Heinz Is Now Selling Sriracha-Flavored Ketchup

Because sometimes regular ketchup just isn't enough

Sriracha lovers, rejoice! Heinz is bringing a new ketchup flavor featuring the popular hot sauce to U.S. shores.

The new condiment, rather mundanely called Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended with Sriracha Flavor, is available now at retailers including Walmart and Target. Heinz says this new version of ketchup will be delicious on a lot of things that regular ketchup would be super weird on, like chicken and eggs. A taste test over at the Huffington Post determined that the ketchup has a bit more kick than old-fashioned Heinz but is still pretty far off from the hot and spicy flavor of straight sriracha.

The sriracha ketchup retails for $2.69 for a 16-ounce bottle.

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How to Watch The Walking Dead Without Cable

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC
Frank Ockenfels 3—AMC Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, Season 5.

Sling TV adds AMC to new live-TV streaming service

The biggest show in the history of cable television is no longer just on cable television.

AMC announced Monday that it’s joining the roster of channels available on Dish Network’s new television streaming service, Sling TV. That means, for the first time ever, the mega-popular zombie series The Walking Dead will be available to watch live for people who don’t have a traditional cable or satellite subscription. All the rest of AMC’s programming, including critical darling Mad Men and the new Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, will also be available to stream.

The addition of AMC is a huge get for Sling TV, which launched Monday with a small bundle of channels offered to customers nationwide for $20 per month (AMC is not yet part of the lineup, but will be added “soon,” according to a press release). In addition to AMC, subscribers get ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT Cartoon Network and several other channels. Customers can also buy topical add-on packs in categories such as sports and news for an additional $5 per month.

Sling TV is available for desktops, smartphones, Roku boxes and other streaming devices.

Sling TV is the latest in a growing number of online services that will let people live-stream television via the Internet without paying for cable. Sony is planning a TV service delivered online for its PlayStation platforms, while individual channels such as Viacom’s Nickelodeon and Time Warner’s HBO are also planning to offer their content online outside the traditional cable package.

The timing for the AMC add couldn’t be any better for Sling TV: The Walking Dead, which only grew more popular in 2014, returned with new episodes on Sunday.

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10 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Know

Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone
Justin Sullivan—Getty Images The Google Maps app is seen on an Apple iPhone 4S on December 13, 2012 in Fairfax, California.

How to save an offline map, zoom with one hand and delete your travel history

Navigation apps are one of the most useful features of smartphones, and Google Maps is widely considered the cream of the crop — at least among free options. But chances are there are some features tucked away in Google Maps that you don’t know about. They could make mapping out your next vacation easier, or even improve your daily commute.

Here are ten tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Google Maps on iPhone and Android:

Create Offline Maps

If you want to be able to conserve your mobile data or check out a map when you can’t access the Internet, Google lets you save maps to be viewed offline. Simply zoom the map to the level of detail you want, then write OK Maps in the search field to save the map (you can also tap the microphone icon by the search bar and say “OK Maps”).

Alternatively, you can search for a specific location, select it to bring up the location’s information card, then click the menu icon in the top-right corner to bring up the “save offline map” option.

Launch Navigation Mode Faster

Turn-by-turn directions are one of Google Maps’ most helpful features. Usually it takes a few button presses to launch the feature, but you can start it on Android immediately by holding down the blue transportation icon in the bottom left corner of the app. The icon appears by default as a person, a car, a train or a bicycle depending on the mode of transportation Google thinks is most appropriate.

Zoom in With One Hand

Pinch-and-zoom is the typical way to hone in on a location with Maps, but if you’ve only got one hand free you can double tap the screen to zoom in quickly. If you hold your finger on the screen after the second tap, you can swipe up or down to smoothly zoom in or out.

Find ATMs

Next time you’re desperate to find an ATM, click the Google Maps search bar (make sure the field is blank) and press the ATMs button at the bottom of the screen. Maps will show the ATMs that are near your current location. You’ll find gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, car washes and other businesses in the same menu of options.

Save a Cool Location to Remember It Later

Next time you discover a cool new bar, search for the location on Google Maps and click “Save” on the business’s information card. Saved places appear as starred locations on your maps and can be accessed by selecting “Your Places” from the Google Maps menu.

Avoid Highways and Tolls

If you’re trying to avoid toll roads, select “Options” after you’ve pulled up driving directions to a location. You can check three boxes to avoid toll roads, highways or ferries.

