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The Bachelor Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Takes Chris on an Amazing Journey to Find Love (and Goats)

John Fleenor—ABC

Love, goats and wedding crashing

Welcome back to The Bachelor. The show is shaking things up this week, by swapping Chris Harrison for Jimmy Kimmel, and the only question is why they haven’t done it before. Jimmy walks into the mansion and loudly greets the women, “Hello, sister wives!” He tells the women that he is here to help Chris S. make his decision by “making love” to each of them. The women laugh, but only because even that would still be preferable to getting paraded through the streets of Los Angeles in a bikini again.

Here’s what else happened on The Bachelor:

Most Profitable Move Ever: Jimmy is planning on using his time on the show for both fun and profit. So he brings a jar and tells the women that every time they use the word amazing they have to put a dollar in the jar. Needless to say he has enough to pay for a full body wax by the end of the episode.

First Date: Jimmy is setting the dates tonight and he picks the “most romantic spot he knows” for Chris S.’s date with Kaitlyn. He says they are headed to an “exclusive club” with “high ceilings” and “unlimited hors d’oeuvres.” In short, they are going to Costco. Jimmy gave them a shopping list and and they play Supermarket Sweep and then load up the limo with Jimmy’s ketchup order.

It’s a Threesome: Back at Chris S.’s house, Chris and Kaitlyn get ready for their dinner, and Chris tells her that he leads an unglamorous life that revolves around farming and Costco (although the closest Costco is almost two hours away). They make out until Jimmy walks in on them and joins their date. He starts hitting Kaitlyn with hard-ball questions about the Fantasy Suite, and she seems to charm him with her laissez-faire, dude-like attitude. With that in mind, Jimmy’s advice is that Chris should try to sleep with everyone. The merry threesome drink, eat meat and laugh until everyone in the audience is well aware that Chris laughs like a lady. Then Jimmy brings out the Date Rose and critiques Chris’ speech to Kaitlyn. They end up kicking Jimmy out so they can make out without him, but he shows up in the hot tub with a bucket of ribs.

Group Date: For the group date, Jimmy has devised a farm-inspired obstacle course that includes corn husking, egg hunting, goat milking, milk chugging, manure shoveling and pig wrestling, because everyone wants this, but only he can make it happen. Many of the women never make it past the corn-husking phase, but Carly, MacKenzie, Kelsey and Jillian do, with Jillian’s shorts once again being so small that they earn her a black bar of shame over her behind. Stop shopping in the kids’ department, Jillian! Kelsey gags on the milk, while Amber happily watches from the sidelines because she heard the milk was “warm and salty” which are “not things I like in my mouth” and feel free to make your own joke about that. Carly admitted that she was lactose intolerant but chugged her goat milk anyway, which gave her the edge to be the first to the manure-shoveling contest. But Jillian jumped the fence into the pig wrestling (earning the high honor of a Bionic Woman sound effect). Despite Jillian’s acrobatics, it was Carly who wrestled the piglet to the ground first (poor pig!). For her efforts, Jimmy gave Carly a blue ribbon and an American Gothic photo shoot with Chris as a prize.

Post-Date Cocktail Party Activity: Chris makes out with everyone.

Awkward: MacKenzie flat out asked Chris why he was kissing everyone else. This question is only awkward because did MacKenzie just figure this out? Chris hemmed and hawed and then finally explained that he’s here to inoculate himself against cooties and that means kissing everyone. Then he went to kiss some more women and hands the Date Rose to a woman named Becca, who may have just accidentally walked onto the set and into the party, because she looks new here.

Second Date: Whitney, the baby-voiced fertility nurse who spent her first few minutes with Chris S. asking about hog insemination, is invited to a picnic in a windy hill with the sun in her eyes, but the date card said no whining, so she doesn’t. They eat some cheese, drink some wine (don’t whine) and then decide to crash a wedding. The producers are weirded out enough that this may actually be a moment of spontaneity — but it probably isn’t. Whitney and Chris go to change into wedding wear, grab a gift, ditch the cameras and then crash the reception. The cameras record it all creepily from the bushes and apparently some producers creeped around the grounds with cell-phone cameras rolling. They meet and greet the guests, and Chris does a family-friendly lawnmower move out on the dance floor. Chris gives Whitney a rose for not laughing at his dance moves.

