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Of Course Kim Kardashian Took a Selfie While Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

Exactly what you'd expect from her

Kim Kardashian has finally participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, in which people get doused in ice water and post video proof online or donate to ALS research as part of a viral fundraising effort that has raised more than $100 million.

Kardashian, who is married to Kanye West and stars in Keeping up with the Kardashians, made the challenge her own by taking one of her signature selfies as Ellen DeGeneres dumped a bucket of ice water over the reality TV star’s head on The Ellen Show. Just before she got soaked, the “selfie queen” exclaimed, “Oh my god, I don’t even want to see this happening to me.”

Also, there’s a lot of screaming, so you may want to turn the volume down on your computer before you watch the above clip.

Here’s another view that Kardashian posted on her Instagram.

No word on whether the selfie will be in Selfish, her upcoming book on selfies due out April 2015.

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How a Baby Changed William and Harry’s Royal Relationship

With a second child on the way for Prince William, a new book reports that the arrival of Prince George calmed William and his brother Harry's raging social life

With the news that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is pregnant with a second royal baby, a new biography of Prince Harry sheds light on the evolution of his relationship with his older brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, since the birth of Prince George last July.

“It’s fantastic to have an addition to the family,” Harry said about his nephew, as royal-family biographer Penny Junor writes in Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son. “I only hope my brother knows how expensive my baby-sitting charges are.”

And if Will’s change in behavior since George’s birth is any indication, the birth of his second child will likely mean Will and Harry will spend less time playing around with friends at clubs and more time playing with babies. Junor writes in Prince Harry:

William’s focus has changed. He is no longer in the military, no longer up for partying till dawn, or tripping over guy-ropes in the early hours at Glastonbury. He is more interested in getting an unbroken night of sleep and listening to George’s growing vocabulary.

The biography quotes “a friend” adding that Prince Harry “loves” having dinner with Will, Kate and George and says that’s basically what the brothers’ nights out are like now, even though Harry does not appear to show signs of settling down himself anytime soon.

It would be a different night from the one they would have spent three or four years ago, which would have been, ‘Who can remain standing longest?’ … They are very, very close and Harry loves the whole domestic bit which his brother’s doing now … I think he sees what his brother’s getting out of it …

The book will be released tomorrow, ahead of Prince Harry’s 30th birthday next week.

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10 Surprising Facts You May Not Have Known About Joan Rivers

Charles Sykes—NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

From her kiss with Barbra Streisand to her obsession with dogs and Fabergé eggs

Legendary comedian Joan Rivers died on Thursday at 81 after complications from throat surgery, her family said. Here are some facts you may not have known about the comedian and television personality:

• She collected Fabergé eggs and had a fair amount of Fabergé elephants. “My husband just loved elephants,” she said when she was getting ready to sell a collection of objects in 2001. ”It has nothing to do with politics, though I don’t think too many Democrats will be bidding on them.”

• She once kissed Barbra Streisand. They acted in the off-Broadway play Driftwood in 1959. Barbra “was all tongue,” Rivers joked to Bravo.

• Starting out, she wrote jokes for Candid Camera.

• Rivers was also once billed at a strip club by the stand-up name “Pepper January” — offering “Comedy with Spice.”

• The funniest people, in her opinion, were Robert Benchley, Woody Allen, Steve Martin and Sarah Vowell.

• Out of all their red carpet interviews, she and her daughter Melissa Rivers picked Tommy Lee Jones as the least friendly.

• European history was her favorite literary genre, she admitted. Growing up she was a fan of Mary Poppins, The Secret Garden and The Middle Moffat.

• A dog lover, she called herself “the Angelina Jolie of barkers.”

• She couldn’t get enough of a good steak or shepherd’s pie.

• She won Celebrity Apprentice in 2009.