Check Train and Bus Schedules

There are many dedicated apps for tracking public transit schedules, but often Google Maps is all you need. Ask for directions to a given location and Maps will automatically queue up a variety of public transit options, including the scheduled departure times for different buses and trains. You can also press bus, train or subway icons on the map itself to view departure and arrival times.

Share a Location With Friends

If you’re in a place devoid of streets and easy landmarks, like a large park, it can be hard to meet up with friends. Google Maps lets you easily drop a pin on any location and then share that location with friends. Simply press the spot on the map where you want the pin to appear, press the pin itself, then press the “share” button. The link to the spot can be sent via text message, email or social media.

Plan a Multi-Stop Route

If you’re headed on a road trip, you can use the desktop version of Google Maps to get directions for multiple stops on a single route. Click the search field box in the top left corner of the screen, then click “Directions.” After you input the first location you want to travel to, a plus sign will appear below the last destination. Click the sign to input the next location on your trip. When you’re done, Maps will calculate the total mileage of the trip and offer step-by-step directions that are easy to print.

Delete Your Maps History

Google uses a feature called Location History to track the track the movements of Android users who are logged into their Google accounts. You can see your own Location History map here. If you didn’t know you had the feature enabled, you might find it to be a useful tool to retrace the steps of your last wild night out — or you might suddenly feel a bit like Will Smith in Enemy of the State.

To disable Location History tracking, you can navigate the labyrinthine menus of your Android device (I found the Location History option by going to Settings, then Location, then Google Location Reporting on my Motorola Moto X running Android L) or by visiting Google’s Account History website, which lets you toggle various data gathering services on or off.

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American Express Hilariously Taps into Nostalgia to Promote Apple Pay

Remember Seinfeld?

Since everyone loves the ‘90s, perhaps it makes sense for American Express to use old Jerry Seinfeld clips in a new commercial. The credit card company is promoting Apple Pay in a new ad that is a compilation of several old AmEx spots. Celebrities like Seinfeld and Tina Fey are shown briefly hoisting the famous green plastic in old commercials. Then, the montage culminates with a new AmEx user brandishing his iPhone instead to use Apple Pay at a cash register. Technology has changed, but this is the same old AmEx you know and love (if you’re in the habit of showing affection toward credit card companies).

Apple has a helpful list of all the major credit and debit cards that are compatible with its mobile payments service.

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Why Taylor Swift Is Going to War With Twee Retailer Etsy

Musician Taylor Swift
Michael Stewart—WireImage Taylor Swift has also trademarked our hearts.

She's not gonna shake off trademark violations

The Taylor Swift trademark crackdown continues. The pop star has singled out Etsy sellers hawking wares featuring her likeness and sent them cease-and-desist letters, according to BuzzFeed. Several Swift-themed items, including candles adorned with lyrics from her hit “Blank Space” and mugs that mimic the album art for 1989 are no longer available on the site. One Etsy seller told BuzzFeed that she was “shocked” to receive a cease-and-desist letter from Swift’s rights management company and said she was making her items for fun, not for profit. Etsy’s policies ban products that violate trademarks or copyrights.

Earlier this year Swift applied to trademark several phrases from 1989, including “this sick beat” and “party like it’s 1989.” One musician wrote a metal song titled “This Sick Beat” in protest.


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Google’s Latest Ad Will Break Your Heart into 50 Million Pieces

Animal friendship and frolicking as far as the eye can see

Looks like Google’s been taking notes on Budweiser’s wildly successful ads featuring a puppy and a Clydesdale horse striking up a lifelong friendship. In a new Android commercial developed by ad agency Droga5, the company shows off a bunch of unlikely animal pairings: a kitten and a pair of baby chicks, a cat and a dog, and a dog and a dolphin, among others. The idea hews to the latest Android slogan, “Be Together. Not the Same.” It’s a not-too-subtle dig at the uniformity of Apple’s iPhone line compared to the variability of Android devices. It’s very, very cute. But it may not resonate with consumers. Apple just sold a record number of iPhones in the final quarter of 2014, and one estimate by Kantar Worldpanel says that iOS overtook Android as the leading mobile OS in the U.S. last quarter for the first time since 2012.