Pool Party: Jimmy decides to cancel the cocktail party in lieu of a pool party. Jimmy, being a happy and wise married man, skips the party, but is clearly living vicariously through Chris. Ashley I., the freelance journalist, is really upset about the party change-up because she wanted to go “full Kardashian” at the cocktail party and now has to wear a bikini instead. No idea why she thinks those two are mutually exclusive. In the midst of the party, Juelia decides to tell Chris S. her tragic backstory: her husband committed suicide after the birth of their daughter. She cried in Chris’ arms, and he comforted her while she cried (and for the cynical, cemented her rose for the evening). After he dries Juelia’s tears off his bare chest, Britt comes and they make out. Chris takes Jade for a tour of his house and they canoodle on his bed (she doesn’t even bother taking off her white stilettos) while Jillian waits in the hot tub. MacKenzie, Megan and Ashley try to crash the jacuzzi party, but it ends in tears when Ashely starts crying because Jillian won’t leave the hot tub. Chris notices her teary tantrum and follows her to House of Hormones. She cry-laughs about Jillian’s behavior while he comforts her, and then they make out until they almost fall off the roof.

The Rose Ceremony: Going into the ceremony, Chris S. makes it clear that he respects each and every one of the women he made out with so far. Before he goes to face the women, Jimmy gives Chris S. some helpful final words of wisdom: “Whatever you do, don’t be yourself. Be someone who makes better speeches.” Amen, Jimmy. Kaitlyn, Whitney and Becca all have roses. Jade gets the first rose, Samantha (who?), Juelia, MacKenzie, Kelsey, Britt, Megan, Carly, Ashley S., Nicky and Jillian get roses. Despite the fact that Ashley I. specifically told Chris he should call her name at the beginning of the ceremony, he waits until the final rose to tell her she’s safe for another week. That’s how he shows respect, you know?

Three women are heading home, including Amber, who has been the lone woman of color on the show.

Best Moment of the Entire Season: Chris H. telling Jimmy that his time is done and he has to say his good-byes. Jimmy dead-eyes him, says, “Goodbye, Chris,” and then does a full sad limo ride off into the sunset, crying about how he and Chris spent four whole days together, and it was definitely love.

Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: Jimmy Kimmel won’t be back, so there’s no reason to tune in … except for a “date made for bimbos”!

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This Rat Hates Broccoli More Than You Do

Broccoli is for the birds

Dexter the rat hates broccoli.

In this video making the rounds of the web, the furry little rodent makes his opinion about the dreaded green stuff abundantly clear—not only does he not want to eat it, he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as it. The only way Dexter’s rejection of the little cruciferous could be more adorable is if he had a French bulldog puppy to pass it off to.

Perhaps his owner should point out that eating more vegetables can increase your longevity, that broccoli sprouts can help with autism, broccoli can ease arthritis, and that it is very high in calcium? Or maybe they should try a different cooking technique altogether to convince the little guy that broccoli is a delicious snack. Cheese, perhaps?

Don’t tell his starving subway rat brethren, because they probably aren’t too good for free food—even if it is broccoli.

[H/T Reddit]

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Whitney Recap: Love, Drugs, and Bobby Brown’s Side of the Story

Whitney Lifetime Movie
Jack Zeman—A+E Networks Yaya DaCosta stars as “Whitney Houston” in the all-new Lifetime Original Movie, Whitney

How will I know... if this biopic is any good?

The late Whitney Houston, who died in 2012 at age 48, was one of the greatest singers of all time, so her biopic had a lot to prove.

Making an earnest attempt to live up to that challenge, the Lifetime network, saddled as it is by a history of hilariously atrocious treatments of celebrity lives (like Liz and Dick) seems to have made a solid choice in putting Houston’s Waiting to Exhale co-star Angela Bassett at the helm.

In her directorial debut, Bassett–no stranger to tumultuous singers’ lives, having earned an Oscar nomination as Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With It–does a commendable job squishing Houston’s lifetime of bad choices, career highs and personal lows into just two hours. The result is a patchwork quilt of a crazy, colorful life–and in some ways, it works.

