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Watch The Muppets’ Dr. Teeth Sing ODB’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’

Shimmy shimmy heck yeah

When Wu-Tang Clan member ODB made a video for his 1995 hip-hop classic “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” he turned to Hype Williams for a straight-out-of-the-’70s feel. Turns out he should have just turned to The Muppets’ house band, The Electric Mayhem.

Mashup genius Mylo the Cat has paired the rap staple with a video of bandleader Dr. Teeth getting his “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” on and the results are pitch perfect. That’s become the norm for Mylo the Cat, who also brought together the Muppets and The Beastie Boys, as well as the Great Gonzo doing the Digital Underground’s Humpty Dance.

“Shimmy Shimmy Ya” is the perfect song for Dr. Teeth who is clearly the ODB of Electric Mayhem. No one else has his energetic mix of piano playing, slick moves and distinctive way of singing. Similarly, no one else in the Wu Tang had ODB’s idiosyncratic style on the mic. As Method Man said on 36 Chambers when it comes to ODB, “there ain’t no father to his style.” (For the record, Method Man is definitely the Floyd of the Wu Tang.)

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The Bachelorette Recap: Doug E. Fresh, New York City and the Return of Nick V.

Welcome back to Kaitlyn’s journey to find love and a Neil Lane diamond ring on The Bachelorette. Last week, Kaitlyn rid her flock of the weak and the crazy-eyed, and Tony the Healer went home to his bonsai tree in a protest against all the violence on the show, before he even got a chance to read her chakras or heal her. It was a very full week, but in the inimitable words of TV pitchman the late Billy Mays — but wait, there’s more! Clint and J.J.’s bromance came to a hilt, but Kaitlyn finally realized that Clint was not there for the right reasons, which is high treason in the Bachelorverse. Not being one to shy away from trouble, Kaitlyn went to have a little conversation with him, which is where the show frustratingly ended.

Here’s what happened on The Bachelorette:

The Drama: Before his talk with Kaitlyn, Clint claims he is “ready to make some power moves tonight.” Needless to say he’s confident he’s getting a rose. When Kaitlyn calls him out, he blames jealousy. When that doesn’t work he throws out some Bachelorette-approved feelings phrases: he’s been “100% honest,” and “that scares him,” and it’s been “really difficult overcoming himself.” All credit to Kaitlyn, she saw right through his smooth talking and poor man’s Liam Hemsworth’s look. She basically pats him on the head and tells him to go say good-bye to his little friends.

The Actual Shocking Twist: Back inside, Kaitlyn breaks the news, and in an actually shocking twist, J.J. tells Clint that he should apologize to everyone for wasting Kaitlyn’s time. The men collectively drop their jaws at J.J.’s gall, and Clint looks genuinely hurt by the public friend dumping (frumping?). Naturally he rounds on J.J., and in an expletive-laden farewell, Clint loudly ends their bromance. Later, after Clint leaves, J.J. cries to himself. He’s not here to make friends anymore.

The Rose Ceremony, Part II: Kaitlyn decides that there is not going to be a Rose Ceremony. While the men curl their lips over the fact that J.J. is still in the house, Chris Harrison tells them to turn their frowns upside down, because their journey to find love is taking them to New York City.

First Group Date: After some gelled and waxed man delivers the obligatory line that “New York is a good place to fall in love,” a date card arrives inviting J.J., Shawn, that one guy, Jonathan, Tanner, that other guy, someone named Ben (maybe?), Ryan B., that some other guy who may be new here to an outing. The challenge? The rap battle that Gawker attended back in April, making us all seethe with jealousy like a Bachelor contestant left out of the hot tub make-out session. Hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh earned himself a paycheck by agreeing to train the men in the fine art of the rap battle, to be performed in front of a live audience, natch. The men write down some (lame) rhymes and go for it. Kaitlyn speaks the truth when she says “this is the worst rap battle ever” and that includes the one where Eminem performed with barfed up spaghetti on his sweater.

