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Lil Jon Gives Talk at Oxford University

Rapper Lil Jon arrives for the PANDORA GRAMMY after party featuring Lil Jon in Hollywood, on Feb 8, 2015
Rapper Lil Jon arrives for the PANDORA GRAMMY after party featuring Lil Jon in Hollywood, on Feb 8, 2015 Rapper Lil Jon arrives for the PANDORA GRAMMY after party featuring Lil Jon in Hollywood, on Feb 8, 2015

His appearance earned the hashtag #TurnDownForOx

While noted college drop-out Kanye West was making headlines for collecting an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago this week — and Chance the Rapper was at Harvard the week before — rapper Lil Jon was busy lecturing at Oxford University.

Wearing an Oxford appropriate v-neck sweater, the King of Crunk discussed such wide-ranging topics as his thoughts on President Obama’s administration, media relations, what he would be doing if he wasn’t a rapper (psychologist!), his initial reaction to be asked to speak to the Oxford Guild (he thought he was being catfished), and, perhaps most importantly, where his former backing band/steady sidekicks The Eastside Boyz are at, according to The Tab Oxford and The Independent.

The “Turn Down for What” rapper had many thoughts on Obama’s presidency, comparing it to restoring old cars: “He put a new engine in it, he put some new rims, got a paint job.” Sadly, when it came to what the Eastside Boyz are up to, Lil Jon couldn’t provide any answers, saying instead, “I have no idea, dawg.”

While the Atlanta-based artist didn’t take his guest lecture position as seriously as West did when he made a similar appearance at the British institution, it seems clear that Lil Jon had a lot more fun.


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Dancing With the Stars Recap: Final Four

Judges get teary over semifinal performances

Welcome to the semifinal round of Dancing With the Stars. In the penultimate episode, the herd of ersatz “celebrities” you need to Google to know their claim to fame has been winnowed down to four real-life no-Google-necessary bona fide dancing stars all willing to do what it takes to bring home that Mirror Ball trophy.

To kick off the festivities, Tom Bergeron points out that each of the semifinalists — Hollywood scion Rumer Willis, Hough cousin Riker Lynch, Olympian Nastia Liukin and veteran Noah Galloway — has been in the lead at least once over the course of the season. That means the competition is almost as tight as the spandex worn by the contestants. Tonight’s semifinal round will be divided into two parts, the first is just a classic Dancing With the Stars performance followed by a judge’s-choice round.

Here’s what happened in the semifinals of Dancing With the Stars:

Round One:

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy: When Rumer was born, she looked like a “magical elf” according to her mother Demi Moore, while her father Bruce Willis simply reported the rather ho-hum fact that she is the oldest of his five daughters. Rumer’s sisters and family friends like Glenn Close (the once and future Marquise de Merteuil) all joined in the chorus of voices exclaiming the positive effects of Dancing With the Stars on Rumer’s mental health. To eke out every last possible vote, Rumer and Val’s semifinal dance was a 50 Shades of Grey–themed Viennese waltz complete with a controlling older man (way to push your boundaries, Val!) and a doe-eyed brunette. Julianne thought Rumer was “a perfect Anastasia,” but it’s TBD whether or not that’s a compliment. Bruno Tonioli almost fainted because he forgot to inhale while stretching out the word “steammmmyyyy” to its furthest possible point. At the end of the routine, Demi came backstage to talk to Erin Andrews about how proud she is of her daughter. 38/40

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess: Turns out Noah joined the military in response to the attacks on Sept. 11. He loved his time in the military, finding a home there, until, of course, he lost his arm and leg in the line of duty. But he’s a warrior, through and through, according to the friends and family and William Shatner (?) gathered together for the clip reel. For his Viennese Waltz, Noah and Sharna perform on a fog-filled stage to David Cook’s “Time of My Life” (R.I.P. American Idol.) Julianne cries while she talks about his rotation, while Carrie Ann coos over the fact that he actually looked like he was having fun while he was dancing, for once. For Len, though, he thought it was Noah’s best dance yet. Good timing, Noah! Speaking of timing, Noah thought it would be a good time to propose to his girlfriend. Nothing says vote for me like putting a ring on it. The judges liked that performance even more. But not as much as Demi who cried her eyes out in the audience or Sharna who had no idea what to do with her arms, so just stuck them straight up in the air. 36/40

