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Inside the Most ‘Bible-Minded’ City in America

Earlier this year, the American Bible Society named Birmingham, Ala., the nation's most "Bible-minded" city

Earlier this year, the American Bible Society named Birmingham the nation’s most “Bible-minded” city, with the largest number of people who say they have read the Bible at least once in the past week and strongly believe in its accuracy. As Mark Pettus, an associate pastor at the Church of the Highlands, puts it, “You walk into coffee shops like Starbucks in the morning, and you’re going to see a group of people with the Bible open.”

Ahead of Easter Sunday, TIME sent photographer Matt Eich to visit some of the people who helped Birmingham earn that designation. His pictures show congregants at a megachurch, the generation gap at one of the city’s historic houses of worship, and the intimate moments of family prayer.

LISTEN: A sermon at The Church of the Highlands

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This Is Why Easter’s Date Is Always Different

Way Of Cross Procession Moves Across Brooklyn Bridge On Good Friday
Spencer Platt—Getty Images Members of the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn lead the Way of the Cross procession over the Brooklyn Bridge on April 3, 2015 in New York City.

It all depends on which calendar you follow

Easter, the day Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is observed on the first Sunday after the “Pascal Full Moon” (the first full moon of spring) following the spring equinox. That day always occurs on March 21, according to a decree by the early Christian Church at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. and the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory in 1582.

Therefore Easter can fall on any Sunday between March 22 and April 25. That is also why Easter and church holidays leading up to that day, like Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Good Friday, are referred to as “moveable feasts.”

But the Eastern Orthodox churches did not adopt the Gregorian calendar method of determining Easter’s date and instead follows the Julian calendar, a solar calendar adopted by Julius Caesar in 45 BC. The Julian calendar is 13 days ahead of the Gregorian calendar, meaning “the Orthodox Easter celebration usually occurs later than that celebrated by Protestants and Roman Catholics,” according to Encyclopedia Britannica. “The Orthodox tradition prohibits Easter from being celebrated before or at the same time as Passover.”

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Waitress Tracks Down Customers Who Left $1,300 Behind

Kantessa Smith used Facebook to find them

ABC 9 reports that a Georgia waitress who found an envelope with 13 $100 bills while cleaning tables returned the money to the owners, whom she tracked down via Facebook.

Kantessa Smith, a waitress at Country’s Barbecue in Columbus, Ga., told ABC 9 that she reviewed the restaurant’s security cameras with her manager to find footage of the couple and posted zoomed-in pictures on Facebook, asking followers if they could identify the two.

Sure enough, the post went viral this week, and made its way to the couple, who returned to the restaurant to claim the money.

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Cranky Runaway Pig Terrorizes Burger King

Just in time for a special on bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches

On Thursday morning, a pot-bellied pig that escaped from its pen overnight wandered into the parking lot of a Burger King in Boswell along U.S. Route 30, about an hour southeast of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

Coincidentally, there was a two-for-$4 special on bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches going on, but it does not sound like the animal ate any of its own kind. Instead, it was fed hash browns by customers and tolerated some picture-taking before police arrived after the runaway pig also reportedly nipped a bystander’s foot, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

No word on whether any customers became vegetarian after their encounter with the pig.

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This Quadruple Amputee Rottweiler Looks So Happy Walking With His New Prosthetic Limbs

Fall in puppy love all over again

Here’s a story warming the hearts of dog lovers around the Internet. A Rottweiler named Brutus living in Loveland, Colo., had his paws removed because of a severe case of frostbite he got when a previous owner left him out in the cold as a puppy, according to a statement by Colorado State University. At two years old, he is now learning to walk again thanks to four prosthetic limbs from OrthoPets Denver and therapy from the school’s James L. Voss teaching hospital.

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John Legend Will Sing at Your Next Dog Wedding

"That's love"

Musician John Legend stars in a music video in which he sings for two bulldogs getting hitched. After preparing an experience of a lifetime for these canines, he runs into wife and model Chrissy Teigen, who appears disgusted and confused at first, but then says she would run upstairs to get a dress.

The clip is a promotion for Omaze, a site that works like an online charity raffle, advertising an opportunity to have the Grammy winner perform at a private event. Fans who buy an entry will be donating to the Show Me Campaign’s effort to rebuild the auditorium at the former South High School in Springfield, Ohio—his hometown.


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Watch Three Women Lip Sync Their Way Through Musical History

They strip down for an impersonation of Miley Cyrus performing "Wrecking Ball"

In this viral video called “Mime Through Time,” Sydney actresses Lana Kington, Madison Lloyd and Shae-Lee Shackleford of the comedy troupe SketchShe lip-sync pop music from past decades while hanging out in a car. The trio assumes the personas of stars such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Queen and Gotye (known for “Somebody That I Used to Know”). They end the clip with an impression of Miley Cyrus singing “Wrecking Ball,” for which they are topless (well, almost topless. That bit is censored). The clip has racked up more than 4.4 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on March 31.

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Watch a Professor Teach His Class a Thing or Two about Pranks

No advanced math knowledge necessary to enjoy this trigonometry lesson

Matthew Weathers, a math professor at Biola University and technology whiz, often treats his class to performances that mix live action and video.

He starts off by showing a clip of himself botching a trigonometry lesson in a YouTube tutorial. Then the whole show turns into him yelling at this digital version of himself, even stepping behind the projector screen to look like he is inserting himself into this Windows Desktop. Pretty soon, the mini-mes are fighting and throwing Chrome and Firefox web browser icons at each other.

His 2010 prank boasts more than 6.1 million views on YouTube.

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Watch Barack Obama Do His Best Frank Underwood Impression

"Frank learned it from me"

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the White House web series West Wing Week, President Barack Obama treated viewers to an impersonation of Frank Underwood, the conniving President on the hit Netflix show House of Cards played by actor Kevin Spacey.

In the 12-second impression, he starts to attempt the character’s southern accent, but then reverts to his normal speaking voice.

In an interview last year, he admitted he watches House of Cards, but said, “I have to tell you, life in Washington is a little more boring than displayed on the screen. The truth of the matter is, if you followed me, most of my day is sitting in a room listening to a bunch of folks in gray suits talking about a whole bunch of stuff that wouldn’t make very good television.”


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Teacher’s Sassy Obituary For Herself Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons

"I was born; I blinked; and it was over."

Florida school teacher Emily Phillips, who died March 25 at 69 after battling pancreatic cancer, wrote a spirited obituary for herself that has gone viral since running in the Florida Times-Union on Tuesday.

Here are some of the most memorable lines from Phillips, a proud mother, grandmother and wife (or, as she referred to herself, “Grand Diva Of All Things Domestic”):

• “It pains me to admit it, but apparently, I have passed away.”

• “Once again I didn’t get things my way.”

• “So…I was born; I blinked; and it was over. No buildings named after me; no monuments erected in my honor.”

• “Today I am happy and I am dancing. Probably naked.”

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