Doctor Who Is Finally Getting An Official LEGO Set

Don't blink or it might sell out.

LEGO and the BBC are teaming up to release the first-ever official Doctor Who set later this year. Doctor Who is the world’s longest running sci-fi drama (it premiered way back in 1963) and while the BBC has produced a bumper crop of show-related merchandise like Adipose stress balls and sonic screwdrivers, it’s never had an official LEGO set.

The new set was suggested by Andrew Clark via Lego’s popular LEGO Ideas crowdsourcing community. And while Clark was not the first to propose a Doctor Who-LEGO crossover, it was the first one to be approved, thanks to what the Daily Mail describes as a “multi-million pound deal.” “After receiving over 10,000 votes from the online community and having gone through rigorous toy testing from our expert panel, these awesome sets are on track to be on shelves later this year,” said Emma Owen, the UK spokesperson for LEGO Ideas.

While it has not yet been announced what LEGO’s final product will look like, Clark’s suggested set includes a TARDIS that opens, a Dalek, a Cyberman and a Weeping Angel. This above video contains Clark’s prototype and if LEGO’s version is close, it will be a must-have for Whovians across the galaxy come next Christmas.




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Helpful Cat Helps Dig Out Home Buried in Snow

Kind of ends up making more of a mess

Rudiger the cat is ready for battle. Its enemy? The four-foot snow drift blocking its front door.

It’s hard to tell whether Rudiger really likes the snow, or really, really hates its house. Either way the cat seems resolved to make a break for it before cabin fever sets in, and the lil kitty is forced to recreate The Shining (or maybe Alive) just to quash the monotony. With that specter hanging over its little head and no useful human help in sight, the cat is left alone to dig its way to freedom. No amount of icy paws or snow poised to avalanche into the foyer at any moment will stop its escape.

Despite the fact that Rudiger can’t use a snow shovel or even put mittens on its little paws, the intrepid feline spends the morning squaring off against the drift, patiently scratching away at the pile that towers over its head until sweet freedom is only a high jump away.




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There’s Going to Be a Game of Thrones Pop-Up Restaurant in London

All men must dine

Book your flights and pack your furs, because if you’re a Game of Thrones fan you’ll want to head to London for a three-day feast in a pop-up version of Westeros.

To celebrate the release of Game of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-ray, HBO is throwing a “one-of-a-kind epic banquet.” You can’t just log on to Open Table for a reservation, though. Instead, hungry fans must angle for an invite by entering a competition to win seats at the table.

Full details of the banquet are being kept under wraps (where is Varys when you need him?), but the lucky few who manage to score a reservation will be treated to a five-course meal complete with cocktail pairings fit for the finest of King’s Landing.

If the prospect of dining with Lannisters doesn’t put you off the meal, the feast will take place over the course of three days between Feb. 13-15 at the Andaz in London. Presumably all negative Yelp reviewers will be sent invitations to a pop-up Red Wedding event in the near future.

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Walt Jr. From Breaking Bad Is a DJ Now

"Better Call Saul" Los Angeles Series Premiere Screening
JB Lacroix—WireImage/Getty Images RJ Mitte attends the Better Call Saul Los Angeles Series Premiere Screening held at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on Jan. 29, 2015 in Los Angeles, Calif.

Everybody's a DJ!

Crack open a Heisenberg Dark and get ready to hit the dance floor: RJ Mitte, best known as Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad, is now a DJ.

Mitte will be showing off his skills behind the decks at a Breaking Bad-themed DJ night slated in New York (not Albuquerque) in April. The event is called Breaking Beats, because, really, that’s the only option for a Breaking Bad-themed DJ night.

The event will be held at New York’s B.B Kings Blues Club on April 10 and tickets are $30. No word on whether he’ll be spinning “Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab?” all night, or if Bryan Cranston and Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk will be in attendance.

One can only hope that they will be serving up buckets of Los Pollos Hermanos, recipes from the Breaking Bad cookbook and blue meth topped cupcakes. If we’re lucky, someone will have had the foresight to recreate the meth-making dance scene from the 2013 Emmy Awards. Fingers crossed.