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Watch Mister Rogers Sing to Joan Rivers on The Tonight Show

A heartwarming scene

As news broke of Joan Rivers’s death at 81 years old Thursday after complications from throat surgery, NewsFeed would like to take time to reflect on one of her most cheerful moments on television.

This video shows the time when Fred Rogers, most famous for hosting Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, serenaded Rivers with “It’s Such a Good Feeling” on a 1986 episode of The Tonight Show. Fast forward to the 2:08 mark when she is leaning against the piano, snaps her fingers and starts singing along with “Mister Rogers” with her arms around one of his.

Watching this clip is truly “such a good feeling.”

MORE: Remembering Joan Rivers, As If She’d Let Us Forget Her

MORE: Joan Rivers Joked About Death, Along With Everything Else

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Flawless Beyoncé Memes for the Diva’s 33rd Birthday

The Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Day Four
Beyonce headlines the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton on June 26, 2011 in Glastonbury, England. Samir Hussein—Getty Images

With special props to a girl who may have told a professor she was skipping class on this special day

Today is Beyoncé’s 33rd birthday. For anyone else in the world, 33 would normally be a pretty uneventful birthday — but because we’re talking about Beyoncé, it’s automatically extraordinary.

In fact, if Twitter had its way, today would be an international holiday. And while school has started for many students, some are already talking about skipping class. BuzzFeed spotted a tweet of an email that may or may not have been sent to a college professor (regardless, the concept is hilarious):

Here are other musings and birthday tributes from tweeps:

And every day is Beyoncé’s birthday in this pizza company’s world, ever since the pop star wore a pepperoni pizza-patterned outfit last year:

This GIF will make you fall “Drunk in Love” with her all over again:

For more of where that came from: GIPHY, a website that compiles GIFs, claims it has aggregated every single Beyoncé one here.

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Dad and Daughter’s Goofy Dance to ‘All About That Bass’ Will Make You Smile

The dad does handstands, is arguably way more into it than the little girl

Sometimes it seems like every day is Father’s Day on the Internet, specifically when videos of dads breakdancing to Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and Ke$ha and Pitbull’s “Timber” go viral.

The latest groove session worth spotlighting features Josh Rinder, 29, of Aiken, South Carolina, and his four-year-old daughter Audrey Rinder rocking out to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” You can argue that the father enjoys the dancing even more than his daughter, for he spends way more time in front of the camera, jiggling his behind, doing handstands, and break-dancing on a treadmill.

“What better way to spend time with your daughter than to be silly,” he says in an email.

For the duo’s latest video, dad donned a horse head mask to dance to Taylor Swift’s new single “Shake It Off” in an eccentric take on the hit single:

(h/t Viral Viral Video)

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Florida Man Says He Ate 15 Threatened Tortoises and Planned to Eat 11 More

A gopher tortoise. Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute—Reuters

An officer found him in the woods, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Wildlife authorities say a Florida man confessed to killing gopher tortoises, a threatened species, for their meat.

On Facebook, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wrote that a member of the public tipped them off to tortoise shells that were being dumped in the woods in Citrus County, north of Tampa. Officer Thomas Reid went to the woods and found a container with 11 live tortoises. He stayed there until the man showed up, confronting him when he started to move the reptiles into a truck.

“The man told Reid that he had killed 15 gopher tortoises and dumped the shells in the woods and that he had caught the 11 that were in the container and was planning on eating them,” according to the Facebook post.

The officer freed the 11 reptiles. No word on whether the man was making turtle soup.

(h/t Reuters via WFTS Tampa Bay)

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This Is the Coolest Vine From Space We’ve Seen Yet

Reid Wiseman, a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS), shared a timelapse video on Vine of the moment when the Cygnus cargo carrier spacecraft, which carried supplies to the ISS, was released via robotic arm.

Wiseman sent the first Vine from space in June, a glimpse of the terminator line “separating the sunlit side of the Earth from the nighttime areas,” according to NASA.