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Apple Reportedly Working on New, Cheaper Streaming Service

Apple Launch iTunes Music Store In London
Ian Waldie—Getty Images Steve Jobs, Chief Executive Officer of Apple computers, stands by a projection of the iTunes website as he launches iTunes Music Store in the territories of Great Britain, Germany and France, on June 15, 2004 in London.

Beats Music may be integrated into new service tied to iTunes brand

Apple may be close to finally getting some real mileage out of its $3 billion purchase of Beats. The tech giant is reportedly planning to launch a rebranded music service that offers many of Beats Music’s features but undercuts competitors in price, according to 9to5Mac.

The new service would be part of the default Music app on mobile devices and iTunes on desktops, according to the report. It would make use of Beats-specific features, such as playlists curated by experts and context-sensitive radio stations. Users would be able to stream tracks as well as download them to add to their iTunes library.

Ultimately, none of that sounds too revolutionary compared to what you can do with Spotify or Rdio, but Apple is also reportedly looking to launch the service at a price of $7.99 per month. That would be $2 cheaper than other similar options on the market, which could help spur sales.

Interestingly, 9to5Mac also claims that the new service would be available on Android devices as well as iOS ones. While iTunes has long been popular on desktops, Apple has kept the service off of non-iOS mobile devices to this point. Launching on Android could offer an opportunity for an expanded audience not only for the new streaming service but also for the legacy iTunes Store.

Though Apple has historically been a dominant force in digital music, it’s hardly a given that a new Apple music service will trounce its competitors. iTunes Radio, launched in 2013, aimed to take on Pandora in the realm of the Internet radio, but Pandora has continued to gain users despite Apple’s offering.

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Why the Apple TV Rumors Are More Believable This Time

Apple Unveils Video Games For I-Tunes And Two New I-Pod Models
Justin Sullivan—Getty Images Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds announces a device tentatively called iTV as he delivers a keynote address during an Apple media event September 12, 2006 in San Francisco, California.

HBO, CBS and others have cracked pay-TV’s walled garden

Another year, another rumor that Apple is planning to enter the pay-TV business.

This time the report comes from Re/code, which says that the company is in early talks with network owners about launching a new TV service that would be delivered via the Internet. Apple would continue to sell channels in bundles, as they’ve always been sold on regular TV, but it might offer a smaller bundle than the traditional cable TV package.

Media outlets have been speculating about a potential Apple pay-TV service since before the iPad was even around. The most recent iteration of the rumor said that Apple was going to partner with Time Warner Cable on a TV-streaming box. Now Apple is apparently planning to work directly with network owners instead.

There is at least one reason to give more credence to this long-running rumor now than in years past. Before, the idea of media companies allowing live streams of their programming to be watched online (outside of “TV Everywhere” apps that make you prove you’re a cable subscriber) was basically unthinkable. But in the last six months, HBO, CBS and Nickelodeon have announced plans for streaming networks outside the traditional cable bundle, and Sony and Dish Network are offering variants on the traditional bundle distributed via the Web. Now that others have cracked pay-TV’s walled garden, maybe Apple will feel it’s time to smash the wall completely.

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You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside a Bowling Ball

Get a closer look at the weird mechanism that increases the ball's momentum

If you’ve ever thought about cracking open a bowling ball, what’s inside may surprise you. A marketing video released by bowling ball manufacturer Storm offers a rare look into how the balls function. An oddly shaped structure called a weight block helps give the ball the momentum it needs to roll down the lane properly. According to the video, the block in the Storm ball is designed to transfer energy from the ball to the pins at the most critical moment, hopefully increasing the bowler’s chance of landing a strike. No amount of technology can save you if you can’t keep the ball out of the gutter, though.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Cut Short After 200 Passengers Fall Ill

Passengers are thought to have contracted the norovirus

A Royal Caribbean cruise liner cut short a nine-day voyage to Jamaica after about 200 passengers and crew members got sick.

The Grandeur of the Seas cruise ship returned to a Baltimore port a day early Monday after many passengers began exhibiting symptoms of the highly contagious norovirus, including vomiting and diarrhea, the Baltimore Sun reports. A Royal Caribbean spokesman said about 10% of the ship’s passengers had fallen ill and were being treated with over-the-counter medication aboard the boat.

Two illness outbreaks occurred on the ship last year, making about 200 passengers sick. Royal Caribbean said the ship would receive a full cleaning and disinfection and that its terminal would be sanitized.

[Baltimore Sun]

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