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Breaking Bad Costume Auction Means You Can Finally Dress Like Heisenberg

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) - Breaking Bad _Season 5 - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC
Frank Ockenfels—AMC

Channel your inner drug-lord in Walter White's wardrobe

Have you always wanted to get in touch with your inner Walter White? Now you be the most pure fan as possible since clothes from the set of Breaking Bad are up for sale at an online auction.

You can wear the exact chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-dealer chic outfit that Bryan Cranston wore in the “Ozymandius” episode, from the green flannel button-up shirt down to his khaki pants. Or maybe you prefer Jesse Pinkman’s look with “A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal” shirt and zippered jacket designed for Aaron Paul to wear. Perhaps you want to go industrial glamour with Walter White’s super lab chemical suit, which would surely make a statement at your next business meeting.

Whatever your fashion sense, there is sure to be something out of the 77 authentic Breaking Bad items up for sale that will suit your needs.

The auction runs from July 16th to July 23rd on the Prop Store website, but the tighty whitey underwear is, sadly, nowhere in sight.


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Ian McKellen Reciting Taylor Swift Lyrics Is Mandatory Viewing

Sir Ian Mckellen during a Q&A for the film 'Mr Holmes' at the 65th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany on Feb. 8, 2015.
Gisela Schober—Getty Images Sir Ian Mckellen during a Q&A for the film 'Mr Holmes' at the 65th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany on Feb. 8, 2015.

From "Bad Blood" to Bruno Mars

Whether it’s chocolate and peanut butter or pizza and pigs in a blanket, there’s nothing like when your two favorite things come together to create something somehow larger than its constituent parts. Add to the list Sir Ian McKellen reciting the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

The folks at Yahoo have made our dream come true—a dream we didn’t even know that we had—with this video of the esteemed actor and British knight pouring his incomparable talent to imbue Swift’s lyrics with a dark passion, declaring that his “mad love” is now “bad blood.” Chilling, indeed. He topped off that Oscar worthy performance by reciting the lyrics to Marc Ronson’s and Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk,” and makes it clear that he is going to” uptown funk you up. ”

For those of who spend our lives on the internet there may be no greater moment.

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Watch Rod Stewart Do Car Karaoke with a Little Help From A$AP Rocky on the Late Late Show

Host James Corden knows the words to Rod Stewart's songs better than Rod Stewart

James Corden has made Car Karaoke a staple of his Late Late Show and it’s just getting better. The latest installment features the host driving around Los Angeles singing along to “Maggie Mae,” “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” and “The First Cut is the Deepest” — something everyone has done, but Corden got to do it with a little help from Rod Stewart himself.

The music legend sat in the passenger seat and sang along to his most famous tunes (although Corden was arguably more animated in the execution) and talked about rock n roll’s glory days with all “the shaggin’ and the drinkin” and hotel rooms that his band The Faces would destroy after checking in as Fleetwood Mac (!!). Stewart even let Corden, seemingly a true fan, run his hands through his famous hairdo.

One of the highlights of the ten-minute clip came when Stewart’s most recent musical venture plays and A$AP Rocky magically appears in the backseat to rap his verses on “Everyday,” which features Stewart as a guest vocalist.


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Watch Boy George and Jack Black Cover The Doors on Conan

Hello we love you, Boy George and Jack Black

When Culture Club frontman Boy George stopped by Conan last night, Conan O’Brien dutifully asked him about his musical influences. Boy George explained that he had never gotten past his love of ’70s musical acts like the Rolling Stones and The Doors. At the mention of The Doors, Jack Black, who was on the show to promote his HBO series The Brink, couldn’t help but pipe up that the band’s singer, Jim Morrison, had the best “Yo!” in the history of rock. With two Doors-loving musicians on his hands, O’Brien suggested they perform together.

While the Conan house band claimed to not know any of the band’s hits, The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger just so happened to be on hand to sit in with the band on a rendition of “Hello, I Love You” with Black and Boy George trading off vocals. It was a fun fake-spontaneous performance between two stars with a surprising amount of chemistry. The only unfortunate part of their performance is that you may end up with The Doors stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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The Bachelorette Recap: Fantasy Suites and Family Friction

Overnight dates help Kaitlyn find two final suitors

Welcome back to The Bachelorette, where Kaitlyn’s path to love is taking her on a tour of the Irish countryside and straight to the Fantasy Suites with her three remaining suitors — Shawn, Ben H., and repeat offender Nick. Last week she had an overnight escapade (well, another one) with Nick, and it helped her figure out her feelings. Now Kaitlyn just has to sort out her feelings for Ben and Shawn — in the Fantasy Suites, of course.

