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Watch Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy Fallon Sing the History of Duets

From Jimmy to Kelly

Kelly Clarkson was recently bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t find artists to collaborate with her during an interview with BBC Radio 1, but she has finally found the perfect duet partner in Jimmy Fallon.

On The Tonight Show, Fallon mentioned hearing the interview and the second he told the audience he didn’t understand it, Clarkson appeared onstage. The duo then cut loose with another installment of Fallon’s “History of…” musical project that has seen the host rap with Justin Timberlake and mom dance with Michelle Obama.

For the “History of Duets,” Fallon and Clarkson covered everything from Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” to Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love,” Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” to Elton John’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” topped off with Paula Abdul’s “Opposite Attract.”

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The Bachelor Watch: The Women Tell All and Nothing at the Same Time

David Moir—ABC

Chris Harrison swears "It's the most shocking season ever," but he says that of all the seasons

Welcome back to The Bachelor, where in long-standing Bachelor tradition, instead of seeing the conclusion to Chris’ journey to find love, his courtship is interrupted by an episode called “The Women Tell All.” The title says everything you need to know about the episode where the things get real, Chris Harrison swears “It’s the most shocking season ever,” and waterproof mascara gets tested to its limits.

Here’s what happens when the women tell all on The Bachelor:

Party Hopping: Before we get to the group-therapy session, Chris Soules and Chris Harrison go party hopping. And while ideally it would be like The Bachelor Thunderdome where two Chrises enter, but only one Chris leaves, instead they just crash a bunch of Bachelor viewing parties. At one of the viewing parties, Chris Soules was mouth assaulted by a corn-tequila drinking mother who just couldn’t control herself (probably due to the corn-tequila drinking). At another party, Chris Harrison made a man mansplain why he would watch a show like The Bachelor, and he could not justify his actions other than shrugging, “The women are hot?” At the final party, the women peer-pressured Chris Soules into doing shots with them.

Group Therapy: As Chris Harrison works off his corn-tequila hangover, we are ready to rumble as a live studio audience forms a circle of caring around the discarded bachelorettes, who are ready to bare their emotions and talk through every single feeling they have ever had. Then it’s a walk down repressed memory lane where the camera slowly pans down a long line of women that your brain is desperately trying to forget, so instead of being able to remember your mother’s phone number during an emergency, you are instead able to recall that Jillian likes to squat thrust in short shorts and Ashley I. was the freelance journalist while Ashley S. was the onion lover.

Britt: The second the camera starts rolling, Britt and Carly start yelling at each other. Britt feels betrayed by these women who, in the noblesse oblige of front-runners, she thought were her new best girlfriends, and not competitors. Chris Harrison calls Britt up to the therapy couch to try to persuade the world that she is not a big fakey faker. While Carly rallies her troops, Britt finds an ardent, if unlikely, defender in Jillian who brought her own soapbox and hollers from it until Chris emits a piercing whistle and he informs her that she’s “a little jacked up,” which is a dictionary-perfect example of an understatement. Everyone is still yelling when Chris goes to commercial to give the women an off-camera talk about on-camera behavior. Once the show is back, the second-string women take a knee while Britt and Carly have it out. Britt cries on camera and no one gives her a tissue, which seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Kelsey: Flashback to when Kelsey used the story of her widowhood to score points with the Bachelor, somehow naturally segueing from talking about her deceased husband to making out with a strapping farmer. Then throwback to all the women cheering and celebrating when she was kicked off the show, which is all kinds of awkward to watch en masse. Kelsey, who apparently took lessons from Britt, sniffles and cries while watching the tape and takes a silk pocket square from Chris and blows her nose on it. Chris asks her if she has any idea why the women dislike her so much, and she says that she is “condescending” and adds “I use big words,” which is, of course, condescending. The women collectively roll their eyes, and all their hands shoot up in the air. Chris ignores them until after a commercial break. Everyone starts yelling at her and continues yelling at her until she cries, believably for once. I hope everyone is proud of themselves.