“We’re just lucky to live in this day where, when I take a photograph with a camera… we can email it straight into our Twitter feeds, and it just makes it so much easier to share this experience,” he told TIME last month. “It’s almost just become a little collateral duty of ours, so you don’t even think about it through the day, it’s so easy.”

WATCH: Around The World in 90 Minutes with Reid Wiseman

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Napping Around: Colleges Provide Campus Snooze Rooms

Getty Images

Michigan put cots in a library and is testing out a high-tech chair designed for napping, while James Madison is adding more bean bags to a nap room in the student center.

In college, the best grades are usually considered to be the product of sleepless nights. Now, universities nationwide are setting up designated rooms for napping or expanding existing spaces to show students that they don’t have to sacrifice sleep to do top work.

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is the latest school to make headlines for piloting a napping station through fall 2014. In the walk-up to finals on April 23, 2014, six vinyl cots and disposable pillowcases were placed on the first floor of the University of Michigan’s Shapiro Undergraduate Library, which is open 24/7. First-come, first-serve, with a 30-minute time limit on snoozing, the area was the brainchild of rising senior Adrian Bazbaz, 23, an aerospace engineering major who came up with the idea as a member of U-M Central Student Government after watching countless students fall asleep in front of the library computers. “They’ll just put their backpacks on the table and lie on them,” he says.

An April 29, 2014 photo shows the napping station that was implemented at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Michigan Daily, Allison Farrand – AP

Ryan DeAngelis, 21, a senior majoring in neuroscience and philosophy, used the napping station twice during finals, each time around 12:30 a.m.-1:00 a.m. for about 20 minutes while writing a 12-page paper about metaphysics. Even though he lives on campus, he says the library setup helped him get the job done because he was in a place where the people around him were studying.

“It forces you to stay there,” he adds. “You’re going to wake up in 20 minutes and keep working, but if you go back to the dorm, you’re tempted to fall asleep and then maybe procrastinate ‘til the morning.”

Pod Life

In August, the library started testing out a MetroNaps Energy Pod, a futuristic chair designed for napping, and is thinking about ordering more, according to Stephen Griffes, Operations Supervisor. Popularized by Google, it keeps the sleeper’s legs elevated, and a dome on top ensures privacy. Users can either select the pre-programmed 20-minute nap cycle or customize the duration. And they can listen to soothing music as the machine gently vibrates.

“We are seeing a lot of interest, in particular, from large universities, those with significant commuter student bodies, and graduate medical institutions,” according to an email statement from Christopher Lindholst, who co-founded MetroNaps with Arshad Chowdhury. “Typically the installations go into campus centers and/or the libraries, except in graduate medical institutions where they go directly into the teaching hospitals.”

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has maintained two EnergyPods for commuter students at each of its Savannah and Atlanta campuses since 2006 and is adding four to its Hong Kong campus this fall. At Saint Leo University in Central Florida, the residence hall Apartment 5 maintains four in a “relaxation room” intended for the 30% of students who commute.

Amanda Brown, 21, a senior elementary education major, naps every day around noon in the relaxation room at Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida. Benjamin C. Watters, courtesy of Saint Leo University

But the cost of the pods, which ranges between $9,995 and $12,985 (depending on the model features), may be too steep for some schools. In March 2014, Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi installed a less expensive $4,000 “sleep pod” made by the U.K. company PodTime in the Island Hall Gym. Students sign up for a 30-minute interval, grab a sheet and then climb into what basically looks like a white tube with a vinyl mattress inside.

A Room of One’s Own

While Google maps of the University of Texas-Austin, University of California-San Diego, UC-Santa-Barbara, UC-Davis, and Macalester College review the best places to snooze on campus based on noise levels and foot traffic, some students appreciate the privacy that nap rooms afford.