Here’s what happened on The Bachelorette:

The Drama: Shawn has decided that it’s time to talk to Nick and accuse him of not being there for the right reasons, but to his face for once and not just behind his back. Then Shawn brings up last season’s drama with Andi, but Nick is having none of that. They talk loudly at each other in a vaguely civil manner and then suddenly Shawn leaves. The end. Good talk. Later, Kaitlyn interviews that Nick and Shawn hate each other so much that it’s actually affecting her feelings for both of them.

The Overnight With Ben: Kaitlyn goes to meet Ben H. in Galway, probably just to get far, far away from Nick and Shawn. It’s the first overnight date, and they are both excited to get to know each other off camera, as the kids are calling it these days. “You are getting on this large animal that you might not have control of,” says Kaitlyn — oh wait, she was talking about a horse, not the impending night in the Fantasy Suite. She and Ben wear matching woolen sweaters, ride horses, feed some obstreperous donkeys, and make out everywhere. Kaitlyn says Ben is a “calming presence” who always makes her feel better. He wants to start a life together, and she mutters something about forever. So she’ll probably cut him. As they prepare to feast in a castle, Ben admits that he turned 26 on the show, and since Kaitlyn is almost 30 he’s worried that the age difference will come between them. She swears that his age doesn’t bother her. Then they head to the Fantasy Suite to prove it. When the cameras join them in the morning, Kaitlyn smirks that they got maybe half an hour of sleep and claims she’s falling for Ben. She’s definitely dumping him.

The Overnight With Shawn: Kaitlyn has sufficiently recovered from her date with Ben for her date with Shawn. They are going golfing, and Kaitlyn has a good enough swing that Shawn ticks it off “the checklist of wife material.” She beats him soundly at the game, and for her prize she orders him to strip down. He does, revealing that he wore Spanx underneath his golf pants. Then Kaitlyn steals his clothes, and Shawn chases her across the golf course in nothing but a black box. Presumably this is how every game in the Masters tournament ends. Kaitlyn admits that she and Shawn have had the most ups and downs of any of her relationships, but instead of seeing it as a giant red flag, she seems to thrive on it. So during dinner she grills him about Nick until smoke comes out of his ears like a character in a Merry Melody cartoon. Then she presents him with the Fantasy Suite card. They don’t even fake debate it, but head straight to the room. Kaitlyn claims that when she wakes up in the morning she’s going to know a lot more about whether Shawn could be her husband.

More Drama: Nick comes to talk to Shawn man to man. Shawn makes sure to mention that he just spent a whole night with Kaitlyn and suggests that they compare black boxes. Then he talks over Nick for a few minutes and then kicks him out. Shawn is so enraged by their encounter that he marches into the no-camera zone of the bathroom. Nick is unimpressed.

The Rose Ceremony: Chris Harrison emerges from the golf course? (Sauna? Wine cellar? Book tour?) to help Kaitlyn parse her relationships. She admits that she really likes Shawn and loves her time with Nick, but the drama between them is affecting her. Then there is Ben, who is “such a sweetheart.” That’s pretty much the death knell, right? She tells Chris, “I don’t want to blindside anybody, but I’m going to.” When she goes to face her suitors she realizes it is the harshest round of F/M/K anyone could play, and she loses it and runs to the hallway to cry. She finally returns and hands Nick the first rose. The final rose goes to Shawn. Ben looks sad, so Kaitlyn walks him out and whispers to him that he’ll probably be the next Bachelor. He looks torn up as he leaves. It’s just too bad that he can’t meet a nice lady out of say a pack of 25 eligible women … oh wait. Back inside, Shawn and Nick stand awkwardly next to each other, refusing to acknowledge that the other exists. The cameras just roll and roll while they avoid making eye contact with each other. Truly compelling television.

