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Here’s What Taylor Swift Looks Like as a Wax Figure

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The pop star is the cheer captain at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, the wax museum in London, has unveiled its figure of Grammy Award-winning singer Taylor Swift.

Every day, it will be wearing a different outfit from her music video “Shake It Off.” Fans will have the opportunity to wave pom-poms, play the trumpet and use other props from the music video to star in their own version.

Londoners can see it from Feb. 14-22 before it is moved to its permanent home at the museum’s Orlando location.

Not a fan of the sculpture? We bet its fans would say haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.

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This Is the World’s Hottest Accent

According to a new survey by Time Out

British people have the “hottest” accent, according to Time Out magazine’s 2015 Global Dating Survey. Twenty-seven percent of readers voted it the most “dateable,” followed by 8.7 percent for American and about 8 percent each for Irish and Australian.

The feedback was solicited from 11,000 people, mostly from major international cities where the magazine publishes a local edition.

Participants also voted Paris and Melbourne as the top two cities for dating (83 percent and 81 percent, respectively). They also said they knew within two or three minutes of a first date whether they are going on a second date.

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Water Manager Caught Peeing in Reservoir That Supplies San Francisco’s Drinking Water

The incident does not pose a public health risk, authorities say

A water manager is expected to be disciplined after the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission confirmed he urinated in a San Francisco Bay Area reservoir last month, the Associated Press reports.

Martin Sanchez was reportedly up for a promotion, but now he could face a suspension without pay, according to the AP. The reservoir, located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, had been drained for maintenance, and authorities say the incident does not pose a public health risk.

Twice, Portland, Oregon, has been forced to drain a reservoir after similar episodes.

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‘Hot Dudes Reading’ Is the Best Thing to Happen to Your Instagram Feed This Week

Bookworms swoon

Men riding the New York City subway may want to ditch the electronic reading devices. An Instagram account called “Hot Dudes Reading” that launched earlier this month celebrates men reading literature, textbooks and other print media on trains that run through neighborhoods known for their literary residents, like lower Manhattan and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Each photo caption either gushes about every guy or imagines what could be going through his head. For example:

“I’m sure he’s reading a collection of post-war Russian short stories, but really thinking of how he made love to his French girlfriend this morning and the gluten free toast they shared after. #marryme”


“Ahoy handsome! Just caught a glimpse of this elusive beauty reading Moby Dick in the crowded waters of the L train.”


“I may have to pretend to faint so he’ll catch me but I’m going to let him finish the last few pages of 100 Years of Solitude first.”

And regarding this photo of a man reading a textbook:

“he looks like a man with goals. I bet his mother is so proud. In fact, he’s probably on his way to see her now. #futureinlaws.”

The account has even gotten the attention of musician Lance Bass, formerly of *NSYNC:

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Taylor Swift Basically Dressed Up as Elsa From Frozen at the Grammys

Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images; Disney From left: Taylor Swift at the 2015 Grammys; Elsa from Frozen


As all eyes were on Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards Sunday night—including a side eye from Pharrell—we couldn’t help but notice there was something awfully familiar about her teal Elie Saab gown. Elegant and regal, the whole look kind of reminded us of Elsa, the princess star of the hit Disney movie Frozen.

It’s not the first time Internet fans have compared her to different Disney princesses—see here and here and here. Not to mention, a couple of years ago when she posed as Rapunzel for an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot as part of a promotion for Disney Parks.

Just a thought.

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This Guy Just Pulled a Really Weird Karaoke Prank and No One Noticed

Somebody once told me the world is gonna troll me

Anyone who likes karaoke has a go-to song. At first glance, it appears the guy in this video going viral on Reddit is going to sing Smash Mouth’s “All Star” whether anyone wants to hear it or not — even if the sound system is blasting John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The crowd does not seem to care though, as people are cheering and singing along to the chorus even as the words on the overhead screen are displaying the lyrics to the late Beatle’s classic.

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Watch an 8-Year-Old Basketball Player Sink a Last-Minute Shot From Across the Court

It's the buzzer beater of a lifetime

Redditor Frank DeNigris of Morris, Conn., has uploaded a video of his eight-year-old son Derek sinking a shot from almost the other end of a basketball court in the fourth quarter of a game. While he wrote on Reddit that it was not enough to win the game for the team, it will surely be the part people will remember the most.

If you want to see another epic basketball shot that was not made by a professional athlete, take a look at this slam dunk by a high school basketball player in Seattle.

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This Mashup Proves Taylor Swift and Nine Inch Nails Were Made For Each Other

You'll have a hard time shaking this one off

There is a new, catchy mashup you will be listening to on repeat this weekend: Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Nine Inch Nails’s “The Perfect Drug” via Canadian artist Isosine.

It is kind of perfect to hear “The Perfect Drug” repeated over and over as Swift sings what has become one of the catchiest pop songs of the last few months.

Other mixes of Taylor Swift’s music that have worked include one with Aphex Twin and another that mashes up her songs “Blank Space” and “Style.”

Listen quick before she wages war on all of the covers.



6-Year-Old Boy’s Family Pretended to Kidnap Him Because He Was ‘Too Nice,’ Police Say

He was allegedly told he would be sold into "sex slavery" during the incident

Police say the family of a Troy, Mo., six-year-old boy arranged for him to be kidnapped because he was “too nice” and needed to be taught “a terrorizing life lesson,” according to a statement from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

His aunt Denise Kroutil, 38, allegedly enlisted co-worker Nathan Wynn Firoved, 23, to “lure” the boy into his pickup truck after the youngster got off the school bus.

While in the vehicle, the man allegedly showed the boy a handgun and threatened to “nail him to a shed” and keep him away from his mother — all while binding the boy’s hands and feet with plastic bags to prevent him from seeing and escaping.

Per police, the six year old was then taken to the basement of a house where Kroutil allegedly took off his pants and said he would be sold into “sex slavery.”

The boy’s mother, Elizabeth Hupp, 25, and grandmother, Rose Brewer, 58, were in touch via cell phone during the approximately four-hour incident, according to police.

“Family members told investigators their primary intent was to educate the victim and felt they did nothing wrong,” the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

The four “kidnappers” were arrested and charged with felony kidnapping, felony abuse and child neglect.

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Watch a 2-Year-Old Recite the Alphabet Like a Heavy Metal Rocker

She gives Gene Simmons a run for his money

Most school children learned some version of the alphabet song growing up. In a minute-long video uploaded by YouTube user “cb6652,” watch as a toddler performs a metal remix of the educational tune after bath time. Held up by one of her groupies (presumably), she has to start the song over a few times because of technical glitches. By the time she finally gets through it, she appears exhausted, in the sense that all she can say is “I want mommy.”

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