The Arrival: Kaitlyn spies Ashley I. from her time in the trenches with Chris Soules and goes to say hello. Standing next to her is Nick Viall (a.k.a. the man who slut-shamed Bachelorette Andi on national television after she took full advantage of the Fantasy Suite), and Kaitlyn is actually excited to see him. Apparently they struck up a friendship on social media and a few friendly tweets is enough for Nick to get the crazy look back in his eyes and come flying across the country and beg the producers to let him on to the show. (Why didn’t he just write one of his famous letters?) Kaitlyn wants to think about his offer. Wouldn’t it be better if she invited Doug E. Fresh onto the show instead?

The After Party: You know what puts a damper on a group date? Telling all the men that you don’t like any of them quite enough and want to bring in a 13th man to see if he is a better fit for you. Turns out that is a great way to annoy many, many men at the same time. Keep that in mind next time you find yourself the only woman at a panel discussion or conference. The men are well aware of Nick’s sordid, slut-shamey past, and they are not impressed. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn has ditched the party and is making out with Nick. When she gets back, Kaitlyn gives Justin the Date Rose, but he is too depressed to be impressed.

The Decision: Kaitlyn realizes that it’s probably not fair to bring Nick into the pool of possible husband material at this late date, but she also really wants to make out with him and doesn’t want to deny her feelings. Before her date with Jared, she goes to get her hair done by crazy-eyed Ashley S., who Kaitlyn swears is smart and not nearly as crazy as the edit she was given would imply. (She says that, but never forget the Onion or the zombies.) After talking to Ashley S., Kaitlyn decides to follow her heart and to let Nick on the show. She and Nick make out on the street corner to celebrate before she leaves for her date with Jared. Later, she tells the men her decision, and weirdly none of them are happy about it.

The One-on-One Date: Kaitlyn goes to meet Jared for a black-tie date at the Met, but her mind isn’t in the date at all. Instead, she is thinking about Nick, and all the drama she is unleashing on the house by throwing yet another man into her embarrassment of manly, spray-tanned riches. Jared manages to play it cool and earns Kaitlyn’s attention, and eventually the Date Rose while drinking wine next to the Temple of Dendur, which has probably seen at least one moment as awkward as this in its 2,000 years on the planet. Maybe. The happy couple then take off in a limo to a helicopter to enter the Statue of Liberty’s airspace.

Bachelorette Milestone: Jared said the L word.

Second Group Date: In a move sure to crush the souls of every aspiring thespian Ian, Ben H., The Dentist, Joshua, and some guy with 1990s Morrissey hair are invited to audition for the cast of Aladdin on Broadway. But as any Smash fan knows, Broadway is a cruel place, and soon enough all the men are cut from the show except for the dentist, who gets to stay and perform with Kaitlyn during an actual (hopefully heavily discounted) performance of the musical. They make out in the wings. She hands him the Date Rose and then they kiss some more.

Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: If you like awkwardness, you’ll love watching the men pretend to tolerate the presence of Nick V. Also, some day there might be a Rose Ceremony and one of these men (or J.J.) will get sent back to their bonsai trees.

Update: In case you were wondering about how the not-Bachelorette is doing, Britt and Brady are still dating. They spend their days going for long walks on the beach and she calls him the “b word” (that’s boyfriend, people), and probably sending Edible Arrangements to the producers of the show in gratitude for bringing them together.

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Watch John Waters’ Unconventionally Inspiring Commencement Speech

'Make me nervous!'

John Waters isn’t known for his scholarly works, but he is well-qualified to dole out some life advice to the 2015 graduating class of the Rhode Island School of Design. After all, the director of Hairspray, Cry-babyand Serial Mom has been doing what he loves “for 50 years without ever having to get a real job.” That alone should be inspiring for those graduating from an arts college.