Ashley S.: The most expert troll in The Bachelor‘s long history, returns to the stage to continue her long Andy Kaufmann–esque con. When asked why she was wandering the grounds and surprising the show’s accounting staff, she shrugged. “I was so bored, honestly,” she explained, which makes a kind of sense. “While all of them [gesturing at women] were getting upset and crying, I was outside looking at pomegranates.” That’s when Chris can’t control himself anymore and begs her to be on Bachelor in Paradise. At that the entire audience erupts into cheers of, “Ashley! Ashley!” She is nonplussed and just says, “It’s so weird.” “What is?” asks Chris. “That we’re on TV,” says Ashley. And scene.

Jade: Chris calls Jade to the hot seat to discuss the fact that she revealed her X-rated past, and Chris Soules immediately jilted her. Jade is still in the sad stage of a breakup and cries on the couch, when she should be in the angry stage where she gets to call Chris Soules a duplicitous sex-shamer who probably spends a lot of time in Internet comments sections, and can’t handle a real woman. Instead she just demurely dabs her eyes and tells Chris H. that she’s nervous about seeing Chris S. again.

Kaitlyn: Just last week we watched Chris toss aside hilarious, wacky, beautiful Kaitlyn for Becca who has very little discernible personality (it could be the editing) and some serious red flags (she should thank her sister for that). On the couch, Kaitlyn reels off the buzzwords of being authentic and feeling open and being vulnerable while adding that she thinks about her ungracious dumping every day.

Chris: When Prince Farming himself comes on stage, Britt gives him a big hug. She then proceeds to throw Carly under the bus. He sidesteps by saying that Carly had nothing to do with it, and he made the decision to oust her all by himself. She ignores that. Then Chris turns to Kaitlyn and tells her that he was honestly falling in love with three different women and just randomly chose Becca over Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn also wants to know why he made her stand through the Rose Ceremony and didn’t give her the courtesy of a private reprieve and why didn’t he give her the same chance for some one-on-one time that he gave Becca. Chris has no answers, but just sweats and shifts uncomfortably in his seat. Then it is Jade’s turn to demand a clarification about a word choice on his blog, which is every writer’s nightmare.

Best News of the Night: While the producers still haven’t announced that Kaitlyn is the next bachelorette (and Britt was lobbying hard to make herself more likable to audiences) the show did have one big reveal for fans: Chris Harrison has used his years of experience watching people look for love on reality television and poured all those borrowed emotions and spent tears into a romance novel. It’s called The Perfect Letter, and it will undoubtedly put Nicholas Sparks to shame.

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Watch Alec Baldwin Valiantly Attempt to Rap for Charity

Chance the Rapper provides beats

Alec Baldwin is many things: An actor, philanthropist, dating advice guru, podcaster and former Words with Friends enthusiast. Now, he can add rapper to that list.

Chance the Rapper posted a video to Instagram that features him beatboxing while Baldwin freestyles beside him. It goes about as well as you think, with Baldwin giving it his all while reading his rhymes from a piece of paper.

The video came about because Baldwin, Chance, Alfred Woodard and Ali from A Tribe Called Quest were in Chicago for a fundraiser for Young Chicago Authors, an organization Chance credits as helping him become a leader.


While it’s clear Baldwin probably shouldn’t give up his day job, he deserves props for giving it a go for a good cause, namely, promoting YCA’s Louder Than A Bomb poetry festival. Plus it seems like he had a good time:


TIME Television

Watch Ed Norton and Steve Buscemi Help John Oliver Shake Up the Debate Over Infrastructure

Oliver called on some high-profile pals for a sexy new movie called Infrastructure

Strap on your hard hats, because John Oliver took us on a tour of the nation’s infrastructure on Last Week Tonight. What is infrastructure exactly? According to Oliver, it’s roads, bridges, levies, overpasses — or anything that could be destroyed in an action movie.

While discussing the state of the roads for 30 minutes seems dull, to convince viewers that infrastructure is worth talking about, Oliver went on a quick tour of the nation’s dams. According to Oliver, the average dam is 52 years old and has something deeply broken inside of it (“like Botox users and clog dancers,” per Oliver). They also hold back millions of gallons of water and, according to Oliver, have very few inspectors, which is basically a recipe for an awesome action movie sequence.