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Judging the Couple Who Locked Their Kids In a Car to Go Wine Tasting

Schadenfreude is modern parenting's favorite spectator sport.

A Washington, D.C. couple is under arrest after leaving their two young children locked in the car while they were wine tasting at a local restaurant. Yes, wine tasting.

The parents, identified as Christopher Lucas, 41, and Jennie Chang, 45, left their 22-month-old boy and 2 1/2 year-old girl strapped in their car seats in a locked car while they went to go wine-and-dine at a restaurant near the Ritz Carlton. The temperature was hovering near freezing, according to the Washington Post, and neither child had a hat or gloves; one had bare feet. The parents felt like it was okay to leave their kids locked in their Volvo, because they were at a restaurant just around the corner and had left an iPhone on to monitor the two children.

“I left to go inside the restaurant,” Lucas said, according to the report, “but I’m watching them.” The parents were gone for an hour and according to police who checked surveillance cameras, they never came to check on their children. A resident of a local apartment building called police after watching the car for 20 minutes, according to the Post, while, NBCWashington reports that another passerby dialed 911 after hearing the little girl sobbing.

The children were brought into a police car to be warmed up, they were checked out by paramedics and were in good health, police said. The parents returned as police were investigating, but the children were turned over to D.C. Child and Family Services and the Lucas and Change were arrested on two counts of attempted second-degree cruelty to children, which carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence. Their own stupidity, though, will last a lifetime.

To be frank, it seems clear that the parents are idiots. Lucas runs a software company and Chang works for the USDA, they drive a Volvo, and they live in a townhouse, according to the Post. All solid life choices. Despite this: idiots. Idiots for drinking wine while their children were locked in a car in near-freezing temperatures. Even bigger idiots because these parents clearly had the resources to hire a babysitter for the afternoon. Luckily the children were fine, which is what makes this case so prime for one of the favorite pastimes of modern parenting: Parental Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude is taken from the German and means “harm-joy” and it’s usually used to connote some pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. In this case, the chucklehead parents. To be clear, this is is not about the kids. The kids survived the parents’ lousy idea and were just the innocent victims of some astoundingly poor parenting. These parents were arrested for making not just a bad choice, but an astonishingly bad choice. These kids weren’t left alone in a car for five minutes while the parents ran into the mini market, they weren’t napping in strollers while their parents watched from inside a coffee shop, nor were they 9-year olds playing at the park while the mother worked. This isn’t free-range parenting or an unfortunate but understandable reality of impoverished working parents. It’s two seemingly well-educated, upper middle class parents who left their toddlers alone for an hour while they imbibed at a tony restaurant around the corner. This is not a mistake that most of us would make. Hence the schadenfreude.

There’s a certain glee that comes with watching other people screw up worse than you, especially when it comes to modernity’s high-stakes parenting. While you may leave your sleeping infant in a car for a minute to buy a gallon of milk or forget to pick up your kid from preschool before 6p.m., not bother to check for trans fats, like, ever, or even drop the baby while trying to cram him into an Ergo, you’re still not even close to locking your children into a car in near-freezing temperatures causing concerned strangers to dial 911 while you’re cozied up around the corner noting the subtle flavor profile of a glass of Rioja.

Thanks to your passable parenting skills, you can click on the headline as you scroll past it on your newsfeed and shake your head in disbelief at the mistakes of others. You can nod along with the local newscasters as they decry the poor decision-making skills of those parents. You can even recognize that parents with two children under the age of 2 probably really needed a glass of wine, while still rolling your eyes at their child care choice. You can understand it, but you would never ever do it, so you can tsk tsk tsk away.

In short, thank you to the police for doing their job and protecting those children and thank you to these parents for making almost everyone else look good by comparison.

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The Bachelor Watch: Rose Ceremony, Interrupted


Plenty of drama and not enough resolution in this week's episode

Welcome back to The Bachelor. This week, Chris Soules a.k.a. Prince Farming is rotating his crops and moving his herd to Santa Fe, because nothing helps move a man and his 11 girlfriends along the path to love like newer, greener pastures, ever closer to Iowa.