In his commencement address the auteur encouraged graduates to, “Go out in the world and f–k it up beautifully. Design clothes so hideous that they can’t be worn ironically. Horrify us with new ideas. Outrage outdated critics. Use technology for transgression, not lazy social living. Make me nervous!”

He went on to remind the graduates that it’s their “turn to cause trouble – but this time in the real world, and this time from the inside.” Not bad advice from the director who was suspended from high school and kicked out of college in the “first marijuana scandal ever on a university campus,” only to go on to build “a career on negative reviews.”

[H/T Boing Boing]

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Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Bad Blood’ Is The Mashup You Need to Hear

Internet genius at work


Some internet genius has taken Taylor Swift’s fight night anthem “Bad Blood” and seamlessly merged it with her ode to break-ups “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and created a new summer jam called, naturally, “We Are Never Ever Getting Bad Blood.”

The YouTube video above was posted by Andrea Suarez and uses the clips for the two hits, creating a back-and-forth between Swift’s Tarantino-esque revenge fantasy for “Bad Blood” with the pajama-clad dance party featured in “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

It is remarkable how easily — and catchily — these two songs mesh. And these aren’t the only Swift songs to get the mashup treatment: Back in March, SoundCloud user DJ Dwibbit revealed how Swift’s “Blank Space” and “Style” sound almost like the same song when blended together.

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Watch John Oliver Slam the Unfairness of the U.S. Bail System

Nonviolent offenders are filling up jails for no reason besides being unable to pay bail: Is that desirable?

Bail is an integral part of the U.S. justice system. As anyone who has watched a single episode of Law & Order can tell you, bail is when you get charged with a non-violent crime and the court charges you a sum of money as bond. If you have money, you pay your bail and go home to await trial.

The problem is when people don’t have the financial resources for bail and, as John Oliver pointed out on the latest Last Week Tonight, many nonviolent offenders are sitting in jail simply because they can’t afford to pay bail.

And yet, Americans are so comfortable with the bail system that television shows feature armed bounty hunters pursuing people for sport, and that’s a problem worthy of John Oliver’s attention.

Watch the clip for more.

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Let This Rap Battle Help You Decide What Kind of Camper You Are

Are you a camper or a glamper?


Whether you live in a city or a suburb sometimes you just need to get away from it all, escape to the woods, and commune with nature. But are you a one-man, one-tent, one-match camper who eschews modern comforts outside of the nylon thrill of a utility belt? Or are you the type who prefers to throw the filet mignon on the stainless steel hibachi outside your two-story tent with a built-in patio? In short, are you a camper or a glamper?

YouTube channel IFHT has thrown down the gauntlet and whether you’re a committed woodsman or prefer your forest with a side of flare (non-flammable, of course, Smokey the Bear), everyone will agree this rap battle has natural charm.

As for the cities vs. suburbs debate, that’s a different rap battle entirely.


The Big Bang Theory LEGO Set Is Here

Sheldon looks even smarter somehow

If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory and have wanted to hang out in Leonard and Sheldon’s living room, swap physics jokes with Amy and Bernadette, eat Chinese food with Raj and Howard and re-enact all your Penny-Leonard (or Sheldon-Leonard?) slashfic, now is your chance. LEGO has just unveiled its new The Big Bang Theory LEGO set.

The set includes mini-figures of the show’s seven main characters—Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette—and enough authentic detail to satisfy even the most Type-A fan. The minifigures of the characters are all dressed in outfits that any fan will recognize, from Sheldon’s Flash t-shirt to Raj’s multi-hued ensemble.

This set comes from LEGO’s popular Ideas crowdsourcing community, the same group of people behind the forthcoming Doctor Who LEGO set and the possible Golden Girls kit. The Big Bang Theory set was created by two LEGO fan designers— Alatariel from Sweden and Glen Bricker from the USA—and selected by LEGO Ideas members.

