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Watch a Supercut of Jon Stewart Singing on The Daily Show

Stewart will soon have plenty of time to explore his passion for singing

As Jon Stewart slowly winds down his time on The Daily Show, the staff is making sure that he will definitely not be forgotten once he’s gone. How? By flooding the web with supercuts of some of Stewart’s finest hosting moments, including the latest installment: a compilation of Stewart trying his best to sing, which happened way more often than you might think.

The clip was introduced by Jon Hamm (a.k.a. the only other Jon on T.V. who spells his name correctly), who, as a long-time fan of the show, realized that no one had yet paid tribute to Stewart’s wonderful singing voice. “It’s like Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand and Luciano Pavarotti had a threesome and gave birth to a perfect set of vocal chords — yours,” he said. Stewart understandably blushed at the compliment before sitting back and watching the latest entry in his permanent Internet record.

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The Bachelorette Watch: Getting Really Real In Ireland

Clodagh Kilcoyne—ABC The Bachelorette Episode 1106 — Six suitors are at first eerily unnerved and then, amused, when they attend a traditional "fake" Irish wake — for Kaitlyn — and must "eulogize" her

Things get shaken up

Welcome back to The Bachelorette where Kaitlyn has consummated her relationship with Nick and apparently told Shawn that he was The One and is now doubting all of her choices on her Path to Love. So much drama, so little time. Moving forward, this show should definitely be four hours long.

Here’s what happened this week on The Bachelorette:

The Shawn Situation: Shawn sits in Kaitlyn’s room demanding to know if she is in love with him. She dithered and then said she was falling in love with him. He can’t handle the fact they had a great date and then she went on a date with someone else, which is, you know, the entire premise of the show. Later, Kaitlyn cries and cries to the camera. She feels awful. Not because she feels guilty about “being intimate” with Nick, it’s that her feelings for Shawn are overwhelming and she doesn’t want to hurt him. And she knows that she already has, he just doesn’t know it yet. It makes sense. Dating a baker’s dozen of guys is definitely hard, especially if you’re throwing sex into the mix with one of them, but presumably not all. Shawn claims that off camera Kaitlyn told him that he was the one, so she is now his girlfriend, the end. The show should just end now.

Two-on-One Date: Now that she has gone head-to-head with Britt, Kaitlyn probably recognizes the true horror of the dreaded two-on-one date as she has stared right into its nightmarish maw. Still she makes J.J. and Joe take part in their torture. As they explore some Irish island, Joe says he wants to focus on the relationship he has with Kaitlyn and express how he feels about her, while J.J. “needs” to tell Kaitlyn about the biggest regret of his entire life. Um, no, you probably don’t. During his Kaitlyn time, Joe swears he’s never felt this passionate before, but he says it like he had his entire face Botox’d for the occasion. He tells her he is falling in love with her — once again without registering any emotion in his face-and they make out. Guess she’s into a guy who doesn’t mind a little cosmetic upkeep. J.J. uses his alone time to tell Kaitlyn that he cheated on his now ex-wife. He swears it was a learning experience. Kaitlyn applauds his honesty and then bids him farewell. He wipes his nose on his hand and pats her on the leg. He claims he feels blind sided by her decision. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn makes Joe earn his date rose. They make out while Shawn’s disembodied voice talks about his feeeeeeeeelings.

The Shawn Situation, Part II: When Joe comes back from his date saying he is falling in love with Kaitlyn, Shawn storms out of the room. He needs to talk to Kaitlyn. When the producers tell her that Shawn is on his way up, she flips out, convinced that he knows she slept with Nick and is going to have it out with her. She does not want to talk, but opens the door anyway (the producers probably make her stop hiding in the bathroom). She’s convinced she’s about to get an earful, but he just wants to talk about himself and his feelings and barely seems to notice that she’s crying. As he winges, she points out that they are on a reality show and if they are going to be together, they have to see it through to the end. Kaitlyn is unimpressed with his whining and realizes that she screwed up by reassuring Shawn about his place in her heart. She also knows it went too far with Nick, because she has other relationships to think about.

