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Watch Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic Dance to the Bee Gees

Djokovic and Williams brought back a Wimbledon tradition, with a twist

After defeating Roger Federer in four sets in the Wimbledon finals, Novak Djokovic said he was going to ask women’s champion, Serena Williams, to dance—and he did just that at the 2015 Champions’ Dinner thrown, this year, in their honor.

A Champions Dance was a Wimbledon tradition for years, but when the Champions’ Dinner moved dates and venues in 1977, the custom disappeared and was never officially brought back.

That didn’t stop Djokovic from inviting Williams, now a 21-time Grand Slam champion, to celebrate their 2015 Wimbledon championships on the dance floor. Djokovic called the dance a “tradition that was a bit forgotten,” and, according to the AP, suggested to Williams and the chairman of the All England Club, Philip Brook, that they bring it back. “They accepted it, fortunately,” Djokovic said.

While Djokovic initially claimed to have wanted to waltz with Williams, she reportedly wanted something more uptempo. Check out the two tennis greats throwing down to the Bee Gees “Night Fever,” all decked out in their formal attire. While Djokovic may have some serious moves on the tennis court, he might need more practice before championing the dance floor.

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Watch John Oliver Make a Sport of Taunting Taxpayer-Funded Stadiums

The Milwaukee Bucks, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Detroit Red Wings were all under fire on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver is a self-professed sports fan. “I love sports,” he said on Last Week Tonight. “In fact, the only times I’ve cried as a grown man have been while watching actors playing coaches deliver inspirational speeches set to stirring music.” Oliver’s love of the game didn’t prevent him from making an impassioned plea to stop spending taxpayer money on lavish stadiums, though.

“The vast majority of stadiums are made using public money,” said Oliver, citing a report from 2012 that revealed the staggering statistic that “$12 billion [has been] spent on the 51 new facilities opened between 2000 and 2010.” And, as Oliver noted, most of them “look like they were designed by a coked-up Willy Wonka.”

Oliver had one question for these exorbitant expenses: Why are tax dollars being used to fund stadiums? “Sports teams are wealthy businesses with wealthy owners and they still get our help,” Oliver said. “Pretending you’re poor is wrong. It wasn’t okay when Mary-Kate Olsen went through her hobo phase, and it’s not okay now!”

To prove his point about how cities like Cincinnati and Milwaukee have bent over backwards to keep sports teams happy, Oliver noted that just six days after Detroit declared bankruptcy, they got approval to spend more than $280 million in taxpayer money for a new arena for the local NHL team — even though the Red Wings owner, Mike Ilitch, is the founder of the Little Caesar’s pizza chain and worth an estimated $5.1 billion. As Oliver noted, “That’s a little hard to swallow.”

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Watch Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” Re-imagined As A 1950s Scorcher

Postmodern Jukebox did it again

Britney Spears recently gave into nostalgia and re-created the album cover for her mega-hit “Oops I Did It Again” with her children. While Spears’ throwback was adorable, when it comes to transforming the track itself, leave it to the experts at Postmodern Jukebox to deliver.

In their latest effort, the group who turned Taylor Swift’s “Style” into a Grease-inspired bopper, transformed Spears’ 2000 chart-topper and re-imagined it as a sizzling jazz number—and it really works. The band decided to treat the song as if it was written for Marilyn Monroe and is appropriately full of horns, thumping bass, and plinking jazz piano.

The group has made a name for themselves turning pop songs into Flashback Friday winners. They’ve previously turned Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” into a cabaret number and “Shake It Off” into a Motown hit.

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This Guy’s Lightbulb Is Really Broken and He Has the Video to Prove It

And a potential film career to fall back on

It’s a sad tale: A man bought a lightbulb, only to have it break. He notified the manufacturer’s customer service department and that’s when things went downhill. According to YouTube user Eran C. Galili, “My LIFX bulb stopped working, and as part of customer support, LIFX suggested that I send a ‘video that confirms the issue.'”

