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WATCH: Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon Face Off in Epic Lip Sync Battle


A lip sync battle for the ages took place on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday. The late-night host started off the contest by “singing” Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” Then his guest, The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Emma Stone, followed up with “Hook” by Blues Traveler. Next, Fallon jammed to “Mr. Roboto” by Styx, and the actress brought down the house with “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled.

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We’re Super Jealous of This Diver Who Got to Give a Seal a Belly Rub

Captured perfectly via a GoPro


GoPro’s YouTube channel shared an adorable video today of scuba diver Jason Neilus giving belly rubs to a grey seal in the Farne Islands, which are off the coast of Northumberland, England, in the United Kingdom.

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Stranger Hacks Into Baby Monitor and Screams at Child

Parents in Cincinnati, Ohio, heard a male voice screaming at their baby through their baby monitor, which appears to have been hacked, FOX19 reports.

According to Heather Schreck, the stranger was yelling at her 10-month-old daughter Emma, “‘Wake up baby. Wake up baby.’ Then just screaming at her trying to wake her up.” Then Adam Schreck, the baby’s father, said when he ran into the room, the camera turned and started shouting at him.

It is the latest IP camera manufactured by Foscam and used as a baby monitor that has gone viral because of a security breach. In August 2013, NewsFeed reported via ABC13 that in Houston, a stranger saw a two-year-old girl’s name written on her bedroom wall via the Internet-connected cam and started making abusive comments like “‘‘Wake up you little sl#t.’” Forbes has reported that the company had a “firmware vulnerability” caused by outdated software that could cause hackers to easily tap in, but software updates were supposed to make the network more secure. That said, earlier this year, PCWorld noticed that similar concerns about the security of the Foscam wireless IP cameras have been raised in company’s technical support forums.

Solutions expert Dave Hatter recommended to FOX19 that passwords should be changed on the WiFi network and the camera software, but admitted, “Any kind of Internet-connected device essentially could be subjected to this.”

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Kangaroo Rescued After Getting Trapped in a Backyard Swimming Pool

And a dog saved the day


Wildlife specialists rescued a grey kangaroo that got trapped in a backyard swimming pool Thursday in Healesville, a town in Victoria, Australia, Perth Now reports. After sedating it and guiding it to the shallow end, wildlife specialists took it to be treated for a mild case of hypothermia.

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The New Way to Chase a Shot Is to Put This Strip on Your Tongue Before You Pound It

Will you drink to that?

Hold the lime for a minute: Foodbeast spotlights Chaser Strips, which it calls similar to Listerine PocketPaks because they are strips that partygoers put on their tongues before taking a shot to mask what they find to be a bitter aftertaste. The Houston-based company only makes a mixed berry flavor at the moment.

Sounds perfect for college seniors who are gearing up for “Senior Week” partying the week before graduation.

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The Worst States to Live in (According to People Who Live There)

Getty Images

Generally people who live in the West and the Midwest have a high opinion of their states

People who reside in Montana and Alaska are more likely to say their state is the best place to live, while people in Rhode Island and Illinois are more likely to say their state is the worst, Gallup reports.

Residents who have the highest opinion of their states:

Montana: 77%
Alaska: 77%
Utah: 70%
Wyoming: 69%
Texas: 68%
Hawaii: 68%
New Hampshire: 67%
North Dakota: 66%
Colorado: 65%
Vermont: 61%
Oregon: 61%
Minnesota: 61%

Residents who have the lowest opinion of their states:

Rhode Island: 18%
Illinois: 19%
Mississippi: 26%
Louisiana: 27%
Michigan: 28%
New Mexico: 28%
New Jersey: 28%
Maryland: 29%
Missouri: 29%
Connecticut: 31%

In general, the pollsters argue that Americans who have the highest opinion of their states report having high trust in their state government and are less negative about the state taxes they pay (based on past Gallup polls) than the residents who think their states are the worst. Gallup adds:

Most of these states have relatively low populations, including Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, and Alaska — the four states with the smallest populations in the nation. Texas, the second most populated state, is the major exception to this population relationship. Although it is difficult to discern what the causal relationship is between terrain and climate and positive attitudes, many of the top 10 states are mountainous with cold winters. In fact, the two states most highly rated by their residents — Montana and Alaska — are among not only the nation’s coldest states but also both border Canada.

Gallup interviewed at least 600 residents in each state between June and December 2013, measuring for the first time “whether residents view their states as ‘the best possible state to live in,’ ‘one of the best possible states to live in,’ ‘as good a state as any to live in,’ or ‘the worst possible state to live in.’ The margin of sampling error is ±5 percentage points.

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Watch a Red Sox Player Giveth a Ball to a Child, Then Watch an Adult Taketh It Away



Boston Red Sox short stop Xander Bogaerts tossed a ball to a young boy in the stands, but an adult standing next to him reached over and grabbed it before he could catch it during last night’s game against the Yankees at Fenway Park in Boston, SportsGrid reports.

As the sports blog notes, if the adult was not with the child to begin with, we can only hope that he gave the ball to the child afterwards. The Internet loves to hate these kinds of moments. “Evil woman” is what the web users called a woman who did the same thing to a little girl at the Houston Astros Minute Maid Park based on a 2011 YouTube video.

More recently, after seeing how happy this little boy was after a man handed him a foul ball that he caught at a San Francisco Giants-Colorado Rockies game in Denver Monday, there’s really no other choice.

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Watch Flying Robots Play Musical Instruments

It won't be long before they're hired to play the national anthem at a sports game or something


Rock out as this band of flying robots made by KMel Robotics plays the “2001: A Space Odyssey” theme song, “Carol of the Bells”, and the U.S. national anthem the “Star Spangled Banner.” The group will be playing live this weekend at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington D.C.

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Artist Turns Homophobic Tweets About Tom Daley Into a Portrait of the Olympic Diver

The latest effort to turn hate into something beautiful

Jezebel highlights via The Plymouth Herald a U.K. artist’s portrait of the English Olympic diver Tom Daley that is made from homophobic tweets directed at him after he revealed that he was in a relationship with a man in a video message uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 2, 2013. Daley retweeted the artist Conor Collins’s tweet of the portrait last week.

The project is reminiscent of the Honey Maid video in which negative comments about its “This Is Wholesome Campaign” — featuring mixed-race parents and same-sex parents — were rolled up and arranged on the floor to spell out the word “Love.”

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The First YouTube Video Was Uploaded 9 Years Ago Today



Today in Internet history: YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first video “Me at the zoo” to the website on April 23, 2005, at 8:27 p.m, according to the description of the video, which now boasts more than 14 million views.

The 19-second clip shows Karim standing in front of elephants at the San Diego Zoo and saying that the “cool thing” about the animals is that “they have really, really, really long, um, trunks.” According to a 2010 editorial in The Toledo Blade, the clip was shot by a high school pal, Yakov Lapitsky, who is now a professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Toledo.

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