The costume designer, Mona May, was on-point with the lace-and-leather ensembles, sequined gowns, and retro looks that captured the era (find out more about May’s work here). Deborah Cox is one of the few singers in the world who can even approximate Ms. Houston’s melismatic style and did a suitably incredible job with the vocals. And actress and America’s Next Top Model alumna Yaya DaCosta did a mean Whitney head shake, too.

But when Houston’s family comes out warning fans to “brace themselves for the worst,” it’s also probably a good idea to buckle up. As they say in the film: Time to be Whitney Houston!

The biopic focuses less on Whitney’s life and more about her love affair with Bobby “My Prerogative” Brown (as played by Arlen Escarpeta). It might have more aptly been named “Whitney and Bobby.”

Naturally, their story begins when Whitney falls madly in love with Bobby at the Soul Train awards in 1989, despite the fact that he yelled at her for kicking his chair. All is forgiven when he performs in white satin and white Reeboks and flashes his six-pack abs in her general direction. Backstage, they set a date and Bobby promises to pick her up the Hilton, which is probably the same Hilton where she passed away later. In televised biopics, foreshadowing is your friend.

When Whitney sings “The Greatest Love of All,” Bobby is smitten, too. Their first date is on Rodeo Drive, where they are swarmed by fans. Soon enough, as one might guess, they are torn asunder by the demands of stardom.

Then, a shirtless Bobby gets a heck of a mail delivery: A check for over $24,000,000 and an invitation to Whitney’s 25th birthday party. (Note to self: find mail key.) He puts a shirt on for the occasion. At the party, Whitney offers Bobby some cocaine, but he tsks tsks tsks and says he doesn’t do such things because he’s “seen too many bad outcomes.” (Did you feel that foreshadowing there?)

Whitney takes him to her studio and he continues to play the straight man to her party girl, but it’s their shared love of Sparkle that really brings them together. So when Whitney sings “How Will I Know?” the answer is: he loves Sparkle, too! Then Bobby tells her, “I used to think that you were some kind of goddess, but you’re way more than that: you’re real,” and you can practically see her heart go pitter-pat over that malarkey, because girls are silly like that.

At Clive Davis’s office, the orange spectacle wearing music impresario tells her not to date Eddie Murphy or wear yellow (wisdom to live by), and hooks her up with his new-hire LA Reid, who is already working with Bobby Brown. On another date, Bobby tells her that he has two kids and “takes care of his responsibilities.” Even though his children live in Boston with their moms, he does “right by them.” After that heartfelt speech, they consummate their relationship in a hail of gold chains, elastic-waisted pants and a reggae soundtrack.

Cut to another ballroom where Whitney is getting an award and a really poorly cast Eddie Murphy stand-in is presenting her with said award in a lascivious manner via a remote video link from the set of Another 48 Hours, and Bobby is not having it. He gives Whitney a hard time in the limo ride home, but she is able to tease him out of his bad mood. (Yes, that is foreshadowing you hear.) They make up in the bedroom, but their detente is temporary. Bobby wants to take things to the next level, but when she wants to slow things down. He balks, because he “loves her too much” and takes off. She does a few lines of cocaine, because it’s easier than feelings.

Whitney heads to the studio with a new hairstyle and a new tune, “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” but it’s the same old song: She grills everyone for details about Bobby Brown. The producer launches into a study of Bobby’s personality that would make an FBI profiler proud. Back at home, Whitney watches a movie alone in bed and eats some sad soup and thinks about her feelings. Then she calls Bobby. He’s in Boston with his baby and his Baby Mama, but when Whitney calls, he jumps. His Baby Mama gives him some real-talk about how it’s never going to work. Cut to the bedroom where it is working—and anyone watching with their parents just got very uncomfortable.

Bobby is soon announcing, “I make love and I make eggs.” His eggs are served with a side of bologna, though. When Whitney asks him where he was last night, he admits he was with another woman, but he swears he loves her most of all and she fell for it. Girls in biopics are silly like that. When he proposes, she says yes.

Whitney brings her friends and estranged parents together to tell everyone the good news. When she says, “I’m getting married!” Her mother replies, “It better not be to Bobby Brown.” But, of course, it is. Luckily, he’s not there to hear what his future in-laws think of him, because why would he be there for his own engagement party?