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker: Riker attempts to curry favor and/or pity by explaining how he and his entire family had to leave his dad so they could move to Los Angeles and pursue their dreams, which sounds like a choice, not a tragedy. But who has time to parse it when Riker’s family friend Michael Vartan is pulled out of the cryogenic tank where he presumably stored (how else does he not age??) to talk about Riker’s ambition. In addition to the inevitable Vartan Vote Boost, Riker has an advantage in tonight’s semifinals because he is assigned a contemporary routine, which is where Allison and all her So You Think You Can Dance experience really shines. She’s probably the only one on the show who can rival Derek Hough in choreography skills. The judges pretty much die after the performance. Bruno rises to his feet to praise Riker’s range, talent and physicality, and he doesn’t even bother with any innuendo. Len thought it was a great performance, which is his highest compliment. Julianne tried not to diss Allison when she said, “I didn’t know who was the pro in that!” 40/40

Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough: Has Nastia mentioned the fact that she won the gold medal in the Olympics yet? If not, she’ll mention it a few more times in case you missed it. That said, earning a gold medal earns you a lot of bragging rights. And letting the world see you fall flat on your face in the uneven bars, on repeat, is brave. Nastia claims that falling taught her a lot about life outside the Olympic arena, lessons she now applies inside the ballroom. For her quickstep, she teams up with Sasha Farber as Derek continues to recover and it was a perfectly executed routine. Carrie Ann called it a “show stopper.” Len revealed that the secret to quickstep is “move fast, but don’t hurry,” which they nailed. 40/40

Interlude: To announce the Perfect Ten Tour, former Dancing With the Stars champion and The Bachelor cast member Melissa Rycroft helped the pros unveil the opening number of the nationwide Dancing With the Stars tour. It was a fast-paced and fun routine made even more so by shirtless Val, Artem, Keo and Sasha shaking it to Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance.” Perfect Ten is right.

Round Two, Judge’s Choice:

Rumer and Val and Bruno: Bruno wanted to do a Swan Lake–themed contemporary fusion routine. No one but Bruno seems to have any clue what that is, but Val and Rumer give the ballet-inspired performance their best shot. The end result was Val in white tights and Rumer in a black sparkly ensemble fake-balleting through Swan Lake while ballerinas in toe shoes pirouette behind them. Julianne did her best Bruno impression to call them ugly duckling becoming swans, Carrie Ann dubbed it genius, and Len put them at the front of his personal leaderboard, all while Bruno bowed and preened from the balcony. 30/30 (The choreographing judge can’t score the routine.)

Noah and Sharna and Carrie Ann: Carrie Ann chose a paso doble as a metaphor for Noah’s life. If his life had backup dancers and a matador theme. Carrie Ann only cried a little in her excitement about having a tiny part in Noah’s story. The result was a very dramatic routine as if Wagner had choreographed a paso. Noah’s newly minted fiancée clapped proudly from the front row as Noah got a standing ovation. Julianne got “chills from head to toe.” Bruno called him “the top bull,” which in Bruno speak is a very high compliment. Even Len was almost at a loss for words. 30/30

Riker and Allison and Julianne: Julianne’s concept for the dance is to insert herself into the routine, because she’s a judge and it’s judge’s choice, so she chooses to get up on stage and dance. The routine pit Riker against both the women, but unlike the trio dances, Riker eventually kicks Julianne off the stage leaving just Allison, which is when the routine turns into a more traditional Argentine tango. It’s a beautiful routine, and the judges love it. 30/30

