person which allows for the show’s producers to conveniently change the lead actor as they see fit, with the thirteenth and latest incarnation of The Doctor played by Peter Capaldi.

Take a look back at all the actors who’ve played the Doctor over the years.

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Everything You Should Know About Doctor Who Before the New Season Starts

Doctor Who Series 8
Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara BBC

A handy guide for Who-newbies

British sci-fi favorite Doctor Who returns to TV Saturday, airing at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America. This new season, the show’s eighth, also comes with a new leading man: Peter Capaldi, who’s playing the thirteenth Doctor.

A new Doctor means it’s a great time for newbies to check out what the Doctor Who hubbub is all about — but before you say Allons-Y, Alonso, here’s everything you need to know about the show.

What is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is a British show about a time-traveling, universe-exploring, world-saving alien called The Doctor. It first aired in 1963 through 1989, then it was rebooted in 2005 (there was also a made-for-TV movie in-between, but fans try not to talk about that). The ’05 reboot was pretty campy stuff at first, but the show’s production values have skyrocketed as it’s gotten more popular in the UK and, increasingly, stateside. Whether that means the show’s better, though, is the subject of many an excessively nerdy argument.

Who is this Doctor fellow, anyway?

He’s a Time Lord, a race of time-traveling aliens from the planet Gallifrey who were, once upon a time, galactic overseers — until they were driven mad by war. Time Lords look human enough, but they’ve got two hearts and can “regenerate” when they die.

Doctor Who writers get a new actor to play the Doctor by killing off the previous one and having him “regenerate.” That, in the show’s parlance, turns him into a mostly-new character who keeps the prior Doctors’ memories and some basic characteristics, but gets a new body, face, voice, mannerisms and motivation.

Thanks to regeneration, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is the thirteenth of the lot. There was originally a rule about Time Lords only getting 12 versions of themselves, but then something, well, timey-wimey happened, and voila! (“Timey-wimey” is the twelfth Doctor’s explanation for any weird time-travel stuff that’s hard to explain to us humans. It’s also a nifty device for lazy writers!)

Anyway, the Doctor is kind of the last of the Time Lords (again, timey-wimey). He’s long taken a liking to Earth and mankind, and he’s sworn to protect humanity from a whole host of intergalactic threats — and mankind itself. He’s a pretty complex emotional figure, varying between righteous, loving and heroic to elf-doubting, regretful, defensive and downright hostile, depending on whatever’s happening at the moment. He could probably use an intergalactic therapist, honestly.

What’s the Doctor’s real name, though? Only his wife knows that. And, well . . . spoilers, sweetie.

I heard something about a blue police box.

That would be the Doctor’s ship and time machine, the TARDIS, short for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It’s stuck looking like an old-school blue British police box because of a faulty chameleon circuit, which is supposed to help the ship blend in with its environment wherever the Doctor lands in space and time.

The TARDIS gets an internal makeover with every new Doctor. The ship, which the first Doctor stole from the other Time Lords, is also semi-sentient — in what’s among the best modern Who episodes (written by sci-fi master Neil Gaiman), the TARDIS possesses a humanoid body and “meets” the Doctor for the first time.

Oh, and the TARDIS is bigger on the inside.

And a screwdriver?

Ah, the Sonic Screwdriver. Every Doctor’s got a different one. They’re not quite a weapon; they’re more of a tool. They make a cool noise, trigger electronics, and sometimes save lives.

Who are the Doctor’s enemies?

That’s a mighty long list. The baddest of the bad are Daleks, genetically-modified organisms that live inside trashcan-looking killbots of death and want to exterminate all other forms of life. There’s also the Cybermen, cyborgs who assimilate living beings (think Star Trek’s Borg); the Weeping Angels, super-fast beings who want to suck the time energy out of you but who turn into unmoving stone when you look at them (important safety tip: don’t blink), and other Time Lords, like The Master, who’s more or less flat-out insane.

But basically, The Doctor foils so many a bad guy’s plan that he’s got lots and lots of enemies out there.

Sounds rough. Has he got any friends?

Oh, yes.

The Doctor almost always has one or two “companions,” friends or sometimes love interests that spend several episodes (or entire seasons) traveling through all of space and time with him. The most recent Doctor Who incarnation often features season-long subplots revolving around these companions that are often made apparent well after the companions were first introduced. Sometimes the show will even introduce a character who seems like he or she will be a one-off, only to bring them back as a full-blown companion later on: That happened with The Doctor’s current pal, Clara Oswald — a.k.a. Souffle Girl. (It’s hard to explain.)

Where did the show leave off?

The 50th anniversary special gave us a new, previously unknown warrior-like incarnation of The Doctor, as well as plenty of new backstory about the character’s past. It was really good — but then the end of the last Doctor’s reign (played by Matt Smith) a few episodes later fell short, leaving unanswered lots of questions about The Doctor’s fate, purpose and mission. A new season with a new Doctor means the writers get a chance to move things along, hopefully making Saturday’s episode a great opportunity for new fans to jump in.