After facing off against her parents, she comes home to find Bobby moping in the foyer. He ruins her good mood with two little words: “She pregnant.” The news make Whitney run straight to her cocaine stash. She does a line while Bobby begs for another chance and promises that he loves her and isn’t going back to his Baby Mama. Whitney hugs him. Blame the cocaine.

Later, Whitney is on set at The Bodyguard talking to Bobby about her pregnancy. In traditional soap operatic style, as soon as she gets off the phone, she feels a sharp pain and then has a miscarriage. Her mother rushes to her side and tells her God has plans. She fixes her a cup of chamomile and tells her that it’s a sign to rethink marrying Bobby (no mention of rethinking cocaine use, though). Whitney tells her to get out, because if she can’t accept her man she can’t accept her. As her mother leaves, Bobby rushes in. They hug and cry and he convinces her to do the movie, despite her miscarriage. He promises to cancel his tour and stay with her, because he’s made his label enough money. This will probably not end well.

Soon after, they are married. At the altar, Whitney and Bobby have a little sidebar and she puts Bobby’s hand on her stomach to tell him that she is pregnant again. Fast forward nine months and they are welcoming their daughter Bobbi Kristina. She tells Bobby and Bobbi that she just wants to stay home and be a wife and mother. Enter Clive Davis with a copy of Billboard to report that “I Will Always Love You” has been on the top of the charts for weeks and he wants to talk touring. Whitney tells him she’s not touring. So Clive calls Bobby to help him convince Whitney to tour because The Bodyguard is such a big hit. (It’s also the reason the at-home audience is being treated to so many Kevin Costner commercials.)

Even though he already has a record label, for some reason Bobby thought Clive wanted to sign him. When it turns out the meeting is all about Whitney, Bobby heads straight to a bar and orders a vodka with a side of bitterness and a dollop of regret.

He comes home to find Whitney singing “Jesus Loves Me” to their child and Bobby watches, his dreams of a new record shattered, and tells her she should go back on the road. So they go. They stash the baby somewhere for the touring montage. It’s a rush of room changes, costume changes, new hairstyles, Bobby feeling back-burnered, and Whitney doing cocaine to get through it all while “I’m Every Woman” plays.

After the show, Whitney and Bobby hit a club and while Whitney hits the dance floor, Bobby sits on the sideline and pouts. He’s angry that he’s not as popular as his wife and that he has to turn down groupies who then subject him to groupie trash talk (“Who are you now? Mr Houston?” Zing!). They both drink heavily and then smoke pot in the hotel room even though everyone who watches Lifetime knows it’s a gateway drug and soon Bobby will be doing crack in the bathroom. Bobby tells her that he needs to go home and get some work done. He leaves and everyone is miserable.

In his home studio, Bobby is smoking a joint and trying to write a song when he gets a call from a friend who talks him into meeting him at the club. They drink and Bobby yells at some people and does some cocaine to help cure his “writer’s block.” It’s all downhill from there.

Whitney goes to surprise Bobby in LA and it doesn’t end well. She walks in on him inflagrante delicto–which is not the woman’s name, but could be. Whitney walks backwards out of the room in horror. After witnessing that atrocity, she has no choice but to take to her bed. When Bobby comes to find her, he blames her for being Whitney Houston and for making him feel bad about not being Whitney Houston. She does a line of coke and goes to hide in the bathroom while he bangs on the door.

Fast forward: Some bad stuff happens to Bobby so he checks himself into rehab and while he’s there he makes a “secret rehab confession” (which could be a Lifetime biopic sub-genre of its own) about Whitney’s drug use and it ends up in the tabloids. When he gets sprung, Whitney is irate. She points out that she may do drugs, but she’s not the one getting shot at or going to rehab or getting high and hooking up with other women. She smokes a joint and tells him to get out.

Then she changes her mind.

Later, Bobby tells Whitney that she’s due to perform in 10 minutes. She appears on stage for a final performance of “I Will Always Love You” and Bobby watches from the wings and cries. The screen goes to white and a footnote appears that says that Bobby and Whitney divorced in 2006.

Perhaps instead of watching the biopic, the two hours would have been better spent watching this performance over and over again, instead.

