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Get Ready to Cry With Dove’s Super Bowl Ad About Dads

Pull out the tissues

Doves’s male-focused product line Men+Care has released its Super Bowl ad, which pays tribute to fathers. The spot almost entirely consists of children screaming “dad” or “daddy,” and the ad’s text says, “What makes a man stronger? Showing that he cares.” A 30-second version of this commercial will air during the 1st quarter of the game, a Dove spokesperson told TIME.

In a news release, Jennifer Bremner, director of marketing at Dove Men+Care, said:

“We know that men today are embracing their caring roles more than ever, and that these experiences are fulfilling and strengthening them…Especially at a time when fans are overwhelmingly hearing about physical feats on the football field, we wanted men (and women) to hear at least one voice saying, ‘Care Makes a Man Stronger.'”

Bremner also told AdWeek last month that the commercial is part of a conversation about masculinity “that we hope to start and spark on the Super Bowl.” And if it looks familiar, that is because it uses footage from its “Real Dad Moments” campaign, an ad released for Father’s Day 2014.

The brand also released a Super Bowl ad in 2010, showing a boy starting to grow up to be a tough guy who has been told “don’t show your sensitive side.” He then marries, starts a family and finally feels comfortable enough to embrace that side: “You can take on anything because you can, you’re a man.”

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Watch a Guy Surprise His Girlfriend by Turning Their House into a Giant Ball Pit

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood's latest stunt

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood surprised his girlfriend Brittney Smith by turning their house into a giant ball pit.

With help from their kids, he covered the living room floor with balls, as well as the family’s indoor trampoline. Atwood set up the prank so when Smith opened the door to the house from the basement or garage area, tons of plastic balls spilled out — prompting the response, “Are you kidding me?!”

The video has racked up more than 8 million views since it was uploaded on Jan. 18.

No word on how clean-up is going.

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These Are The 25 Worst Passwords of 2014

TIME.com stock photos Computer Keyboard Typing Hack
Elizabeth Renstrom for TIME

Make sure your password isn't on this list

SplashData, which makes password management applications, has released its annual list of the 25 worst passwords based on files containing over 3.3. million passwords leaked in 2014.

“123456” and “password” hold the top two spots, as they have every year since the company started producing this round-up in 2011. New passwords appearing on this year’s edition include “696969” and “batman.”

Here is the full list:

1. 123456
2. password
3. 12345
4. 12345678
5. qwerty
6. 123456789
7. 1234
8. baseball
9. dragon
10. football
11. 1234567
12. monkey
13. letmein
14. abc123
15. 111111
16. mustang
17. access
18. shadow
19. master
20. michael
21. superman
22. 696969
23. 123123
24. batman
25. trustno1

Cyber-security experts often say that the harder the password is for you to remember, the more secure it is. If your password is on this list, consider this smart and easy tip TIME recently received from security expert Bruce Schneier:

Come up with an entire phrase that’s easy for you to remember, and then use the first instance of each letter, number and symbol from each word in the phrase, keeping punctuation intact as well.

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Watch a Cow Mascot Treat a Supermarket Like Its Own Personal Club

Let's just say it's doing more than the "shopping cart" dance

Recent video of a cow mascot for the Mexican dairy brand Alpura mooovin’ and groovin’ in a supermarket has been going viral.

Footage of this dance fiend has been on YouTube for at least a few years. Some users claim they have seen it outside of a grocery store in Acapulco. Several Vine videos show it dancing with employees, between breaking it down behind a worker maintaining the cheese section and inspiring other people to join in, as the clip below shows:

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This Argument About Whether the Moon Is a Planet or a Star Will Make You Rethink Everything

Out of this world

A segment on the home-shopping network was recently selling some science that we aren’t buying.

QVC host Shawn Killinger and designer Isaac Mizrahi were debating whether the Moon is a planet or a star. Here is a snippet of that conversation:

Killinger: “Isn’t the moon a star?”

Mizrahi : “No, the Moon is a planet, darling.”