While most consumers faced with this Kafkaesque task would likely give up and buy something else, Galili went big in the hopes of getting compensated. He created a compelling video of lightbulb-fueled drama complete with spaghetti western soundtrack and post-film credits. No word on whether Galili was able to get his money back for the bulb, but at least he has a film career to fall back on.

**An earlier version of this article misstated the name of the YouTube channel. It’s Eran C. Galili, not Eric C. Galili

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Watch Nick Offerman, Betty White and Other Celebrities Audition for Wolverine

Betty White is uniquely qualified for the job

Now that Hugh Jackman has announced he’s hanging up his claws, the role of X-man extraordinaire Wolverine is up for grabs. Conan O’Brien and his team unearthed the audition tapes of those vying for a shot at the part. Turns out many Hollywood stars are eager for a chance to strap on some adamantium claws and play Wolverine on the big screen.

The video includes auditions from perennial Golden Girl Betty White, Masters of Sex actor Michael Sheen, Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman and Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch. The group is rounded out with comedians Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal and Hannibal Buress, and perhaps most surprising, Larry King. If any of these actors earn the hallowed claws, Marvel should have no problem selling tickets to the next installment of the X-Men film franchise.

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Watch What Happens When a DJ Trolls His Entire Audience

Pure evil or pure genius?

One of the biggest thrills of being a DJ is filling the dance floor and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. There’s nothing like being up on stage and letting loose with a wall of music and watching the crowd go wild. Just ask Zac Efron or Damon Albarn for further proof that there is nothing more exciting than when the music you are playing packs an entire room with people waving their arms in the air, jumping up and down, eagerly anticipating the big crescendo

Apparently there is one greater pleasure for a DJ, though: trolling the entire audience with Spandau Ballet’s “True” just for your own amusement.

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This Falling Shovel Sounds Exactly Like a Chord From ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

Music is everywhere, apparently

Author David Levithan once said, “Music is everywhere. It’s in the air between us, waiting to be sung.” A bemusing video making the rounds of the internet shows that music is also, apparently, in the shovels we drop on concrete driveways.

In the clip posted above, the memorable opening guitar riff to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is recreated perfectly by the combination of gravity and a falling shovel. While even the most attentive music fan may not be able to immediately place the falling shovel’s song, a helpful viewer captured the musical moment on camera and spliced it into the music video for Nirvana’s tune. The results are surprising and somewhat uncanny.

While the shovel probably won’t be going on tour any time soon, one can only hope that this video will inspire a long line of copycats featuring people throwing rakes, hoes, brooms and even power tools in the hopes of recreating say, a Slipknot or Kanye song.

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The Bachelorette Recap: Kissing and Confessions in Ireland

Suitors get competitive and angry

Welcome back to The Bachelorette. When we last saw Kaitlyn she was on her path to love, which included running away from Chris the Dentist, who was crying on the Cliffs of Moher, like the brokenhearted hero in an Irish folk tale. Kaitlyn has bigger issues to deal with, like the fact that since she “was intimate” with Nick, the producers decided she needed to confess her carnality to the other men and then go ahead and be “intimate” with the rest of the men to level the playing field, so to speak. With the Fantasy Suites looming and family visits after that, she has a lot of things to think about besides Chris the Dentist’s fate. Don’t worry, Kaitlyn, he’s undoubtedly been taken in by a kindly leprechaun who gave him a new identity in exchange for dental care.

Here’s what happened this week on The Bachelorette:

Bachelorette Milestone: “Things are getting so serious now, it’s scary,” said Kaitlyn.

First Date: Kaitlyn invited Ben H. for a ride in her dinghy, which is not a euphemism, but could be. As they row to a private island, Kaitlyn is not in a good mood, but she wants Ben H., who is now the only Ben on the show, yet still merits the moniker, to see her when she is not in a good mood, which may be the most realistic thing to ever happen on The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, Ben H. cheered Kaitlyn right up so much so that she told him, “You’re husband material” — and isn’t that what got her in the Shawn situation in the first place? Dial down the enthusiasm, Kaitlyn! But no, instead she insists she is “feeling all the feelings [she] should be feeling when [she’s] falling in love.” Later they drink some Guinness, and Ben H. admits that he thought he was “unlovable” after his last relationship, but Kaitlyn swears she is possibly maybe falling in love with him. Ben H. thinks Kaitlyn makes him a better person. When she asks him about the overnight dates, and he says they don’t have to be physical, Kaitlyn asks him if he’s a virgin. No, really. He assures her that he is not, and she cracks up laughing. Good joke.