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This X-ray Shows How Hamsters Can Fit So Much Food in Their Tiny Cheeks

From the BBC documentary Pets Wild At Heart

Thanks to the Internet, we’ve seen tiny hamsters eat tiny burritos, tiny pizzas and tiny Thanksgiving dinners. We’ve even seen tiny hamsters best competitive eating champion Kobayashi in a food face-off and watch them feast in a tiny mansion. But what is going on inside their tiny heads and tiny mouths while they eat those giant meals?

A recent BBC documentary takes you inside a hamster’s mouth via x-ray, revealing what is happening inside that tiny head while it fills its cheeks with those burritos, pizzas or whatever else it is having for lunch. The documentary, Pets Wild At Heart, which is narrated by once-and-future Doctor Who David Tennant, explains that hamsters come equipped with built-in travel coolers — incredibly stretchy cheek pouches that stretch all the way down to their hips. The cute little rodents can also turn off their saliva glands, which means they can preserve their fancy feasts for any time they are feeling peckish. That probably explains why hamsters aren’t allowed anywhere near the Sizzler salad bar.

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Twin Brothers Film Themselves Coming Out to Their Dad in Emotional Video

The rising YouTube stars didn't want him to find out the news from their videos

Twin brothers Aaron and Austin Rhodes had come out to everyone in their family except for their father. But as rising YouTube stars, known as the Rhodes Bros, they decided they needed to tell him before he learned the news from their videos.

As the camera is rolling, they are both so nervous (“I think I’m going to pass out,” said one), crying a little bit as they struggle to get the words out.

“I just don’t want you to not love us anymore,”Austin says.

But the father reassures them that he will still be there for them. “Oh stop it,” he says, “It’s the way things are. You know I love you both. That will never change. You have to live your lives.”

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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Mariah Carey Is Doing a Las Vegas Residency

Welcome to Vegas, Mimi

Mariah Carey is headed to Vegas.

The diva supreme stopped by The Ellen Show to make the announcement. “I’m going to do my first ever residency in Vegas at Caesars,” Carey said in the episode, which airs today.

She continued: “Hopefully other people will enjoy this. I’ve never done this before.” She’s just being humble, though: there’s little doubt that all her lambs will be lining up to purchase tickets to see the five-time Grammy winner perform smashes like “We Belong Together,” “Visions of Love,” and “Emotions.”

A teary-eyed Carey went on to explain that the residency was inspired by her album Number 1’s, which compiled Mimi’s 13 number one singles, including “Honey” and “Hero”, as well as four brand-new songs. “This is now the updated version with 18 of them,” said Carey.

That said, it doesn’t sound like she’s completely keen on the full trip down musical memory lane: “Some of these songs I’m like, ‘Really? I’m gonna do this again? OK,'” Carey admitted.

A start date for the residency has yet to be announced.

Mimi won’t be the only star camped out in Sin City, though. Céline Dion is scheduled to return to The Colosseum in March, although she may delay her shows due to her husband’s poor health, and Britney Spears’ residency at Planet Hollywood has been extended through 2017. Hopefully Vegas can handle that many divas.

Update: Carey’s residency at Caesar’s Palace begins Wednesday, May 6, 2015 and will run for the following dates:

May: 6, 9, 10, 13, 16, 17, 20, 23, 24
July 8, 11, 12, 15, 18, 19, 22, 25, 26

Tickets to the first 18 performances in 2015 are on-sale now and may be purchased in person at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Box Office, by calling 866-320-9763, or online at thecolosseum.com or axs.com

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John Carpenter’s Escape From New York Getting Rebooted by Fox

Escape from New York
Embassy Pictures Kurt Russell in Escape from New York

Snake Plissken will ride again — hopefully

Dust off your eye patch, find your machete and get ready to Escape From New York again. Fox has just landed the rights to reboot John Carpenter’s cult classic film and transform it into a new franchise for the dystopia-hungry masses.

The 1981 film, which was written, directed and scored by Carpenter, was set in 1997 and starred Kurt Russell as special forces veteran Snake Plissken, who is sent into the maximum security prison formerly known as the island of Manhattan to rescue the President after Air Force One is hijacked and crashed into the wasteland.