Here’s what happened on The Bachelor:

First Date: Chris wants to take Carly on a special date, and what better barometer use for “special” than Heather Graham? So Chris takes Carly to the Love Guru. They chant in unison, they blindfold each other, they wear natural-fiber white linens, they wipe chocolate on each other, and about halfway through, Carly admits that she is terrified of physical intimacy. After rubbing Carly’s thigh chakras, but before removing the physical barriers (read: clothes) that keep them apart, Chris realizes that the so-called Love Guru is actually a sex guru. (If the movie was about a sex guru, it probably would have more than 14% on Rotten Tomatoes.) They both decide it’s too weird to remove their pants in public, but have no qualms about straddling each other and breathing into each others mouths without kissing while a “love guru” monitors them closely. Chris decides he’s ready to take his relationship with Carly to the next level. That’s when Carly admits that her last boyfriend refused to have any type of intimacy with her at all. Chris breaks through that barrier on a pile of pillows with a rose in his hand and The Love Guru on the VCR.

Group Date: Everyone except Britt is invited on a group date that involves white-water rafting down the Rio Grande. All the women (mostly Ashley) pretend they are, like, super excited to go white-water rafting. Whitney somehow manages to get the catbird seat next to Chris on the raft, so he is distracted when Jade falls overboard. Turns out she has a disorder that requires a muscle-bound farmer to rub her tootsies if they get cold, and Chris does his part to help the damsel in distress while all the other women wish they had a disorder too.

The Surprise: After everyone recovers from the horrors of the river, they head to a local hotel for some cocktails and chit-chat. While the women nurse their drinks, Chris “runs into” Jordan in the lobby. What a surprise! Jordan, who is best known for being voted Most Likely to Wind Up Black-Out Drunk on the Kitchen Floor before being kicked off back in Week 2, is loitering in the lobby after driving all the way from Colorado to try and persuade Chris to give her another chance. Chris points out that she was too drunk to form a coherent sentence, let alone a coherent relationship. She makes her pitch, and Chris shrugs and throws her to the sharks a.k.a. the other women. The rest of the cocktail party consists of the women trying to tell Chris that he should send Jordan home without sounding super catty (Ashley fails on that front) until he finally cuts his losses and sends Jordan home. Then he gives the Date Rose to Whitney, which makes Ashley angry, because Whitney wasn’t mean enough to Jordan.

Second Date: If you’ve ever wondered if the Bachelor producers are evil, take the case of poor Britt. Not only is she terrified of heights and her date card clearly implies great heights, but then the producers send Chris into her bedroom at 4:30 in the morning (that’s like 11 a.m. Farmer Standard Time) and she has to wake up with him and a camera in her face. Luckily she sleeps in her makeup. Chris takes her hot-air ballooning and then to his hotel room where they make out in his bed for a while. A long while. Back at the hormone hacienda, the women’s sexy sense is tingling because they seemingly sit around bad-mouthing her until she rolls in with her bedhead and Date Rose and freshly kissed lips.

The Date Thief: Kelsey is sad, because she hasn’t been able to tell Chris about her tragic back story yet. So after Britt’s very successful date, Kelsey puts on her best mom jeans and most serious cardigan, bobby pins back her power bob and goes to tell Chris her story. She tells him all about her husband who died of congestive heart failure during his morning constitutional. Chris makes sad eyes and has no compunction about kissing the tears she shed for her dead husband away, which is some serious sloppy seconds. Then there’s a very odd interview where Kelsey exclaims that her story is “the best.” Uh, O.K.