Group Date: Kaitlyn took Joe, Shawn and Nick out for a three-on-one date, which is also not a euphemism. Kaitlyn decides that now is a great time to tell Shawn that she slept with Nick. But right before she ruins his millennium, Nick interrupts them for his one-on-one time with Kaitlyn. Shawn grumbles, but he has no idea that Nick just saved him from a very uncomfortable conversation. Why does Kaitlyn need to tell Shawn again? Anyway, Nick sits down and tells Kaitlyn that he liked her before he came on the show and she’s “not just the Bachelorette to him,” which is either actually pretty sweet or we’ve all been watching this show too long. Then Kaitlyn has to talk to Joe, and she is clearly trying to dump him from the get-go, but she kisses him awhile and lets him declare his love for her first. She admits that she is just not that into him. Or his hair. Or his personality. She realized that they “are not on the same page,” which is a euphemism. He says, “It’s cool.” And when she asks why he’s upset with him, he says, “Why would I be? No worries, man.” (Which is worse, the question or the answer?) When she goes to hug him good-bye, he refuses and storms off into the shrubbery. And then there were two, but Kaitlyn doesn’t feel like giving either Nick or Shawn the rose. She tells Nick they had a great conversation, and she’ll see him at the Rose Ceremony, but she needs a little more time with Shawn and will see him later tonight. He can’t help but gloat.

Do-Over Date: While Nick sulks at the hotel, Kaitlyn goes for a second outing with Shawn. He’s ready to canoodle, but she has something on her mind. When she struggles to blurt out that she slept with Nick, he assures her she can tell him anything. She stumbles through the confession and admits that they had sex, but thinks “it went too far.” Shawn looks uncomfortable. She stares at him. He asks her if she regrets it, and she admits she felt guilty. He admits that he has no idea why she is telling him. (No one knows why she is telling you, Shawn!) Shawn takes a moment to himself and heads straight to the men’s room, where he offers up this gem: “I’m so tense I can’t even piss.” He eventually decides to thank her for the honesty. He has decided to “man up” and “just deal with it.” He tells Kaitlyn he won’t storm out because, “I want you,” which is actually kind of creepy.

The Rose Ceremony (Finally!): Even Kaitlyn is shocked to find herself facing just four remaining suitors. It’s like the dwindling party, but with more kissing. She tells the men that she is confident that she “made the right decisions,” but that doesn’t mean the journey to find love hasn’t been “extremely painful.” She boldly offers the first rose to Shawn. Not so fast: he wants to talk to her first. Hopefully she wants to talk to him about his hair. He wants to know one thing: why Nick? She replies by saying, “Telling you you were the one was a mistake.” (Don’t worry, one of the producers handed him some ointment for that sick burn.) She told him to back off and let her make her own choices and that she doesn’t think he trusts her, and that’s a problem. They go back to the Rose Ceremony, and he accepts the rose. He interviews that he is going to try and get past this.

The Rose Ceremony (Again!): Kaitlyn comes back and asks Ben H. if he wants a rose. He accepts and the lack of drama is both refreshing and somewhat confusing. Chris Harrison points out that it’s down to the final rose of the evening. As the camera pans between Jared and Nick, Shawn’s disembodied voice intones that if she gives “the other guy” a rose, they will be heading to the overnight dates, and he doesn’t know if he can handle it. Nick gets the rose, of course. Shawn looks hurt, perhaps even more hurt than Jared, who is the one heading home. Jared takes his leave with dignity and class. He offers her his coat when she looks cold, tells her that she will always have a place in his heart and that he hopes she finds the man of her dreams because she deserves it. As he leaves, she instantly regrets all of her decision, which is probably exactly what he wanted. Sneaky, Jared, very sneaky.

