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Two Words: Marijuana Coffee

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Start the day on a high note

It is common to make a pot of coffee in the morning, but imagine drinking pot-infused coffee — at least in places where recreational marijuana use is legal.

Cannabis-infused coffee is expected to be available in Washington state in July, the product’s developer Adam Stites told The Huffington Post earlier this week. A tongue-in-cheek manifesto for the brand “Mirth Provisions” says the product will “establish unprecedented chillness” and enable consumers to “listen to the dark side of the Moon again.”

Stites described the effect of the cold brew — which also comes in a cream and sugar variety — as “wake and bake,” in an interview with MyNorthwest.com. He claims it contains 20mg THC, which will give drinkers about the same buzz as an “IPA or glass of wine.”

As more and more pot edibles pop up on the market, there are concerns that people will overeat them and harm themselves and others, raising questions about how much cannabis regulation is needed. An article in Sunday’s New York Times argues marijuana chocolates, cookies, and other edibles have been the main downside of legal recreational marijuana use in Colorado, especially after a Denver man purchased marijuana-infused candy and then shot and killed his wife. Last month, Reuters reported that the Denver coroner’s office listed “marijuana intoxication” as a “contributing factor” in the death of a Wyoming college student, who bought and ate “six times the suggested amount of marijuana cookies” before jumping off a balcony.

And hospital officials who have treat children nauseated after eating too many pot edibles argue kids are drawn to the bright colors and labeling of marijuana edibles as a fun snack. To curb accidental ingestions by children, Colorado John Governor Hickenlooper (D) signed two safety bills into law last month, one about creating packaging for pot edibles that is not misleading and another that sets limits on how much concentrated marijuana (i.e. hash oil) can be sold to an individual.

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Woman Calls Police Because There Aren’t Enough Sprinkles on Her Ice Cream

It's officially summer

The West Midlands Police in England have released a clip of a woman who called their emergency line 999 to complain about getting an ice cream that did not have enough sprinkles on it. She complains that an ice cream man has “put a bit on one side and none on the other.”

Police in general have been releasing recordings of the most bizarre, blatantly not urgent, phone calls to shed light on the people who are jamming emergency lines — between one about a prostitute not being attractive enough and a rant about undercooked waffles.

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The 8 Cutest Hedgehogs on the Internet

This list is not for people with prickly dispositions.

The video game star Sonic The Hedgehog may be the most well-known hedgehog. But today, the Associated Press published a trend piece about the growing popularity of hedgehogs as pets, specifically adult African pygmy hedgehogs, which can boast 6,000 quills and fit in the palm of your hand. Their button noses and tiny hands and feet have made them stars on the Internet, so NewsFeed has rounded up the most popular ones. Try not to overdose on squee-ing.

  • The hedgehog that plays with kittens

    This clip of Harley the hedgehog having staring contests with Loki the kitten to a cover of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story boasts nearly 15 million YouTube views.

  • The hedgehog that likes underwear

    This Vine profile for a now-deceased hedgehog named Hufflepuff has more than 153,000 followers and boasts scenes of the animal eating worms and going through the owner’s underwear collection (as most pets do at one point or another).

  • The hedgehog known as Tokyo’s “flying hedgehog”

    Named after D’arcy Wretzky, former bassist of alt rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, Darcy belonged to Tokyo Instagrammer Shota Tsukamoto, who liked to photograph the animal inside mugs and in front of an unusual array of things like peacock feathers, a rainbow pinwheel, and a skull object. Darcy was one of the most followed pets on Instagram with 410,000 followers. In February, the account announced that Darcy had passed away, but the creature lives on in a picture book called Darcy the Flying Hedgehog.

  • The hedgehog that could be Governor of Oregon

    This three-year-old hedgehog named Biddy is the one Instagram celebrity highlighted in the AP’s piece and appears to be known for traveling all over the most scenic parts of Oregon, from Arcadia Beach on the coast to the Painted Hills, based on the photo above which was just posted over the weekend.

  • The hedgehog that makes faces

    In March, NewsFeed spotlighted Marutaro, the hedgehog with 63,000 Twitter followers that went viral for sporting cut-outs of cartoonish facial expressions. Based on the animal’s latest Vine, it seems to be gearing up for the World Cup.