The Cocktail Party: Chris kicks off the festivities by killing the mood and telling the women that he and Kelsey had an emotional conversation that really affected him and then he takes a second to himself. He goes to cry in the courtyard about how really real this all is and then Chris Harrison makes his contractually obligated wingman appearance to check on him. The women all speculate that he was going to send Kelsey home but now feels too guilty to do it. Then Chris decides to cancel the cocktail party, because Kelsey taught him that every day is precious, and he doesn’t want to waste any time drinking and making small talk when he already knows who he wants to go home. Ashley and MacKenzie cry about the fact that they have sad stories, but they aren’t as sad as Kelsey’s sad story, and isn’t that sad? Suddenly the halls of the house fill with Kelsey’s disembodied wailing. She is collapsed on the floor and a paramedic is crouching over her. Seems like she is having one heck of a panic attack, but the paramedic may not have a big enough Xanax-Valium eight-ball to fill the void of possibly maybe getting kicked off the path to love. To find out, though … we’ll have to wait until next week. That’s right this episode is to be continued.

The Best Moment: As audience members struggle with the lack of resolution, the producers throw us a bone in the form of boneheaded Megan. “I never figured out why they called it ‘New Mexico’ instead of ‘Old Mexico,'” she says while wearing a sombrero, which is “the fanciest hat” she has ever worn. Megan, FTW.

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Timothy Olyphant on Justified‘s Finale: I Don’t Know How the Show Will End

JUSTIFIED -- "Cash Game" -- Episode 602 (Airs Tuesday, January 27, 10:00 pm e/p) -- Pictured: Timothy Olyphant as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens -- CR: Michael Becker/FX
Michael Becker—FX Timothy Olyphant as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens in Justified

The actor says he has no plans to bring a Stetson home as a souvenir

Timothy Olyphant has played trigger-happy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens on the FX drama Justified for five seasons. The show’s sixth and final season kicked off last week; as the story of Marshall Givens draws to a close, even Olyphant, who has become indelibly intertwined with the terse, Stetson-wearing modern-day sheriff in the eyes of fans, doesn’t know how the show will end. He’s leaving Raylan’s fate in the hands of the show’s longtime show runner, Graham Yost. “I trust him to know what he’s doing,” Olyphant said in an interview with TIME.

With just a few more episodes of the final season to shoot, the actor spoke to TIME about what’s next for Raylan — and for him.

TIME: What prompted you and Graham to end the show after six seasons?

Timothy Olyphant: It was just a mutual decision to go out now. It seemed like the right time.

How has the final season been going for you?

Good. No one has gone crazy, everyone’s been pretty well behaved. So far so good!

What’s it like as an actor going into the final season of a show?

It’s nice to know that it’s coming to an end. Usually when things come to an end, I’m not the first to know about it.

I guess coming out of an experience like Deadwood, it’s nice to have some warning.

Yeah. That one is a good example, but there are many others.

Speaking of Deadwood, one of your co-stars has joined Justified this season.

The great Garret Dillahunt. He’s one of the good ones. It’s always good to see old friends — and it’s even better when they are really good at what they do.

I’ve read interviews with Graham about the fact that he has no idea how the show will end, and I’ve also read interviews with you saying you do know what happens to Raylan. So which of you is right?

That’s a good question. I think what’s happening is that I thought I knew what was going to happen, but now Graham is waffling. So we’ll let him waffle and see if he comes back to what we had talked about or if he wants to take it in a different direction.

Are you going to miss Raylan?

No, there’s no missing Raylan! I’m going to miss the people that I work with. I mean, I know what you mean by that question, but no. He’s not a real guy.

He’s also not really a good guy. He’s killed a lot of people and, despite the title, they don’t all seem justified.

Well, it’s important to remember that it’s a fantasy. You want to look at it through the same looking glass as you would James Bond. There’s a good chance that guy wouldn’t keep his job either, if you added it all up.

Do you think Raylan is going to be fired?

I thought I knew how we were ending the show, but apparently the commitment has not been made, so I don’t know. There’s a chance that I’ll end up on set and people will say, ‘Oh man, I’m so sorry.’ And I won’t know what they’re talking about.

This season it feels like everyone is out to get Boyd, and I kind of like Boyd, so I’m having a hard time getting on-board with this plot.

I’ve been saying the same thing for years now. If we’re all going to go after Boyd, the question is how do we want the audience to feel about that? Strange little things happen along the way and you can make a case now that Boyd is really the hero at this point. That’s an interesting way to go.

If you end up rooting for Boyd, the show becomes much darker in a way.