First Overnight Date: Nick and Kaitlyn spend some alone time in Dublin and they seem to have an easy, natural chemistry, which seems surprising after so much drama, tension and stress. They hit a pub, swap stories and start chatting up the locals. (“Irish is still English!” Kaitlyn swears.) They are having a great time, but Shawn, who has still not figured out the point of this show, is still miserable. Meanwhile, Nick is ready to “connect with [Kaitlyn] on every possible level,” which includes the level of getting down in the dirt and throwing shade on Shawn, who apparently is “eskimo brothers” with “a famous country singer.” Obviously it kills the mood. Until the Fantasy Suite card comes out and Nick tells Kaitlyn that he wants to have her be the first thing he sees in the morning. Kaitlyn pranks him by taking him to a jail cell filled with candles. He shrugs, cause he’ll go anywhere with her. They head to the real product-placed resort and wake up next to each other for a shirtless breakfast.

The Drama: Shawn couldn’t handle the truth. So he decides to dial-a-fight with Nick. (Fun fact: when Shawn calls to ask for his room, it’s the first time he ever says Nick’s name.) They meet on neutral turf for Shawn to get some stuff off his chest. Shawn accuses him of not being there for the right reasons, which is Bachelorette-ese for fighting words.

Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: Kaitlyn can “feel the hate” between Nick and Shawn. Will they box or sumo wrestle for her affection? Tune in next week to find out if either turns to the Dark Side of the Force.

Britt and Brody Update, Part XVII: They are trying a long distance relationship! It will really be a test of their relationship

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Watch Philadelphia’s Mayor Cover ‘Rapper’s Delight’ with The Roots

Mic drop.

There’s one thing every politician should know if they want to succeed in the rough-and-tumble world of Philadelphia politics — all the words to “Rapper’s Delight.” That’s the takeaway from a new video where Philly mayor Michael Nutter jumped on stage with local boys-turned-The Tonight Show house band The Roots to perform the Sugarhill Gang’s classic rap song.

The mayor didn’t miss a beat as he spit out the rhymes on stage at the 4th of July celebration at the Wawa Welcome America! festival. He walked the stage like a pro, throwing down verses, and even dropped the mic at the end after nailing the performance. There’s no doubt that the mayor’s performance was way better than the time then-NBC anchor Brian Williams “rapped” the Sugarhill Gang’s classic. As Uproxx points out, there’s a reason that Nutter is so good at this: before he started a career in business and politics, he worked in the city’s nightclubs and had performed the song before.

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Watch Damon Albarn Get Carried Off Stage After Refusing to Stop the Music

In 2014, TIME dubbed Damon Albarn “The Hardest Working Man in Rock.” The Blur frontman lived up to that title on Sunday when he played a whopping five-hour set at the Roskilde festival in Denmark and only stopped because he was carried off the stage.

Albarn headlined the music festival as part of his Africa Express project, a critically acclaimed collaboration between African and Western musicians. During his set, he was joined on stage by Nigerian artist Seye Adelekan, Malian band Songhoy Blues and Western artists like Laura Mvula and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zinner. Albarn was having so much fun playing that he kept going and going until 4 a.m. when the plug was finally pulled.

After playing The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go,” Albarn encouraged the crowd to protest the forced end of the set. “You want more, we’re going to give you more,” the singer declared before a man, who The Guardian reported is appropriately known as “Big Dave,” came on stage, put the singer’s jacket over his shoulders and lifted him off stage.

While both the crowd and the musicians wanted the show to go on, Roskilde has cracked down on crowd control after an incident in 2000, when nine people died and 26 were injured during a Pearl Jam performance.

Luckily for the fans and the artists, just because the show was over didn’t mean the music had to stop. According to The Guardian, Albarn and the rest of the collective continued to make music backstage, as did the crowd, who drummed “on the poles of the tent” and kept chanting for an almost an hour.

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