Killinger: “Don’t look at me like that! The sun is a star!”

Mizrahi: “I don’t know what the Sun is.”

The Moon, the Earth’s only natural satellite, is neither, by the way.

Maybe the next segment will be selling science textbooks.

(h/t The Verge)

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Watch a Price Is Right Announcer Totally Wipe Out While Running Backwards on a Treadmill

In a recent episode of The Price Is Right, announcer George Grey earned some laughs for tripping and falling while presenting prizes.

While back-peddling on a piece of fitness equipment, he stumbled as he reached for a sheet of paper describing each prize that was being handed to him by a man off-stage. So he ended up reading all of the specifications while sitting on the floor.

Host Drew Carey, who was cracking up, said, “I hope we have footage of George Grey flying off that treadmill.”

Grey yelled, “Didn’t miss a word!”

The accident is not entirely surprising, given he was, you know, trying to walk on the treadmill backwards.

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Here’s an Adorable Newborn Pygmy Hippo Just Doing His Thing

Easily the cutest thing you'll see today

The Zoological Society of London’s Whipsnade Zoo has released adorable footage of the newest member of its family, a male pygmy hippo calf.

The baby’s mom, 28-year-old Flora, gave birth on Boxing Day and had a smooth pregnancy even though she has been battling cancer.

In the clip, the animal mostly pals around in the hay with his mother and goes for a swim.

Senior keeper Steve White said in a statement: “On his first weigh-in, he was so slippery it was like picking up a big bar of soap!” The zoo also says the animal “is a particularly welcome addition to the Zoo because there is a shortage of male pygmy hippos within the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.”

In September, a pygmy hippo named Olivia went viral because of her striking resemblance to the Michelin Man.

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This Silly Typo on a Sheriff’s Office Rug Makes It Infinitely Better

This image released by ABC Action News, shows the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office rug in Largo, Fla., Jan. 14, 2015. Adam Winer/WFTS-TV/ABC Action News—AP


Due to a typo, a rug in the lobby of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Largo, Fla., featured the phrase “In Dog We Trust” instead of the classic “In God We Trust.” Whoops.

A deputy discovered the error on Wednesday, but the Tampa Bay Times reports the rug had been laid out for a few months.

The $500 piece has been rolled up, put away and will be returned to the manufacturer, according to a spokesperson for the department.

Some residents have encouraged the department to keep the rug. One user posted “I LIKE IT” while another said it would be “a fun laugh every day!” Most comments are now repeating the same, snarky joke: “I bet the K9 Unit would love to have those misprinted rugs……”

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Watch a Hippo Chase a Boat Full of People on Safari

No word on whether it was a hungry hungry hippo

Tourists on safari got up close and personal with a hippopotamus.

In the description of this viral video on YouTube, user David Jackson says his son Craig Clive Jackson captured the footage from a boat on the Chobe River during a safari in Kasane, Botswana.

“We were traveling on the Chobe River in Botswana, when we came across this hippo which appeared to want to charge the boat,” the user wrote. “The Hippo was closer to the boat than what it appears on the video.”

No word on whether it was a hungry hungry hippo.

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The New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors Are Perfect for People Who Like Cookies and Ice Cream Together

Sweet news

Good news for people who only buy cookie dough ice cream so they can pick out the cookie dough parts: Ben & Jerry’s has announced new flavors with a cookie butter “core.” They are:

Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core: Mocha & Caramel Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookies, Fudge Flakes & a Chocolate Cookie Core.

Peanut Buttah Cookie Core: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Crunchy Peanut Butter Sugar Bits, Peanut Butter Cookies & a Peanut Butter Cookie Core

Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core: Dark Caramel & Vanilla Ice Cream with Speculoos Cookies & Speculoos Cookie Butter Core

Why introduce an ice cream line when it’s so cold outside? As Bloomberg Businessweek reports, “New flavors also give consumers a reason to buy ice cream during a season when most are more inclined to eat other things for dessert.”

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