Yes, but he’s become less morally bankrupt as he was when we first met him. Wouldn’t you agree? What was the Boyd you met when we started?

A white supremacist preaching hate.

Right, and you kind of liked him, didn’t you? But now he’s not so much that guy. He’s gone through a metamorphosis. He’s something else. Do you still think of him that way? No.

No, which is why I’m struggling with this season a bit.

Right, because he’s become a different character.

But Raylan hasn’t evolved as much; he’s stayed very true.

You bring up some very valid points. You should come visit the writers’ room with me. It’s a fair question, but a better question for Graham.

As you approach the finale, are you nervous at all?

No, I’m not nervous. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes down. I’m just like everybody else, just trying to get through the day.

Are you and Raylan alike at all?

Not at all! I’m wearing flip-flops as we speak.

So you’re not a method actor who has to live as the character?

There is no character. There’s just lines on a page.

Are you pleased with the work you’ve done over the last six years?

You know, I go to sleep and the pillow’s pretty cool, because I feel like it’s about the best I can do.

After playing Raylan for six years, what do you want to do next?

I will be unemployed. I will need to find work.

Would you go consider going back to the theater?

Going back to the theater has great appeal. Maybe I could do something out here in L.A. That’s a great idea. It doesn’t pay well, though. I don’t know what they’ve told you, but it really doesn’t pay.

At the end of Battlestar Galactica, a lot of actors said they brought home souvenirs like notepads with the corners cut off. Are you going to take a Stetson home with you?

No. I suppose if I was on the Battlestar Galactica set, I’d steal stuff, too! On the Justified set I’m just going to let things go where they need to go.

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Watch Louis C.K. Take On Babies and Gay Marriage in His New Stand-Up Special

The comedian has a few thoughts about babies.

Louis C.K.’s new stand-up special isn’t available yet, but you can watch the first four minutes of “Live at the Comedy Store” now.

The four-minute clip revolves around everyone’s favorite airplane companions: babies. After a recent travel experience, C.K. finally figured out why so many babies spend their time on airplanes crying. The cause? According to C.K., “they are upset because gay people are getting married.”

To be clear, C.K. doesn’t agree with their temper tantrums, because love is love and babies are selfish. “I think if people are in love, they should get married,” he clarified. “But they can’t accept that. They’re just being babies.”

As he has done for the past few years, the comedian is making his latest comedy hour available to stream and/or download on his website for just $5.

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The Bachelor Watch: Prince Farming Goes Camping With Cinderella


Chris' sisters arrive to put their animal-husbandry skills to the test

Welcome back to The Bachelor, which for better or worse, is now 100% Jimmy Kimmel–free. The noted comic and talk-show host has abandoned us in a sea of Ashleys and bikini-clad blondes that we still can’t be bothered to tell apart. This week, Chris has called for a lifeline, and his three sisters are descending upon the show to sift through the women, thin the herd and choose a suitable companion for Chris to take on a date. All their 4H animal-husbandry experience will undoubtedly come in handy.

Here’s what happened on The Bachelor:

Group Date: A date card arrives that ominously tells the women, “Let’s do what feels natural.” The wording inspires a frantic montage of panicked women adjusting their weaves, gluing on lashes and generally freaking out about the slight possibility that they might have to be seen without makeup. Luckily for the women, Chris has no interest in seeing them go au naturale, but instead wants to see how the women fare in nature. They load into cars, head to a lake and start romping in Chris’s general vicinity. Some of them take the date cards wording to heart and go “natural” by stripping down for some pants-free swimming.

Unhappy Camper: The only person not having fun on the date is Kelsey, who is complaining about the lake’s turbidity, the women’s moral turpitude and generally how much she hates being outdoors in California. That’s when Mother Nature strikes back and sends a bee to smite her.

Overnight Date: Unfortunately for Kelsey, the date turns into a camping trip, which gives Ashley I. the opportunity to point out that she is a “camping virgin” and also “a virgin camping.” Chris and his harem sing camp songs, drink and talk about their feelings.