As Oliver points out, when infrastructure breaks down, things go very wrong, very quickly. Potholes, sink holes and bridge collapses are just a few of the nightmares that can happen when infrastructure breaks, and unfortunately, people only tend to talk about infrastructure when things go wrong — so infrastructure watching becomes a waiting game for disasters. To wit, New York’s notoriously creaky Tappan Zee bridge is described as a “hold your breath” bridge by one official.

According to Oliver, people on both sides of the political spectrum agree that rebuilding infrastructure is important, but maintaining the nation’s roads, bridges and dams isn’t politically exciting enough to gain traction in Congress. As an example, Oliver pointed to the Highway Trust Fund, which will expire on May 31st unless Congress steps in to fund it. Unfortunately, Congress hasn’t raised the gas tax, which funds the Highway Trust Fund, in decades and seemingly no politician is working to correct that, preferring to work on issues that are more politically popular.

Luckily, Oliver has a solution: Infrastructure the movie, with stars like Edward Norton, Vincent D’Onofrio, Steve Buscemi, Hope Davis, Campbell Scott and many more bringing some much-needed sex appeal and Hollywood pizazz to the important topic.

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TIME viral

This Brave Soul Strapped Mentos to His Body and Jumped in a Bathtub Filled With Coke

It's kind of like a DIY jacuzzi.

Type Diet Coke and Mentos into YouTube’s search engine and you’ll be rewarded with more than 150,000 videos of people recording themselves getting into a sticky situation with this amateur science experiment.

The most recent variation on the theme involves a teenager spending his free time filling his bathtub with Coke Zero, taping Mentos all over his body and then jumping into the tub. He recorded the event and it’s a fascinating study in science, DIY Jacuzzi tub making and the extremes to which some people will go to amuse themselves.

Don’t try this at home, kids, because the one thing this video doesn’t show is the young man trying to clean up the bathroom after this experiment.

TIME Travel

Godzilla Will Make Sure You Get a Good Night’s Sleep in This Japanese Hotel

Godzilla Eats A Commuter Train
Embassy Pictures/Getty Images Godzilla is seen in a scene from Godzilla, King of the Monsters!, 1956.

Sleep tight, don't let the mutant lizards bite.

If you’ve ever wanted to sleep under the gaze of Godzilla’s giant eyes, you’d better book a room at Tokyo’s Hotel Gracery.

The hotel, which opens in April in Tokyo’s buzzing Shinjuku district, promises a monstrous good time for fans of the big lizard. The 30-story hotel will feature two Godzilla-themed rooms, one of which requires the hotel to construct an enormous Godzilla head on the roof of the Toho Cinema, which sits on the ground floor of the hotel tower. The gigantic mutant lizard head will peek into the window of one of the rooms, promising that your slumber will be under the ‘zilla’s never-sleeping eyes.

The other room, appropriately called the “Godzilla Room,” is even more ominous with one Godzilla wreaking havoc on a miniature Tokyo in the corner of the room, while a giant hand armed with razor-sharp claws reaches over the bed.

For those who prefer to look over a monster instead of having a monster look over them, the hotel also offers two Godzilla View Rooms, which are close to the action, but don’t require visitors to try and use the restroom with a giant lizard staring at them.

According to AFP, the Godzilla Room is 39,800 yen (US$ 334) during weekdays and 49,800 yen ($417) during weekends and holidays. The two Godzilla View Rooms available, with each a single starting at 15,000 yen ($125) a night.

The Hotel Gracery seems to be affiliated with Toho, who operates the cinema, and is the movie company behind the original Godzilla film. They plan to release a new Godzilla film in 2016, according to AFP.

TIME History

You Can Now Own a Vial of Winston Churchill’s Blood

Sweat, toil and tears not included in the sale.

Looking for the perfect present for the history buff who has everything? A vial of Sir Winston Churchill’s blood is going up on the auction block.

Churchill famously said he had nothing to offer but “blood, toil, tears and sweat” and now some of that blood is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder by Duke’s Auctioneers on March 12.

The blood was collected when Churchill was in the hospital for a fractured hip in 1962. Typically vials of blood are discarded when they are no longer medically necessary, but the nurse who collected it, an apparent fan of the former Prime Minister, received special permission to keep the vial. Upon the nurse’s death, it was bequeathed to a friend who decided to sell the historical medical waste to mark the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s death.