The Big Bang Theory construction set will cost $59.99 and is expected to be available this summer.

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Here’s The ‘Thriller’ Meets Game of Thrones Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers for the most recent episode


Warning: Don’t watch if you haven’t seen last week’s episode of Game of Thrones — or do, if you like spoilers.

While Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” may have been released in 1982, it’s pitch perfect for today’s mashup-happy internet. After all, no mere mortal can resist the evil of watching the classic song mashed up with Game of Thrones.

In the petrifying final scene of last week’s Game of Thrones, the White Walker-in-Chief, the Night’s King, turns poor Jon Snow’s blood to ice with a shrug and a brazen, “Come at me, Snow.” The results were bone-chilling. The one thing that could make them more frightening? If Vincent Price had narrated the scene.

Luckily we live in the age where such things are possible and some genius has taken Price’s voiceover from Jackson’s zombie pop song and laid it over the top of the eerie GoT scene so that others can enjoy — or be scared silly.


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This Supercut of One-Armed Saves in Movies Is Life-Affirming

The Beatles hit "I Want To Hold Your Hand" makes the perfect soundtrack

Attention butterfingers, this video is not for you.

Ryan Holland and the filmmakers at Lucky Treehouse have tracked down 101 examples of the classic action-movie trope — the one-armed catch — and turned them into a mesmerizing supercut of life-saving stunts, all appropriately set to The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

Look for clips from Indiana Jones, Toy Story, Harry Potter, The Lego Movie, Batman, and many, many movies from the Arnold Schwarzenegger oeuvre. And while they aren’t all successful saves, they are all pretty cool looking.

While in reality a one-armed catch doesn’t seem likely to work — and even if it did everyone involved would surely end up with a dislocated shoulder – it sure is fun to watch in the movies.

[H/T Slate]

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The Bachelorette Recap: Sumo Wrestling and Sex Ed on the Road to Love

Someone let the men teach sex ed to innocent children

Welcome back to The Bachelorette, where Kaitlyn Bristowe is slogging her way to love. She has toppled Britt to become the star of the show, gotten groped by a drunk guy and finally embarked on her journey to find love and, if the promos are to be believed, some something something. This week Kaitlyn has two group dates and her second one-on-one date, but first she has to finish getting rid of Kupah, whom she kicked off last week, but didn’t quite finish the job. Then there’s still a Rose Ceremony to get through …

Here’s what happened on The Bachelorette this week:

The Farewell: Kaitlyn leaves the mansion to go tell Kupah to go ahead and go gentle into that good night. He abashedly swears,”I won’t yell anymore, I promise,” which is a great start to any relationship. She rolls her eyes as he rolls into the van. She takes the time to daintily wipe the tears from her eyes and notes that you can tell a lot about a person in 30 seconds. Especially if those 30 seconds involve drunkenly hollering in the driveway.

The Bachelorette Milestone: Kaitlyn realizes that this is harder than she thought it would be. That’s when Chris “Perfect Timing” Harrison earns his salary by reminding her that it’s time for a Rose Ceremony.

Rose Ceremony, Continued: Back in the mansion, the men line up, and Kaitlyn starts handing out roses. First up is Jared, who appears to have recovered from his Bachelorette-induced concussion (so it must be only slightly worse than a Bachelorette-induced migraine). She then hands roses to Ben H., Shawn, Jonathan (who is dressed in his finest Miami Vice cosplay), a person named Tanner, who is apparently on the show, Chris Cupcake and then a bunch of guys named Ryan and Justin.

The Final Rose: Tony the Healer is freaking out because he left his bonsai tree and dog to be on the show, and Kaitlyn didn’t hand him a rose yet. He explains that he “sees the world through the eyes of a child” and is very concerned that Kaitlyn is not recognizing his inner warrior. Luckily, the producers refuse to let go of their most bon mots–addled contestant, so he gets the rose, meaning a handful of far more sane, but far more boring men are heading back to their day jobs as entrepreneurs and amateur fitness trainers.