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See What’s Next For Jennifer Lopez’s Love Life

The 45-year-old actress told Chelsea Handler, "I need to plan better"


Jennifer Lopez opened up about her relationship life on Chelsea Lately Thursday. Lopez told outgoing E! host Chelsea Handler, “I don’t really plan things out” when referring to her love life. Lopez also confirmed her status as being single, despite the rumors that she may be back together with her actor ex-boyfriend Casper Smart.

Prior to her relationship with Smart, Lopez was married to musical artist and television producer Marc Anthony. Lopez told People in May in an article about her divorce that she “went through a tremendous low, but I wouldn’t change anything [about my past] because it made me who I am.”

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BBC’s TV Chief Wants To See a Female Lead on Doctor Who

Doctor Who
Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith

The new season of "Doctor Who" is about to premiere, but many are wondering when a woman will be stepping into the role of the Time Lord.

After more than 30 season with a male lead on Doctor Who, many have said it’s time for a woman to take a turn as the Time Lord, including Helen Mirren. Now adding his voice to the chorus is BBC’s director of television, Danny Cohen.

Speaking at the annual Edinburgh TV Festival on Aug. 21, Cohen was asked whether he thought there would be a woman Doctor Who. His response? “I hope so,” though he also added that he wasn’t sure when that would happen.

The latest season of the sci-fi show is about to debut on Aug. 23, with actor Peter Capaldi in the role of the eponymous character. (Matt Smith played the Doctor in the previous season.) Capaldi, who is best known for his role in The Thick of It, was cast as the new lead in 2013 and appeared in last year’s Christmas special The Time of the Doctor.

Back in May, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat said during a Q&A at the Hay Festival that if a woman did take on the role it wouldn’t be due to “political correctness.”

“It will not happen that somebody sits down and says we must turn the Doctor into a woman,” he said. “That is not how you cast the Doctor. A person will pop into the showrunner’s head and they’ll think. ‘Oh, my God, what if it was that person?’ And when that person is a woman, that’s the day it will happen.”


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Aaron Paul Plans Breaking Bad Scavenger Hunt for Emmys

Arqiva British Academy Television Awards
Aaron Paul attends the Arqiva British Academy Television Awards at Theatre Royal on May 18, 2014 in London. Julian Parker—UK Press/Getty Images

Fans of the show can uncover memorabilia around Hollywood

Aaron Paul is holding a Breaking Bad-themed scavenger hunt before the Emmys on Monday starting at 11 a.m. Prizes scattered across Hollywood will include signed Breaking Bad scripts, posters, dolls, action figures and art from the show.

The game is designed to honor the final season of Breaking Bad, which aired last summer and is up for its final awards this year. Paul, who won two Emmys for his role as Jesse on the show, in 2010 and 2012, is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor again this year.

This isn’t the first scavenger hunt Paul has put together: he created one in Boise, Idaho during the show’s final season and another in Los Angeles with tickets to watch the Breaking Bad finale with himself and co-star Bryan Cranston as the grand prize.

The actor posted details to his Instagram account on Wednesday and updated fans with further information via his Twitter account on Thursday.


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In Cold Play, Gwyneth Paltrow Nominates Ex Chris Martin in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Paltrow consciously coupled with some icy water

Gwyneth Paltrow became the latest celebrity to take on the ALS ice bucket challenge on Wednesday, a social media phenomenon that aims to raise money and awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease. But what made the Oscar winner’s Instagram video a little more interesting than those of other famous actors is that she nominated her estranged husband, Coldplay singer Chris Marin, to take on the challenge next.

Martin and Paltrow announced their split via her website, GOOP, in March saying they were “consciously uncoupling.” Since, the couple has said they’ve stayed “very close,” and have even vacationed in the Bahamas with their two children together.

They may both get dumped, but it’s for a good cause.


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VIDEO: Watch Jeff Bridges Explain ‘Plorking’ and How He Decided to Make The Giver

He thought the craggy old guy on the book cover would be a great role for his father, Lloyd Bridges


Jeff Bridges stopped by the TIME studio to chat with us about his new movie The Giver. He plays the title character, a man who is charged with keeping all the memories and feelings about the past, while the rest of his countrymen go about their business without any knowledge of suffering, love or death. He also responded to news that John Turturro hopes to bring back his Jesus character from The Big Lebowski. And then the confirmed Buddhist explained a quote we found on his website: “After ecstasy, the laundry.”

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Are on a Break

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon arrive at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on January 18, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Dan MacMedan—WireImage

Mimi is emancipated once again

After months of rumors that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were getting divorced, Cannon finally confirmed to Yahoo News that the two are on the rocks.

“There is trouble in paradise,” he said. “We have been living in separate houses for a few months.” Cannon, 33, said that the marital issues were not due to infidelity.

In May, the America’s Got Talent host denied to Parade that the two were splitting up. “You kind of have to ignore it because every week it’s something different, and if you paid attention to it, it actually probably would start really affecting you,” he said. “There’s no merit or truth to it. It’s kind of humorous, really. It couldn’t be further off from the truth, and it really affects the credibility of the so-called newspapers.”

Carey, 44, posted a photo of the two together on Father’s Day in June.

The couple wed in 2008 at Carey’s house in the Bahamas after dating for just six weeks. They have two kids together, 3-year-old fraternal twins named Monroe and Moroccan.

[Yahoo News]

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