  • The hedgehog that nuzzles against a dog

    In a clip that has been seen more than 1.2 million times, “Poki-Hontas” gets her head stuck in a toilet paper roll and then presumably hides in shame by curling up in the thick white fur of a dog named Nimbus.

  • The hedgehog with a snaggletooth

    Norman, a hedgehog who takes selfies with his owner Brett Jessie, can usually be found on a skateboard or in a sneaker on Instagram, where he has close to 4,000 followers.

  • The hedgehog in a superhero cape

    Rescued by the Hedgehog Welfare Society, Kayak took the web by storm in a miniature cape last fall.

TIME Bizarre

U.S. Airways Flight Makes Emergency Landing after Dog Poops in the Aisle

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The smell reportedly made other passengers ill.

A Philadelphia-bound U.S. Airways flight from Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City, Missouri, earlier this week after a dog defecated in the middle of the aisle–twice.

A man named Steve McCall, who says he was a passenger on the plane, U.S. Airways Flight 598, told Inside Edition that the smell made people physically sick. NBC Philadelphia has rounded up tweets that appear to be from other passengers who are complaining about how the flight had already been delayed because of fuel issues before the incident onboard.

Chris Law, an NFL producer, live-tweeted the episode, including a photo of the clean-up after the emergency landing, and complimented the crew’s handling of the situation:

We’ve reached out to U.S. Airways for comment and will update if we hear back.

TIME nation

WATCH: This Music Video Was Made by the Sons of Obama Officials

General theme: skateboards and Slurpees

The sons of Obama officials are in a boy band called Twenty20, and the music video for their first song “Heart Thief” is now on YouTube, the New York Daily News reports.

Members of Twenty20 are outgoing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s son Hugo (vocals), U.S. Trade Rep. Mike Froman’s son Ben (guitar), HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan’s son Lucas (bass), and Joey Doyle (drums), the son of Patti Solis Doyle, who was a campaign advisor for both Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In the video, the boys rock out on the D.C. Metro, wander around Union Station, buy candy and Slurpees at 7-11, go skateboarding, and ride their bicycles in the streets.

The band has been together since 2011 and is working on an EP, according to the YouTube description.

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Woman Turns Yard Into a Beach So She’ll Never Have to Mow The Lawn Again

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Just in time for summer, a Kansas City woman’s home looks like a beach after she got sick of mowing the lawn and replaced the grass with sand, KCTV5 reports.

The owner, Georgianna Reid, said she did it because she is “over 60″ and joked to KCTV5 that the new yard looks like “largest litter box in the world.” Neighbors are reportedly unimpressed by the house’s new look, but the city told KCTV5 that it does not violate any codes because the sand is being used for landscaping purposes.

Talk about going against the grain.

TIME viral

Preschooler Delivers The Only Graduation Speech That Matters

10 words of childhood innocence

‘Tis the season for commencements, and this youngster in a miniature cap and gown is going viral for giving the most honest graduation speech you’ll hear this spring: “I’m Jathan Muhar, and I wanna be Batman.”

In the words of Journey, don’t stop believin’.

(h/t 22 Words)

TIME animals

Elephant Takes The Greatest Selfie of All Time

Notice the photo is not trunk-ated in any way either

A tourist managed to get the photo of a lifetime — even after dropping his camera.

The Daily Mail reports that when Scott Brierley, 23, visited West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley in Worcestershire, England, he dropped his phone while taking selfies during a drive through the elephant enclosure. Park officials retrieved it and saw that 22-year-old African elephant Latabe (a millennial, obviously) touched the screen and managed to take a self-portrait.

The man is lucky that the elephant cooperated for the selfie, unlike the one that Kim Kardashian met in Thailand.

TIME viral

WATCH: YouTube’s Newest Music Mashup Video

YouTube stars get together to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the website going live.

While the first YouTube video was uploaded nine years ago on April 23, 2005, the site went live in May. So to celebrate the anniversary, the video-sharing network has released a music mashup featuring various YouTube celebrities.

Frozen fans will be excited to learn that, according to data from YouTube, “there are more than 120,000 videos inspired by “Let It Go (based on videos posted with that title).” Not to mention there are “half a million by ‘Gangnam Style,’ and a stunning 1.5 million videos by ‘Harlem Shake,'” in case you thought those memes were dead.

WATCH: The First YouTube Video

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