The Cocktail Party: She tells the guys that she has made some mistakes and had a rough week, but swears her heart is still open. The men do not look reassured while she chugs her wine and hyperventilates. When she slips away with Ben H., the men sit around trying to figure out what “mistakes” she made. Nick looks like he has a stolen Penny Black in his pocket (or, you know, is the guy who just slept with seven other guys’ girlfriend) and is trying to look innocent. Nick should rest easy because paranoid Shawn knows (knows!) she was referring to him. Despite the fact that Kaitlyn came to the cocktail party clearly rattled, Ben H. wants to talk about his feelings. Then Nick wants to talk about his feelings, but Kaitlyn wants to remind him not to kiss and tell. He starts to cry (?!) because of all his Big Feels and she has no choice but to make out with him. Then she talks to Shawn about his Big Feels and tells him that they have to dial down their emotions because there is still a lot of dating to get through. Man, Kaitlyn really deserves an Amy Schumer-sized glass of wine right now.

The Rose Ceremony: Chris Harrison finally shows up to chuck Kaitlyn on the chin and say ‘go get ’em tiger’ before sending her to the wolves. Nick, Jared, and Joe all have roses, which means there are only three roses to hand out. Ben H. gets the first rose, The Dentist gets the second rose, and Shawn is clearly sweating bullets down his dorky blue suit. As she holds the final rose of the evening, Kaitlyn looks like she’s going to cry as gives the final rose to Shawn. That means Ben Z and a guy apparently named Tanner who is apparently on this show is going home (apparently). Much like J.J., Ben Z was blind-sided by his dismissal by “cool girl” Kaitlyn.

Road Trip: Kaitlyn packs up her posse into a bus called a “Paddywagon,” but then invites Jared to go for a spin and get lucky in Ireland. They kiss the Blarney Stone, they kiss each other, they make out in her hotel room with cocktails in hand, she teaches him to drive stick shift, which is not a euphemism. Everything seems great. …Then Chris Harrison knocks on Kaitlyn’s door and tells her they are shaking things up. To even the playing field, the show is giving all the men “off camera time,” which is what they call it in the biz, apparently. However, she will need to cut her six remaining suitors to three, today. She will then have overnight dates with those three men and then meet their families after she’s spent a night in the Fantasy Suites. He also encourages her to make amends for her indiscretion or something gross. Chris leaves her alone to think about hanging out with the families of her suitors, post-Fantasy Suite. Should make excellent fodder for dinner table conversation!

Bachelorette Milestone: Kaitlyn invites The Dentist for a helicopter ride. They fly over the Cliffs of Moher, which are truly stunning, and as they pause for a picnic, Kaitlyn reminds us all that there is no rose on this date, because she is here to find herself a husband. She seems stressed and anxious and starts crying and it seems clear that she’s having the least fun of any Bachelorette ever. She cries and finally admits that she’s just not that into him. He would like more details for his logic board to process. She tells him again and he processes the information. He tells her that he really wishes she could be his wife, but hugs her goodbye and goes to cry over the Cliffs of Moher talking to himself in the third person, as he waits for the producers to call him for his audition to be The Bachelor (or the faerie folk to carry him off to care for their teeth).

Best Reason To Come Back Next Week: The Final Three are chosen (maybe).

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Watch John Oliver Urge People to Continue to Fight for Transgender Rights

Laverne Cox's wax replica in Madame Tussaud's is just the beginning.

Equal rights made great strides this week, but on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver urged people to continue to work towards better treatment of transgender individuals, both in the media and under the law.

Some of the biggest names in news media have fumbled over the issue of how to talk to transgender men and women, so Oliver made it abundantly clear: “It’s no more okay to ask transgender people about their sex organs than it would be to ask Jimmy Carter whether or not he’s circumcised.”

Oliver then laid out a road map for differentiating between gender identity, sexual orientation, and the choices that transgender individuals make about whether to use hormones, undergo surgery, etc. In short, according to Oliver: “Their decision on this matter is, medically speaking, none of your f–king business.” As for pronouns and names, Oliver believes people should simply be called whatever they prefer to be called, like U2’s guitarist “The Edge” or Puff Daddy.

Oliver also pointed out that despite the increasing visibility of the close to 700,000 transgender people in the U.S. — which Oliver notes is larger than the population of Boston — they still face rampant discrimination and have alarmingly high suicide rates. According to Oliver, while it’s great that Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox got a wax replica in Madame Tussaud’s, there is still a lot of work to do to protect the rights of transgender people.

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Watch Jon Hamm Throw Gummy Bears at Jimmy Kimmel

Plus, Lizzy Caplan proved she's better than Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and since Hamm wasn’t promoting any particular project, the two friends just chatted. Kimmel did have one burning question for the Mad Men star: why was he on stage at the Bonnaroo music festival throwing gummy bears (“As you do,” said Hamm) into the mouth of Belle and Sebastian’s lead singer Stuart Murdoch? “I don’t know why that’s weird,” shrugged Hamm.