Nastia and Derek and Len: Derek is making his routine to the ballroom for a Viennese waltz choreographed by Len. Fun fact, Derek has known Len since he was 12 years old. Len is using the routine as a way to look back at his life with Derek standing in for him until the last minute when Len replaces Derek on the dance floor, entering the ballroom for the first time in all his time on Dancing with the Stars. It’s a beautiful Viennese waltz set to a live performance of “Fall For You” by Leela James. Obviously Carrie Ann can barely talk through her tears. Julianne called it “the most special dance she has ever seen” and then she one-upped her brother by reminding Len that’s known him since she was 9. Bruno can’t contain himself and the judges are all holding hands and bawling at each other by the end of the segment. Len stiff upper-lipped it, simply saying that he thought it was “lovely.” 30/30

Best Reason to Come Back Tomorrow: One of these semifinalists is heading home, cutting their quest for sparkles short just as the Mirror Ball is within their reach.

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This Man Is Living Life Like He’s a Character on Friends

No one told him life was gonna be this way

Du Xin is doing his best to live in an episode of Friends. His wife’s name is Rachel, his son’s English name is Joey and even as a toddler he can already ask, “How you doing?” in a passable Matt LeBlanc accent. When Du goes to work, he tells i-D, it’s to a Central Perk coffee shop knock-off that he created in Beijing. And when he goes home at night, it’s to an apartment decorated just like Joey and Chandler’s place—complete with VHS copies of Baywatch, a.k.a. the roommates’ favorite TV show.

Du, who prefers to go by the name Gunther, discovered Friends after a bad break-up. He quickly became obsessed with the show and the valuable lessons about life and love that he felt the sitcom was trying to impart upon its audience. He eventually quit his job to open the coffee shop and found a woman who didn’t mind his obsession (probably because he insists on treating her how Chandler treated Monica).

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The Rock Is Now the Reigning Champion of Mother’s Day

He paid tribute in a sweet Instagram post

While most mothers would agree that it’s not a competition, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson won Mother’s Day. The San Andreas actor, lip sync champion and diet guru posted a photo of his mother on Instagram with a caption that would warm the cockles of even the coldest heart.

In the picture, The Rock’s mother, Ata Johnson, is crying, but not because she is disappointed in her son. Johnson explains in the caption that when he was 14 years old, he and his mother were evicted from their apartment in Hawaii because they couldn’t afford the $180/week rent. Now his mother, who survived a head-on collision with a drunk driver last year, is being served breakfast on a plane, all paid for by her very successful son. Not that Johnson is gloating in the photo, rather he seems truly thrilled to be able to share his success with his mother—and his big heart with the rest of the world. Now let’s just hope that his mother doesn’t kill him for posting that photo.

Cool Mother’s Day story.. early am flight and I’m sittin’ across from my mom when out of the blue she looks around the plane, then looks at me and says “Son, I can’t believe the life I have.. grandma and grandpa would be so proud.” I asked her, “Are you happy ma?”. Just then the flight attendant placed my moms breakfast down on the table and my mom said to me, “Am I happy?.. I used to worry about how I was going to buy groceries for us and now I just had my breakfast placed down in front of me”. She bursts into tears and says “Yes, son I couldn’t be happier”. This is the woman who when I was 14yrs old we were evicted out of our apartment in Hawaii ’cause we couldn’t afford the $180 per week rent. At this moment Im shaking my head and smiling quietly (as my mom blows her nose;) ’cause she just told me she’s happy. And y’all know when our parents tell us they’re happy, its so satisfying for us, ’cause it means we’ve done a good job for them as their kids. Happy Mother’s Day to all the deserving amazing mamas out there. And Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom who will no doubt kill me for posting this crying pic. #EnjoyBreakfastMom #GratefulTears #TryNotCryInTheEggs

A photo posted by therock (@therock) on May 10, 2015 at 1:17pm PDT

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Watch John Oliver Use Mother’s Day to Slam the Lack of Paid Maternity Leave

"You deserve the very best moms, you're just not going to get it."