Fox acquired the rights from StudioCanal after what was reportedly a very long and competitive bidding process. But they aren’t the first film company to try and revamp the film — both New Line and Silver Pictures have attempted this in the past.

While the Hollywood rumor mill has been working overtime on this project, including some intriguing ideas about casting Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam, The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal, or former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens in the lead as Snake Plissken, Deadline reports that the project is starting from scratch.

Not that Fox will be entering the gang-filled Manhattan prison entirely alone. While the project is still in the very early stages of development, Carpenter is supposed to be on board as an executive producer who will “exert creative influence” over the project.

The success of films like The Hunger Games and Divergent show that audiences are always eager to enter dystopian futures (so long as they can leave again when the film is over). The re-boot of the Escape from New York franchise that presumably includes Carpenter’s 1996 sequel Escape From L.A., which was set in 2013, could translate to big box office returns for Fox, presuming they can get it off the ground.


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Watch Chris Hemsworth and Jimmy Fallon Essentially Have a Wet T-Shirt Contest

Hemsworth may have lost, but we all won.

Chris Hemsworth is a good sport. When the Blackhat actor stopped by The Tonight Show, Fallon challenged him to a card game called “Water War” and Hemsworth didn’t even blink when Fallon explained the premise: “We’ll play the card game war, but if you lose the hand, you get a pint of water in the face. The first to throw five glasses of water on their opponent wins, and gets to water cannon the loser.”

Hemsworth gamely went with it, playing cards and throwing water at Fallon’s face. But then Hemsworth’s luck went south (clearly, Loki is to blame) and he lost three hands in row and Fallon dumped an entire pint of water into his lap. At that point, Hemsworth accepted Fallon’s invitation to swap decks of cards. The result? Thor lost the next round, too. That’s when Fallon hosed him down with a water cannon resulting in a wet shirt contest that could double as a Magic Mike III audition tape.

While Hemsworth claims that he won their last game, the truth is that when these two face-off, there are no losers.


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Super Chill Dog Takes the Bus to Meet Her Owner at the Dog Park

Owners: who needs 'em?

Sometimes a dog just really wants to go to the dog park — and if that means taking the bus alone, so be it.

Eclipse, a self-sufficient 2-year-old black lab, has taken to riding public transit to the dog park alone when her owner misses the bus. “We get separated. She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park,” said Eclipse’s owner Jeff Young, speaking to Seattle’s KOMO News. “It’s not hard to get on. She gets on in front of her house and she gets off at the dog park, three or four stops later.” No word on how she pays the fare with her cute little paws.

Since Lassie, Benji and Milo and Otis have helped pave the way for such precocious canine behavior, neither the dog, the owner, the bus driver, nor the other commuters seem to view the pup’s behavior as anything but adorable. “All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does,” commuter Tiona Rainwater, told KOMO. “She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this thing?” A spokesman for Seattle’s Metro Transit said the agency loves that a dog appreciates public transit.

While Eclipse is apparently capable of riding the streets of Seattle alone, helpful Seattleites frequently stop the dog on her travels. Young told KOMO that he gets a phone call once a week or so from good Samaritans anxious to help reunite a lost dog with its owner: “I have to tell them, ‘no. She’s fine.’ She knows what she’s doing.” Lassie probably never had to put up with that.
[H/T KOMO News]


Eminem Makes Wish Come True for Terminally-Ill Fan

The day before the teen passed away

Gage Garmo had one wish before he died: Meet Eminem.

The teenager was battling a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer, and his friends wanted to help make his life-long dream come true. They set out on a social media campaign to bring the rapper to the Detroit suburb of Rochester, MI., to meet Garmo. Their efforts got a boost when the Michigan-based charity The Rainbow Connection, which grants wishes to children facing terminal illnesses, head about Garmo’s case, and managed to set up a meeting with the 8 Mile rapper within just 48 hours.

After hearing that Garmo only had a week to live, Eminem flew to Michigan on Sunday to spend time with his young fan. The Detroit Free Press reported that the two talked about hip-hop and football in Garmo’s living room. According to the Free Press, Garmo “sat up with a grin on his face” upon seeing the rapper and a Rainbow Connection staffer noted that Garmo’s “family hadn’t seen their son do that in such a long time.”

Garmo died Monday night. He would have turned 18 on Friday.

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