The market value of the vial “is a very difficult thing to estimate,” Timothy Medhurst, an auctioneer and appraiser at Duke’s, told the New York Times. The vial is “the most poignant and unique memorabilia we’ve ever had,” he adds, saying that the blood sample “is the closest you can get to Churchill.”

Keeping all that in mind, he expects the blood to sell for at least 1,000 GBP ($1,550 U.S.) The blood will be sold together with a signed declaration by the nurse detailing the circumstances in which she acquired it.

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Vanessa Bayer: This Is What Haim Should Do On Tour with Taylor Swift

NBCUniversal Events - Season 2014
Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images Vanessa Bayer, "Saturday Night Live" at Boa Steakhouse, West Hollywood, in 2014.

Meet Janessa Slater, the woman who almost made Drake cry

When Vanessa Bayer isn’t cracking people up with her impressions of Miley Cyrus and Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live, she can be found moonlighting as media coach Janessa Slater on Sound Advice. On the Above Average web series that Bayer created with her brother, Jonah, PR expert Janessa Slater sits down with artists like Drake, offering helpful advice about things like how to set up a good JDate profile and whether he should change his name. The interviews, which have included artists like TV on the Radio, Demi Lovato, The Wanted and Tegan and Sara, are uncomfortable and hilarious.

With a new season of Sound Advice kicking off on March 12th on Above Average, TIME talked to Bayer about the series:

TIME: Are the artists in on the joke?

Vanessa Bayer: Yes. We try and have them watch episodes before they do it. We always improvise a lot, so we don’t always show them the questions in advance. Sometimes we will write responses for them, if they want to use them, but they don’t have to. Sometimes we don’t show them anything unless they want to see it, but because we improvise so much it’s not always useful for them. It just depends what the bands want. A lot of what ends up in the final cut is the improvised stuff, because that tends to be funnier.

Some of the bands are really good actors, then, because sometimes they stare at you like you’re completely insane.

I know! Sometimes that’s very off-putting for me because I know that they’re acting, but still. One thing that I think is great about this series is that it shows how great these bands are. They’re so funny, they’re such good actors, they have these skills beyond what you see when they’re performing music. Obviously music is a really good skill, but they are also able to do all this comedy stuff. It’s interesting for my brother and I and our director, Pete Schultz, who writes some of the questions, too, we put these questions together and then we see the band and we get nervous to say these things to them. One episode was with Aimee Mann and Ted Leo, who are in this band The Both — we were so excited to meet them, because we are all such huge fans. The first question was about them being on Social Security and I was so nervous to say it! Of course, they were such good sports about it. My brother said he almost ran out of the room because he was so nervous about it, but I’m the one who actually had to say it!

Your interviews can get uncomfortable in a way that reminds me of Larry David. Is that intentional?

That’s sorta the vibe we’re going for. One thing I have to say about the bands is that they will all respond differently. Some will just stare at me, but others will get really involved. Like Sara Bareilles was really aggressive with me, which was so funny. Some bands will joke back and will improvise with me. Even when they know what the questions are, even if we give them a suggestion of a response, they decide what they think of me. A lot of bands have multiple people and none of them will like me, except for one. Or it’s just a difference in how they are playing it where one will be more accepting and the other won’t be. It’s interesting because it shows the different personalities of the band members, even when they are acting. The TV on the Radio one was so fun to do because they were up for anything and they responded so well when I told them which different member of 90210 they were like and I told one of them that he was Jim Walsh, which is the dad.

Rumors are circulating that Fun. are breaking up. What would Janessa would tell them?

I love those guys. We did our first Sound Advice with them. I think that little French weirdo Jack will be fine, because he’s got that high school side project. That little singer will be great because he’s got pretty good hair and stuff. And Andrew, he’s my guy, he’s the one that will become the millionaire.

Haim is going on tour with Taylor Swift. How would Janessa advise them?

Maybe Haim can try parting their hair on the side to look a little less hipster, because Taylor Swift isn’t really like that. Four girls is a lot, so maybe they should add a fifth girl — like Janessa — to the crew, because while Haim sings and plays instruments and people love Taylor, who’s the person who is really going to bring the crowd out? They should add Janessa because she has a lot to offer as far as beats, lyrics, style and accessories.