Bachelor Milestone: Someone is accused of being “fake.” The women are increasingly suspicious of Kelsey because she doesn’t like camping or nature, but does like Chris, so tries to put on a good face whenever he’s around. Sometimes people just hate camping, because camping is basically historical re-enactment and just not for everyone.

Bachelor Milestone: Kaitlyn accuses Ashley S. of “not being here for the right reasons,” but not because Ashley has an ulterior motive, but because she has no idea where “here” is.

Date Rose: Ashley I. is convinced that she has extra special chemistry with Chris, so it comes as a real surprise to her when he gives the date rose to Kaitlyn. When Chris heads off to his tent for the night, Ashley joins him, but just to talk about the fact that she’s never had a real boyfriend before. Then they make out.

The Date Card: Back at the Maudlin Mansion, Chris’ sisters have arrived to grill the women: “How are you in relationships? Do you wear the pants?” “Are you going to move to Iowa?” “Do you like farms?” There are a lot of fake smiles, fake answers and real nerves all around. To meet the future in-laws, Jillian wore another black bar of shame over her bikini-clad behind. The three sisters love Whitney, whose blonde good looks fit right in with the family and could fulfill all of Chris’ sister-wife fantasies. Carly, the cruise singer, cries in front of the blonde squad about how she’s never found love before, but really likes Chris. “I want his affection,” she interviews, before awkwardly finishing, “I want him to be like my grandpa.” Um, Carly? I think that’s a different reality show.

The First Date: The sisters choose Jade to accompany Chris to a royal ball that ends at the stroke of midnight, which is as charming as a Disney cross-promotion gets. Before the date, her fairy godmothers show up to get her ready for the ball — and make all the other women jealous. Ashley I. is so jealous that she is giving all the evil stepsisters rolled into one a run for their money. Ashley’s jaw is on the floor, and her mouth is in the gutter when she finds out that Jade gets to keep the glass slippers as well as some Neil Lane diamond earrings (although Ashley would have begged for the matching belly ring too). Before Jade can make it to hair and makeup, we get to (have to) sit through a clip from the new Cinderella movie. Finally, Jade’s white Rolls rolls right over Ashley I.’s heartbroken corpse as she heads to the ball. While Ashley I. is the squeakiest wheel, Kaitlyn’s Costco date is looking especially shabby right now.

The Royal Date: Chris claims he is thrilled his sisters chose Jade — although it’s easy to suspect that he couldn’t actually pick her out of a lineup of comely brunettes. After Jade makes it through the harrowing trial by fire of descending a giant staircase while wearing high heels, they have a lovely, quiet dinner date, and Jade doesn’t once make a relationship metaphor out of walking down stairs. They chitchat about life in the Midwest, and Chris gives her the Date Rose. Meanwhile, Ashley I. tries to turn a pumpkin into a party van by putting on a pretty pretty pink dress, pouring a glass of champagne and eating the saddest piece of corn on the cob in the world while she waits for mice and birds to come fix her hair.

Bachelor Milestone: Private concert. Back on the real princess date, Jade and Chris make out while awkwardly dancing in front of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. As the clock strikes midnight, Jade leaves Chris pondering his future and her giant glass slipper.

Second Date: The next day, the remaining six women are given wedding dresses (they don’t match or anything, because that would be weird) and invited to “get dirty” on their dates. They are then shoved into an airplane and airlifted to a Mud Run in San Francisco. Britt, Carly, Whitney and Nikki, a former NFL cheerleader who may have just gotten lost at the airport and wandered onto the airplane accidentally, are determined to win the date with Chris. They hike up their wedding dresses, hit the obstacle course — and all resoundingly lose to Jillian.

One-on-One Date: Jillian spends her entire dinner conversation with Chris talking about herself and her interest in sports and love of competition. Chris interviews that while Jillian talks, her words blend together and flow over his head, and he starts to dream of unicorns and fairies. As Jillian gets a brutal narcissist edit from the producers, Chris tells the camera the obvious fact that he doesn’t think he and Jillian have a romantic connection. He finally breaks it to her: he’s looking for a wife, and she’s not it. She tries to talk him out of it, but he won’t take it back even when she cries.