Turns out it was a gag he and Zach Galifianakis had been practicing on the set of their new comedy, Keeping Up With the Joneses. Hamm was bored one day (the movie is being filmed in the suburbs of Atlanta), so he just started chucking gummy bears into Galfianakis’ mouth. When they hit the music festival, they decided to show off their technique to the crowds. Hamm then demonstrated his skills by throwing them into Kimmel’s open mouth.

That wasn’t the last appearance of the gummy bears, though. When Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan showed up for her interview, she partook and then started casting aspersions on Hamm for his dry gummy bears. Naturally Hamm had to rush in and crash the interview to defend his honor.

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The Bachelorette Recap: Oh My God, They Killed Kaitlyn

She died of shame after one relationship went too far

Welcome back to The Bachelorette. When we last saw Kaitlyn, she and Ian were getting ready for a showdown in San Antonio. Will he leave in a huff? Or maybe in a minute and a huff? Will he mention the fact that he went to Princeton? So many reasons to watch the show from the edge of your seat.

Here’s what happened on The Bachelorette:

The Ian Issue: When we last saw Ian, he was telling Kaitlyn that he is not a fan of the fart jokes floating around the house (as if it’s just “jokes” floating around the shared air of the house). Ian expected Kaitlyn to be a brokenhearted damsel still reeling from getting dumped by Chris so he could comfort her. Instead, he gets a girl who likes to laugh and kiss. Kaitlyn is “super offended” by him calling her shallow, surface level and just there to make out. Ian is super offended that she doesn’t recognize his intellect frequently and often (guessing!), so by mutual agreement, Ian leaves. “I’m not lame like the other guys,” he says as he rolls away in the limo, “I’m being punished for being an intellectual.” Don’t worry, he mentioned the fact that he went to Princeton. Maybe they’ll put him on the cover of the alumni magazine.

The Cocktail Party, Continued: In Ian’s Ivy League wake, Nick goes to comfort Kaitlyn. They canoodle on the couch and as the clock ticks, and Nick stays with Kaitlyn, the rest of the men get more and more ticked off. Finally Shawn goes to fight for his face time with his woman, but finds her sucking face with Nick, which turns his stomach (same here, Shawn, same here). While Shawn and Jared make barfy noises, Kaitlyn shrugs. She tells the camera that she thinks intimacy is an important part of a relationship, and if the physical part of the relationship isn’t there, that’s a deal breaker for her. So she’s a make-out bandit, and she just doesn’t care whatever anyone else says about it.

The Rose Ceremony: Chris Harrison finally shows up to talk with Kaitlyn, so she’s not stuck seeking advice from Ashley S. He soon sends her into the Alamo, where they are holding the Rose Ceremony, because the Alamo is a great metaphor for marriage or something. Ben H., Shawn and Nick all have roses already. Kaitlyn gives the first rose to Jared, followed by the Dentist, J.J. (really?), Joe (who looks like the extra roommate on The New Girl), Ben Z., and then she hands the final rose to Tanner. That means the Alamo was the last stand for some guy who looks like he spent too much time studying Steph from Pretty in Pink and for Joe, who not only got sent home, but got sent home with the world’s worst haircut.

On the Road Again: After surviving the Alamo, the roving mating ritual heads to Dublin. Kaitlyn thinks Dublin is a great place to fall in love.

First One-on-One Date: There are four men who have not had a one-on-one date yet, and Kaitlyn chooses to take Nick on the first date. It is the least politically savvy move she could make, and she does it with gusto. Shawn tries to kill Nick with his eyes, but sadly it doesn’t work. Instead Nick and Kaitlyn spend the day wandering the city’s parks, ogling Irish wedding bands, and making out against every wall in Ireland. This would be a good time for ABC to apologize to Ireland for all the cooties. Kaitlyn and Nick make out all through dinner. They whisper, they canoodle, they giggle, they kiss and then Kaitlyn invites him back to her hotel room “to hang out” (which is apparently what the kids are calling it these days). She interviews that when she’s with Nick, she forgets about the cameras and her eight other boyfriends. To prove this point, the producers cut back and forth between Nick and Kaitlyn kissing in her hotel room and Shawn and Jared talking about their feelings for Kaitlyn and their dislike of Nick. Cut to the bedroom door closing on Kaitlyn and Nick, cue the make-out noises. Cut to Shawn saying, “You just got to trust Kaitlyn.”