“I used to go into the library and find a comfy chair in between classes to close my eyes for a while, but I always felt awkward sleeping in front of people,” says Meredith Pilcher, 22, a senior graphic design major at James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Va., who, at least twice a week, would doze off on a giant bean bag while listening to classical music in a place called “The Nap Nook.” The room on the first floor of the school’s Festival Conference and Student Center opened in September 2013 with six black, microsuede bean bags and antimicrobial pillows that students could reserve online in 40-minute intervals.

Since more and more students seem to be using it – 2,500 naps were taken there between September 2013 and May 2014 – two white noise machines are being added, plus two more bean bags and faux leather covers for them so that they’re easier to wipe down.

“Heavy workloads make you choose between an A and sleep, and I wanted to change the perception that napping was a lazy behavior,” says Caroline Cooke, 22, who founded The Nap Nook at JMU when she was a senior psychology major.

Health Benefits of Napping

Sara Mednick, assistant professor at University of California-Riverside and author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life, says catching some z’s can boost productivity. In fact, she says the most productive kind of nap is a 60-90 minute one taken 8-9 hours after waking up: “Ninety minutes affords you all of the different sleep stages shown to be important for cognition, memorization, creativity, basic motor skills and the ability to make decisions in a clever way.”

Understanding that many students are also sleep-deprived because they stay up too late socializing, Mednick argues, “Napping is a survival mechanism for college. It’s probably how students get a lot of their stamina to deal with this insane, 24/7 lifestyle that they’re suddenly thrust into after being home with their parents.”

And no matter how many sodas from the vending machine and cups of coffee college students chug from the cafeteria, caffeine cannot make them feel as rested as well as a nap. “The boost you get from caffeine is good for 15-20 minutes up to a half hour, but sleep is actually taking the recent information that you’ve learned and filing it away for you so you can more effectively take in new information,” says Robert Stickgold, an associate professor of psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School.

There’s even research that suggests sleep can be the difference between passing and failing out of school. A study published online in the journal Sleep this summer found sleep-deprived undergraduates were more likely to get worse grades and drop a course than their well-rested fellow students. Poor sleep was found to be as powerful as binge drinking, and more powerful than marijuana, in predicting who would have academic problems, according to co-authors Roxanne Prichard and Monica Hartmann, professors at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“Colleges provide resources about hand-washing, drugs, alcohol, to help students stay healthy, but they’re not doing as much to address poor sleep,” says Prichard.

The Future of Nap Rooms

As colleges and universities compete for state-of-the-art amenities, encouraging drowsy students to nod off in a separate room arguably keeps campus buildings looking spiffy, and thus more appealing to prospective students. As Glenn Wallace, SCAD’s Senior Vice President for University Resources, put it, “No one wants to walk around and see people laying on the floor with their mouths open.”

Now what do parents, the people who foot most of the ever-rising bills for college, think about paying for napping pods or rooms? Shortly after Cristina Ley, 21, dozed off at Michigan’s napping station during finals, she was woken up by a phone call from her mom, whom she had been venting to earlier in the night about the stress of writing a paper. “She was like, ‘What do you mean you’re napping in the library?’ And I told her about it, and she was like, ‘Oh that’s really cool!'”



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Apparently Hello Kitty is a Human Girl, Not a Cat

The cat's out of the bag!

In a Los Angeles Times interview, Christine Yano, curator of an upcoming exhibit on Hello Kitty at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, said Sanrio considers its billion-dollar icon to be a human girl. As she put it:

“I was corrected — very firmly. That’s one correction Sanrio made for my script for the show. Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature. She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it’s called Charmmy Kitty.”

Cue the collective—and understandable—”What?!?!?!” on social media.

Sanrio indeed confirmed the news and also pointed us to Hello Kitty’s official bio:

As tall as five apples, and as heavy as three, Hello Kitty is a bright little girl with a heart of gold. She loves to bake cookies and play the piano, and dreams of one day becoming a pianist or maybe even a poet. She has a gift for music and English, and a soft spot for Mama’s apple pie. Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy are the best of friends.

This story was updated to include Sanrio’s response.

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