Do you think Miley Cyrus will ever come to Sound Advice?

That’s my dream. We’ve reached out to her and she’s been really nice about it, but I think she’s one of the busiest human beings in the world. Another dream guest is Heart, because I love them so much and I sing Heart in karaoke all the time and I really want to show that to them. That’s not the only reason why I want them, though. I just love them.

What do you get out of a web series that you don’t get on SNL?

On SNL you get to do a bunch of different characters, which is really great, but on this web series I get to do one character, and that’s really fun. As the series progresses we get to find out more about Janessa and her ex husband Darren. I do some writing on SNL, too, but on the web series we write it all. It’s been fun digging into this very big mess of a woman.

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The Bachelor Watch: Fireworks in the Fantasy Suites

Denton Hanna—ABC

It's down to the final three!

Welcome back to The Bachelor where we join gentleman farmer Chris Soules on his journey to find love. At this point in his mission: possible, Chris has winnowed his herd of potential wives to three contenders — Whitney, the fertility nurse, Kaitlyn the dance instructor and rap enthusiast, and Becca, who is a chiropractic assistant and a practicing virgin. The only reason to bring that up at this point is that tonight Chris is taking all three women to Bali for some alone time in the infamous Fantasy Suites. Since Chris made out with exactly everyone on the show, there’s little doubt that he will jump at the opportunity to jump at the women in privacy. As he doesn’t know Becca’s status, all eyes are on her and the inevitable Fantasy Suite invite.

Here’s what happened on The Bachelor:

Kaitlyn: Chris announces his first date with Kaitlyn by saying, “she’s definitely a person I can see having in my life,” which sounds simultaneously ominous and vague. Chris takes her to a temple for what Kaitlyn dubs “a spiritual moment.” But who cares about that when a monkey mounts Chris’ head and then pees on him! Life on the farm has trained him well, though, because Chris is surprisingly chill about a monkey urinating on him. (We can all agree that Bachelor Brad would have punched a monkey for doing that.) Kaitlyn must really be in love, because she doesn’t make him change his shirt or anything before making out with him. He changes his shirt before dinner for sanitary reasons, and that’s when Kaitlyn tells him that she’s feeling vulnerable. Chris responds that he’s “extremely excited” and one can only assume he is talking about the Fantasy Suite. He hands her the card and the key and she agrees to forgo her individual room. Their Fantasy Suite has a bathtub filled with flowers arranged in a heart shape, which inspires Kaitlyn to tell Chris that she is falling in love with him, and he says he is falling in love with her too. While on most seasons of The Bachelor that would be a jaw dropping admission, Chris probably says that to all the ladies.

Whitney: When Chris visited Chicago, Whitney told him that she was falling in love with him. Then her sister ruined it all by refusing to give her blessing to their union, because at the time Chris was still dating three other women. For their reunion, they go on a boat ride in the Indian Ocean and drink and make out and flat-out canoodle, while Whitney spends a lot of time apologizing for her sister (whose behavior does not merit an apology). After jumping into the ocean and kissing in the water, Whitney interviews that she thinks she’s going to marry Chris. Chris has some concerns, though. Namely, he’s not convinced she wants to leave her rewarding job in Chicago for farm life in Iowa. He tries to tell it like it is: there’s nothing in Arlington, nothing to do there at all, nada, zip, zero. (Dude, the Chamber of Commerce is going to have words with you. Four-letter ones.) Whitney doesn’t care, because she is ready to go from making babies to having babies, and she can do that in Arlington. Chris nods his approval. Isn’t it nice that Whitney is willing to give up her career without even asking Chris to give up his other two girlfriends? They make out, and he interviews that he’s falling in love with her. He hands her the Fantasy Suite card and she says something like, “I’ve thought a lot about this … and let’s do it. Check please!” Chris takes her to a much nicer Fantasy Suite than the one he took Kaitlyn to.