The Morning After: As the sun rises, Nick heads back to his room. Kaitlyn watches the sun rise over the balcony. She interviews that the “off-camera time with Nick” was unexpected but nice and she doesn’t want it to be an issue. She feels guilty, though, and then asks the off-camera producer, “Has this ever been an issue before?” She wonders, “if Chris and Britt did have sex, what would I have done?” Good question. She interviews that she “doesn’t feel guilty about the act” but about the other relationships. Nick comes in smiling like the cat that just ate the canary and none of the other cats know. Kaitlyn worries that Nick will spill the beans and ruin her other relationships. He talks about his date, mentioning that they went back to her suite, but swears it was just for chatting. Then he throws out the words “intimate” and “personal,” but doesn’t kiss and tell, yet. He’ll save it for the after the Final Rose Ceremony. Kaitlyn starts to regret her choice.

The Weirdest Group Date in Bachelorette History: Tanner, Shawn, the Dentist, Jared and Bens H. and Z. are met by Chris Harrison, who regrets to inform them that Kaitlyn has died. (From guilt, regret, and embarrassment, presumably.) They are tasked with eulogizing her with a traditional Irish wake, complete with poems, songs, Guinness and flowers, which Kaitlyn appreciates from inside a coffin. No, really, she spent the entire date in a coffin, which is the perfect place to repent for her sins. She feels slightly bad about making Ben Z. memorialize her, because his mom just died, and he may not see the humor in the situation, but she makes him do it anyway. Then she makes out with him from the coffin.

The After Party: To celebrate Kaitlyn’s miraculous return from the dead, the gang heads to the Guinness Brewery. She spends some quality time with each of the men (and some Guinness). She and Jared stare at the city, Shawn shows her photos of her family, Ben Z. stares at her with schmoopy eyes. Jared gets the Date Rose throwing Shawn into an existential shame spiral that winds up in a pit of despair of his own making. He does not seem to understand that his girlfriend is dating eight other men.

Bachelorette Milestone: Private concert time. Would any trip to Ireland be complete without an appearance by the Cranberries? Kaitlyn and Jared walk to a church and the Cranberries are there and play “Linger,” even though “Zombie” would be more appropriate, what with Kaitlyn coming back from the dead and all. Best lie of the night: Jared saying the Cranberries were his “favorite band.” That’s just hurting Dave Matthews’ feelings, Jared.

The Cliffhanger: Shawn goes to talk to a producer, because he can’t handle the competition. Kaitlyn told him that he was “The One” and now she’s on a date with Jared. He knows that the Fantasy Suites are coming up and he can’t handle that, saying he’s “about to cry.” He thinks Kaitlyn is “ruining everything” that they have and is “going to ruin it all.” He goes to Kaitlyn’s room to talk, when he really should go talk to a therapist about his anger, jealousy and insecurity issues. When he shows up at her door, Kaitlyn thinks that he knows about Nick. As they settle on the couch to talk (not a euphemism), the producers cut to her in an interview, crying about “a mistake” swearing that she never wanted to hurt anybody.

Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: Man tears. Woman tears. Slut shaming. Chris Harrison looking serious. It’s all happening next week on The Bachelorette.

The Brady and Britt Saga Continues: Britt brings Brady to meet her mom. They’ve been dating for two months.

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Here’s What John Oliver Thinks We Should Do With the Confederate Flag

“I believe the first time the Confederate flag was used in a racist way was the very first time they sewed the first one"

In the wake of the horrific racially-motivated shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, John Oliver had a few suggestions for what to do with the Confederate flag.

On Last Week Tonight, he pointed out that in the wake of the tragic murders, the U.S. flag was lowered to half-mast, while the Confederate battle flag was still flying at full-staff in front of the state Capitol. As any American history student can tell you, the flag has a divisive history, which Oliver summed up this way: “I believe the first time the Confederate flag was used in a racist way was the very first time they sewed the first one.”

Oliver did mention that lowering the Confederate flag to half-mast in South Carolina is pretty complicated, requiring a 2/3 majority vote in the state legislature. (“Even they thought 3/5 was a bit too on the nose.”) For Oliver, though, the question wasn’t why the flag wasn’t lowered in recognition of the tragedy, but why it was flying at all. “The Confederate flag is one of those symbols that should really only be seen on t-shirts, belt buckles, and bumper stickers to help the rest of us identify the worst people in the world,” he said.