The Cocktail Party: Now that Jillian was sent home, things are getting really real for the women, and the quest for alone time at the cocktail party turns into a high-stakes competition. It’s just too bad Jillian’s not here to enjoy it. Megan “kills it” (if she does say so herself) during her alone time, while Ashley I. uses her stolen moment to make sure Chris really, really understands that she is a virgin. As she breaks the news, Chris tries and fails to play it cool, straightening his tie and swearing that he “respects it.” Ashley starts crying when Chris doesn’t immediately start making out with her after the big reveal. As she sobs, she tells a small audience of women that she is a virgin and Becca shrugs, “Samesies.” She’s a virgin too, but is completely comfortable with her decision and doesn’t feel the need to tell everyone about it. As Ashley rethinks her life choices, Britt uses her time to grill Chris about his interest in Kaitlyn. Chris has a hissyfit and snerks at all the women that he is here for the right reasons and if the women all take their clothes off while he’s around he can’t help it.

The Rose Ceremony: Kaitlyn and Jade already have roses. Whitney, Carly and Megan get the first three roses. Samantha, MacKenzie, Kelsey, Becca, Ashley I. all get their flowers, and the final rose just sits there. Britt doesn’t have a rose because she is being punished for daring to question Chris’s integrity — or, you know, her audacity to treat this like it’s an actual dating show where you’re allowed to ask somebody a few questions.

Who Went Home: Ashley S. drifts off into the night, a brunette who probably accidentally wandered in from craft services returns to her day job, and Juelia, who had the horribly tragic story of her husband’s suicide days after their daughter’s birth, is sent back to her daughter.

TIME Parenting

This Place Just Made it Illegal to Give Kids Too Much Screen Time

Excess screen time is now considered to be the equivalent of smoking, drinking and using drugs.

Taiwanese parents are now legally obligated to monitor their children’s screen time.

Taiwanese lawmakers approved the “Child and Youth Welfare and Protection Act,” which expanded existing legislation to allow the government to fine parents of children under the age of 18 who are using electronic devices for extended periods of times. The law follows similar measures in China and South Korea that aims to limit screen time to a healthy level.

Citing health concerns, the Taiwanese government can fine parents up to $1595 ($50,000 Taiwanese Dollars) if their child’s use of electronic devices “exceeds a reasonable time,” according to Taiwan’s ETTV (and Google Translate). Under the new law, excess screen time is now considered to be the equivalent of vices like smoking, drinking, using drugs, and chewing betel nuts.

The new amendment doesn’t spell out exactly what time limits should be set on electronic devices (which are called 3C products in Taiwan), but says parents can be held liable if their children stare at screens for so long that its causes them to become ill, either physically or mentally, as Kotaku reports. While that should be O.K. for children angling for 15 more minutes of Minecraft, it’s unclear what is considered “reasonable” under the law— or how the Taiwanese government plans to regulate or monitor screen time.

According to Kotaku, so far the response to the legislation has been negative—which it undoubtedly would be in the U.S. as well—with Taiwanese citizens citing privacy concerns.

There are some parents however, who might welcome a little help prying their children’s eyes off screens. Studies have shown that excessive media use can lead to attention issues, behavioral problems, learning difficulties, sleep disorders, and obesity. Too much time online may even inhibit a child’s ability to recognize emotions, according to a study by the University of California, Los Angeles. Despite these risks, as technology increasingly becomes a part of modern life, children are spending more and more time in front of screens. A recent study found that in the U.S. 8-year-olds spend an average of eight hours a day with some form of media, with teenagers often clocking in at 11 hour a day of media consumption. A 2013 study by Nickelodeon found that kids watch an average of 35 hours a week of television.

So how much is too much screen time? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under the age of two should have no screen time at all. Entertainment screen time should be limited to two hours a day for children ages 3-18, and that should be “high-quality content.” Common Sense Media, a San Francisco-based non-profit, has suggestions for setting up a “media diet” that works for your family.

TIME family subscribers can read our in-depth report on Raising the Screen Generation here. And don’t forget to sign up for Time’s free parenting newsletter.

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