Becca: As everyone but Chris knows, Becca has decided to wait until marriage to have sex — and to wait until the Fantasy Suite to tell Chris that factoid. For their date, Chris take Becca on an agricultural tour of rural Bali, because: farmer. Then they hit up a temple and meet a local soothsayer who tells them that they should “make love.” Becca dies laughing, but not for the same reason that Chris does. Chris interviews that he is falling in love with her. (See? He does say that to all the ladies.) After their romantic day spent making out in streams and looky loo-ing at temples, Becca is starting to feel things for Chris. Chris is starting to express some concerns about Becca, specifically the fact that she has never been in love. They have a big talk, but the most Becca can manage is that she “thinks” she’s falling in love with him, but she doesn’t really know because she’s never been in love before. Then Chris hands her the Fantasy Suite card and Becca hems and haws and Chris lets loose with a few nervous giggles. She finally agrees to spend some time alone with him. The cameras follow them into the Fantasy Suite, and while Chris interviews about looking forward to new “intimacy,” Becca finally tells him she’s a virgin. He lets out a disappointed sigh, tries to keep a straight face, takes a deep breath and says, “I respect that,” but his voice rises on the last word like a question. Then she admits that she may not be waiting for actual marriage. Girl, do not lose your virginity on national television. Seriously, that’s like the first rule of Girl Club.

The Morning After: Chris stares contemplatively at the ocean and expresses his doubts about Becca. It’s not about her virginity, though, pinky swear. Becca hasn’t said she loved him and expressed some doubts about moving to Arlington, which is a dealbreaker for Chris. (Bachelor lesson: If we learned nothing from Britt, it’s to lie convincingly.) Chris loves all three women and isn’t sure what to do, so he cries in his hotel suite and stares into the middle distance while using the soaking pool. Then he does the only logical thing and calls in a wingman, which he is contractually obligated to do to justify the expense of flying Chris Harrison to Bali. Chris and Chris have some Chris time and Chris listens patiently as Chris explains that he is falling in love with Becca even though she isn’t in love with him yet and isn’t willing to move to Iowa yet. Then Chris time is over and Chris goes back to staring into the middle distance.

The Rose Ceremony: The Bachelor decides to desecrate Bali’s most sacred temple with their Rose Ceremony, because they can. They all wear color-coded Balinese clothing and Chris Harrison tells everyone to refrain from kissing for the next 30 minutes or so, if they can contain themselves. Chris stares at the three women he spent the last three nights with standing next to each other and breaks out in a cold sweat. Then he calls Becca aside and Whitney and Kaitlyn share some side-eye, because they think he is kicking Becca to the Balinese curb. Becca and Chris sit down for a tête-à-tête, and Becca immediately declares that she’s falling in love with him, which is a nice save. While they are gone, Kaitlyn interviews that she feels bad for Becca, but is really excited too, because she can’t wait to meet Chris’ family and is excited about their future. Uh oh. Kaitlyn is going to get kut for being happy. Sure enough, Becca and Chris return, holding hands. Kaitlyn goes wide-eyed as she realizes her mistake. Chris apologizes for the delay and picks up a rose. He hands it to Whitney, who happily accepts it. The second rose goes to Becca. Kaitlyn nods, because she knew that was coming. She rolls her eyes and lets Chris walk her out, clearly out of contractual obligation more than interest. She won’t make eye contact with Chris as he apologizes. He hugs her, and she’s like, whatever. He mumbles about following his heart, and she is trying not to cry while also undoubtedly relieved at not having to move to Iowa.

Next Week: The Women tell all!

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TIME viral

This Puppy’s Devotion to a Broom Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Watching him squeeze the cleaning tool through the dog door will make you feel even worse about slacking off on chores

If Monday is getting the best of you, and you find yourself out-of-sorts and struggling to make it through your inbox, then let this 10-week old Dutch Shepherd puppy help you get through the day.

In this video YouTube video, a little dog named Tex struggles to solve a big problem. The adorable fluffball must have watched a few too many Disney films, because this puppy really wants to help clean house. (What’s next, tying a ribbon in his owner’s hair?)

To get in on the housecleaning action, he grabs the broom and heads inside until troubled strikes: The pup quickly realizes that the broom will not fit through the doggy door. Luckily, Tex is a clever little dog whose helpfulness is only matched by his resourcefulness.

After solving that problem, the only question left is whether Tex’s housecleaning services are for hire.

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