Oliver had a suggestion for what to do with the flag, if the legislature did vote to lower it. “Now might be a great time, not out of respect to the events of this week, but to the events of the past several centuries, to take that vote and lower that flag to half-staff,” said Oliver. “When it’s at half-staff, why not keep lowering it all the way down, and once you’re holding it in your hands, take it off the flagpole completely and fold it—or don’t bother—put it in a box, label it ‘Bad Flag,’ and put it somewhere that no one can see.”

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Breaking Bad‘s Walt Jr. Walked In A Vivienne Westwood Fashion Show

Vivienne Westwood - Runway - Milan Collections Men SS16
Vittorio Zunino Celotto—Getty Images RJ Mitte walks the runway during the Vivienne Westwood fashion show as part of Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on June 21, 2015 in Milan

Life post-Breaking Bad is looking pretty good

RJ Mitte may be best known for playing Walt Jr., the son of chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White in Breaking Bad, but he’s not just another actor — he’s also a pretty face. Mitte, who is signed to Elite Models, was hired to walk the runway in Vivienne Westwood’s Milan fashion show and fit right in with the other male models, wearing a very haute couture breast plate from the designer.

Mitte, who has also worked as a D.J., was hoping to launch a music career after Breaking Bad ended. While that career path is still in development, at least he has his good looks to fall back on.

Mitte wasn’t the only Breaking Bad alumna popping up in unexpected places this weekend. Bryan Cranston made an appearance at electronic music festival Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, joining Above & Beyond on stage for their headlining set to help introduce the song “Walter White” in full Heisenberg fashion.


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Watch John Oliver Take On Internet Trolls on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver Rick-rolled his entire audience

John Oliver took on Internet trolls on this week’s Last Week Tonight with the help of some “vintage AOL ads.”

The Internet was supposed to change the world, but it has become a place where you can see “glamour shots of cats” and “angora show bunnies” or rickroll your entire audience with a clip of Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” (twice). It’s also become a place to say horrifying things to complete strangers and dabble in revenge porn, according to Oliver.

In his weekly missive, Oliver not only addressed GamerGate and the online abuse of women like Anita Sarkeesian and others who dare to state their opinion online, but also called out the “vindictive perverts” that disseminate so-called revenge porn on the web. While only 23 states have enacted statutes banning revenge porn, according to Oliver, in the other 27 states, revenge porn is something that should be illegal, but isn’t, “like using a golf umbrella in Manhattan.”

While websites like Google and Reddit have banned revenge porn, the Internet can still be a scary place for women. To warn women and their allies, Oliver updated those vintage AOL ads making the dangers of the web much more obvious.

Read next: John Oliver Conscripts Helen Mirren to Read the Senate’s Report on Torture

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Watch Iggy Azalea and James Corden Sing Car Karaoke in Wedding Dresses

For a segment of the Late Late Show

Iggy Azalea may have disappointed her fans when she cancelled her Great Escape Tour, but she found a way to make it up to them — singing her biggest hits with James Corden for carpool karaoke on the Late Late Show. While it’s fun to watch Azalea and Corden drive around and sing “Fancy” and “Black Widow,” that wasn’t the only surprise in store for fans.

Corden not only got the singer to spill the origins of her name, but also convinced her to let him officiate her wedding to L.A. Lakers star Nick Young if he became ordained. That’s when the Australian-born pop rapper admitted she had already had started working with a wedding planner for her celebration, but swore she wasn’t going to become a bridezilla. She then shared some of the details of her big day, including wanting to have R. Kelly perform as well as Demi Lovato, who will also be one of her bridesmaids.

All the talk of weddings was too much for Corden to handle, so he pulled over at a bridal shop so he and Azalea could try on some not-quite-matching wedding dresses.


You Can Now Watch All 6 Star Wars Movies At The Same Time

Purists may not want to watch

If you’re looking for a way to get your Star Wars fix before Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out in December, the internet has provided a unique solution, which is the Star Wars equivalent of shotgunning a beer (or, you know, something classier).

YouTube user maurcs (a.k.a. filmmaker and senior Archer animator Marcus Rosentrater) has created a video that layers all six of the Star Wars films on top of one another so you can watch them simultaneously. It’s a neat trick, but no one could walk away from viewing the full two hours and 22 minute video with any idea about the plot of any of the movies. Still, it’s a strangely mesmerizing piece that feels like a kaleidoscope of Star Wars characters, locations and battles bleeding into each other.

The best part is that Jar Jar Binks disappears into the melange, making it easy to simply pretend he was never there at all.

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