The First Group Date: If you ever need an effective wakeup call, try two sumo wrestlers armed with a gong. They deliver the news that JJ, Joe, Justin, Joshua, Chris Cupcake, Clint, and, of course, Tony will be sumo wrestling to impress Kaitlyn. Chris Harrison tells the menfolk that “out of respect” for the most ancient sport, the men must wear traditional sumo garb for their bouts. The men then spend the rest of the date mocking the sumo belts, with lots of pointing, laughing, pointed blurring and referring to the belts as “man diapers.” Good show of respect! The sumo wrestlers school the men in the sport and mercilessly (hilariously) chuck them out of the ring one by one. Then there’s Tony. He is a “peaceful and balanced guy,” but when he is unable to mount the mountain of man meat, he goes off to sulk and pretend he’s not into violence and wants to be a man of peace. So he picks a fight with Kaitlyn and curses at JJ and pouts in a corner. Kaitlyn keeps pointing out that this is just supposed to be fun, but Tony’s self-proclaimed “gypsy soul” can’t handle it. The rest of the men head down to some public location to scandalize children and wrestle. Even Kaitlyn suited up for a staged match. The men threw each other around in the ring until Clint was named champion.

The Not-Quite Drama: While Kaitlyn is off having fun with the team players, Tony, the lone wolf, has decided that he “can’t participate in this circus anymore.” She hugs him and sends him on the way without even pretending to talk him out of it.

The After Party: Clint has a sneaky plan where he decides not to pursue Kaitlyn and instead wants to sit on the bench with his bros and see if she comes to talk to him. She doesn’t. Instead she gives Sean the Date Rose and calls Clint out for being a doof.

The Ugh: The producers really want us to believe that the “bromance” between JJ and Clint is much more than just friendship. To “prove” their point, the producers spliced together a bunch of film leading people to believe that the men are falling in love with each other. Insert eye roll. JJ already confirmed that this was a creative edit, so this appears to be just a ridiculous stunt, signifying nothing other than a vague homophobia.

The One-on-One Date: Chris Harrison has planned a surprise date for Kaitlyn and Ben Z. (a.k.a. not Ben H.). Relationships take trust and communication, so he is locking them in the basement of Spirit Costume Shop together. And they say romance is dead. Kaitlyn and Ben then have to face a basement of horrors that would make Eli Roth cry — including birds, computer CAPTCHA codes, Britt’s disembodied face and fake barf-filled toilets. Also, snakes, scorpion and maggots, but really it was the CAPTCHA that nearly did them in. Luckily, while Kaitlyn squealed, Ben was manlier than that guy named Manley on Little House on the Prairie and they escaped the basement and went to make out at Kaitlyn’s house.

The Bachelorette Milestone: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a hot tub. They make out. She hands him the Date Rose.

The Second Group Date: Some sociopath with a sick sense of humor sends a group of Bachelor men into a school to teach innocent young children about sex ed. I hope the parents of these children read their permission slips very, very closely. The men fumble and bumble through their presentations veering from PG-13 to R rating, getting bleeped and black-barred along the way. Ben H. kept it sweet and simple using Kaitlyn as a visual aid to help explain reproduction in a PG way that was a vast improvement over Joshua, who gleaned his material from hanging out with cows. When things get more NC-17, Kaitlyn reveals that these are not ordinary schoolchildren but child actors who have already lost all their innocence trying to make it in the rough streets of Hollywood. Ben H. earns a Date Rose for his efforts.

The Cocktail Party: Clint knows that he’s not there for the right reasons, but wants to hang out in the mansion with JJ, who spends a lot of time spewing vitriol into the camera. He and JJ chortle evilly in the corner, and the men have enough. They crack and tell Kaitlyn that the men are not there for the right reasons. Dun Dun.

Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: Somebody is going home. Hopefully.

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