To celebrate Mother’s Day, or as John Oliver called it on Last Week Tonight, “the only day of the year we don’t look at our phones and go ‘yeahhh not now, mom,'” Oliver called the United States to task for its failure to provide mothers with paid maternity leave.

According to Oliver, the U.S. and Papua New Guinea are the only two countries that do not give any paid maternity leave. While the federal Family Medical Leave Act guarantees women won’t lose their job if they take 12 weeks of unpaid leave, it only applies to women who are full-time employees in medium and large-sized companies. Freelancers, part-time, and contract employees and employees at smaller companies are not covered.

For Oliver, this is unacceptable treatment of mothers. “You deserve the very best moms, you’re just not going to get it.” In Oliver’s opinion, it’s especially appalling, because when California enacted a paid maternity leave law, they found the results overall to be akin to having hockey on in the back of the bar—”it’s not hurting anyone and a few people are really into it.”

This Mother’s Day Oliver encourages passing meaningful legislation instead of another Hooters gift card.

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Watch This Guy Try to Follow The Rock’s Insane Diet Plan for a Day

It didn't go very well

Recently, Muscle & Fitness published Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s daily diet, and it is a whopper. The seven-meal menu includes a 10 egg-white omelet, two pounds of cod, half a pound of steak and chicken, two cups of oatmeal, tons of vegetables and enough calories to propel the Furious 7 star through any and all smackdowns.

It’s a diet fit for a man who goes by a nickname like “The Rock,” but it might be a bit much for a mere mortal. This was proven by a staffer at Complex who was dared to try the intense plan for just one day. There were a few problems: He is not the same size as The Rock. He also hates fish and would have to stomach 36 oz of it throughout the day. He did his best, though, which in this case, means only throwing up once.

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Jimmy Kimmel Had a Nice Surprise for the Price Is Right Contestant in a Wheelchair

Danielle Perez continues to be a great sport

The Price is Right has had a few notable gaffes lately, like when a model accidentally helped a contestant win a car or when the announcer wiped out while running backwards. But those blunders pale in comparison to the moment earlier this week when a woman who lost both her legs in an accident won a treadmill.

The winner, Danielle Perez, is good spirited about it all. “This is literally the best day of my life,” Perez, who works as a comedian, tweeted. “I’ve been popping wheelies all day.” She also tried to start her own meme about the awkwardness of it all:

Wednesday night, Perez stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the mismatched prize with the comedian. She continued to show off how good-natured she is about it all, laughing, “Well, at least we know it’s not rigged.” Kimmel then tested her price-guessing skills and rewarded her with a much more appropriate prize.

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Dancing With the Stars Recap: Carly Rae Jepsen and Josh Groban Help Ring in the Semifinals

Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the elimination

Welcome back to Dancing With the Stars. Last night the stars donned their spandex, buffed up their spray tans, pasted down their dance pants, and strutted their stuff. The first half of the competition let America dictate the dancers’ every move, like puppet masters intent on making jazz hands. The second half saw the dancers team up for so-called not-at-all euphemistic trio dances. Tonight, the herd of stars will be winnowed to a sleek elite ready for the semifinals, and two of the contestants will be sent home. As Tom Bergeron keeps pointing out that’s one-third of the field, and we will just believe him because fractions are not what we came here for. What we want are results, but first we will have to survive another round of Dance Center and suffer through a five-minute elimination ceremony stretched further than a pair of Derek Hough’s Lycra dance pants.

Here’s what happened on Dancing With the Stars:

Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy: After a perfect score last night and a command repeat performance of their intense paso doble (with an assist from Artem) there was no doubt that they would make the cut. Sure enough they were quickly announced safe.

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess: Dance Center, as tiresome as it is, does occasionally reveal fascinating behind-the-scenes footage: for example, a clip from rehearsal when Sharna kicked out Noah’s tooth — as if the man hasn’t lost enough. Hopefully she will avoid wreaking any more havoc on the veteran as they prepare for the semifinals. They are safe and will return next week.

Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough: The Olympic medalist has had it rough this season what with performing on the show, being in school, traveling from New York to Los Angeles, and then having to cope with working with a new partner, since Derek so rudely got injured. Yet the champion has persevered, so it’s no surprise that she is headed straight to the semifinals.

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker: Despite a perfect score, it’s announced that Riker is in jeopardy. It’s clearly only meant to build the drama, but everyone bandies about Willow Shields’ early dismissal as a cautionary tale — mostly because Tom is really bummed that he forgot to make a joke about someone volunteering as tribute when The Hunger Games star was cut. Soon enough, Riker is put at ease and yet another Hough family scion (he’s a cousin of some sort of Julianne’s and Derek’s) is headed to Dancing With the Stars–fueled fame.

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson: When it was announced that Robert was in jeopardy, it seemed inevitable that he would be sent home. Sure enough the Shark Tank star was sent packing. His are-they-or-aren’t-they romance with Kym just wasn’t enough to keep voters interested, especially after weeks at the bottom of the leaderboard. He went home without a Mirror Ball, but with months worth of tabloid fodder about his relationship with Kym.

Chris Soules and Witney Carson: It’s not particularly surprising that The Bachelor is in jeopardy. And it’s no real surprise when he is sent home. While he has steadily improved from week to week — and clearly had a dance breakthrough during Spring Break week — he is nowhere near the level of Rumer or Riker. He has some chops, which he can show off while tending to his crops. Or, you know, planning his ABC-sponsored wedding to his blushing Bachelor bride, Whitney.

Carly Rae Jepsen: She stopped by the show to sing her latest hit, “I Really Like You,” and it was adorable, especially because of her new Strawberry Shortcake ‘do. The only problem with the performance is that Tom Hanks wasn’t in it.

Josh Groban: For some reason Josh Groban swung by the stage to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in a sea of pumped-in fog while Maddie Ziegler (of Sia’s “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart,” and “Big Girls Cry” fame) and a few of her friends performed a ballet-inspired routine. The song was kind of an incongruous choice for the dance, but no one else seemed to mind. In fact, Tom used it as an opportunity to point out how much he misses the Tuesday results show. So say we all, Tom, so say we all.

Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: The top four compete in the semifinals.

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Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Act Out All of His Movies in Six Minutes

From Conan the Barbarian to Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger took a page out of Tom Hanks’s playbook and reenacted many of the films from his impressive filmography in just six minutes for Monday’s Late Late Show.

In the clip, aided and abetted by host James Corden, the former Governor of California and once-and-future actor took a very quick stroll down movie memory lane beginning with his star turn in Conan the Barbarian. From there he went to Pumping Iron where he recited the memorable line, “Milk is for babies, when you grow up you have to drink beer.” The nostalgia-laden trip continued with stopovers at Commando (“I eat Green Berets for breakfast!”), an argument over the best scene in Twins, and, of course, he had to don the sunglasses and leather jacket of The Terminator.

It’s a fun bit and we can only hope that prolific actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Keaton and Kurt Russell will swing past the Late Late Show soon.

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Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Did a Shot-For-Shot Remake of Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’ Video

Wigs, for the win

Jimmy Fallon has a knack for making viral videos out of celebrity game nights, but on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show he took a sharp left turn into unknown territory and the results are kind of amazing. With the help of Jack Black, Fallon orchestrated a shot-for-shot remake of the 1990 music video for Extreme’s “More Than Words.”

Normally one would say, “Well, someone had to do it,” but in this case that’s not true — no one had to do a shot-for-shot remake of the “More Than Words” video, but it’s great that they did. The recreation is intimate, heartfelt and completely, hilariously bizarre. Black and Fallon are truly committed to taking their jobs very seriously and, for once, Fallon managed not to break character.

Extreme won a Grammy for the song (really!) and hopefully The Tonight Show can get some accolades for this feat. Please, give the wig department all the Emmys.

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