Meet the Family: Nick Edition: For some reason Nick’s entire extended family is crammed into the conference room of an anonymous hotel in Utah. Do they live there? Before they go to meet the family in this fake hometown date, Nick tells Kaitlyn he loves her, like, for real. They make out outside the hotel for a while and then go to the fifth-floor conference room for their appointment. Kaitlyn meets Nick’s brothers, and after she passes their apathetic test well enough, Bella, Nick’s adorable little sister, straight-up asks Kaitlyn, “Do you love my brother?” Kaitlyn hedges and Bella shrugs, cause she’s been through this rigamarole before with Andi. Then Nick’s mom pours herself a big glass of wine and goes to grill the second girl Nick has brought home from the TV. After pretending to care about meeting Kaitlyn for long enough, Nick’s mom goes to talk to her son. He assures her that Kaitlyn is “really good at making out,” which is the No. 1 item on his wife checklist. His mother bravely doesn’t make a gagging noise.

Meet the Family: Shawn Edition: Shawn’s mom “couldn’t make it” to the fake-hometown dates, probably because she doesn’t know that Kaitlyn is really good at making out. Or she just didn’t want to fly to Utah or wherever they are this time. Instead Shawn’s sisters came to grill Kaitlyn about her feelings. Kaitlyn tells them that Shawn caught her eye on the very first date and has never let him go, but she wants to know if Shawn is actually ready for marriage. The sisters assure her he is, and they all giggle and braid each others’ hair. Shawn’s dad however is having none of it. He is not here to make friends. He pulls Shawn aside and reminds him that this is all nuts. Eventually Shawn gets him on board, though. After his family gives her the seal of approval, Shawn tells Kaitlyn that he is in love with her.

Best Reason to Come Back Next Week: The men tell all!

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Watch Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic Dance to the Bee Gees

Djokovic and Williams brought back a Wimbledon tradition, with a twist

After defeating Roger Federer in four sets in the Wimbledon finals, Novak Djokovic said he was going to ask women’s champion, Serena Williams, to dance—and he did just that at the 2015 Champions’ Dinner thrown, this year, in their honor.

A Champions Dance was a Wimbledon tradition for years, but when the Champions’ Dinner moved dates and venues in 1977, the custom disappeared and was never officially brought back.

That didn’t stop Djokovic from inviting Williams, now a 21-time Grand Slam champion, to celebrate their 2015 Wimbledon championships on the dance floor. Djokovic called the dance a “tradition that was a bit forgotten,” and, according to the AP, suggested to Williams and the chairman of the All England Club, Philip Brook, that they bring it back. “They accepted it, fortunately,” Djokovic said.

While Djokovic initially claimed to have wanted to waltz with Williams, she reportedly wanted something more uptempo. Check out the two tennis greats throwing down to the Bee Gees “Night Fever,” all decked out in their formal attire. While Djokovic may have some serious moves on the tennis court, he might need more practice before championing the dance floor.

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Watch John Oliver Make a Sport of Taunting Taxpayer-Funded Stadiums

The Milwaukee Bucks, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Detroit Red Wings were all under fire on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver is a self-professed sports fan. “I love sports,” he said on Last Week Tonight. “In fact, the only times I’ve cried as a grown man have been while watching actors playing coaches deliver inspirational speeches set to stirring music.” Oliver’s love of the game didn’t prevent him from making an impassioned plea to stop spending taxpayer money on lavish stadiums, though.

“The vast majority of stadiums are made using public money,” said Oliver, citing a report from 2012 that revealed the staggering statistic that “$12 billion [has been] spent on the 51 new facilities opened between 2000 and 2010.” And, as Oliver noted, most of them “look like they were designed by a coked-up Willy Wonka.”

Oliver had one question for these exorbitant expenses: Why are tax dollars being used to fund stadiums? “Sports teams are wealthy businesses with wealthy owners and they still get our help,” Oliver said. “Pretending you’re poor is wrong. It wasn’t okay when Mary-Kate Olsen went through her hobo phase, and it’s not okay now!”

To prove his point about how cities like Cincinnati and Milwaukee have bent over backwards to keep sports teams happy, Oliver noted that just six days after Detroit declared bankruptcy, they got approval to spend more than $280 million in taxpayer money for a new arena for the local NHL team — even though the Red Wings owner, Mike Ilitch, is the founder of the Little Caesar’s pizza chain and worth an estimated $5.1 billion. As Oliver noted, “That’s a little hard to swallow.”

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Watch Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” Re-imagined As A 1950s Scorcher

Postmodern Jukebox did it again

Britney Spears recently gave into nostalgia and re-created the album cover for her mega-hit “Oops I Did It Again” with her children. While Spears’ throwback was adorable, when it comes to transforming the track itself, leave it to the experts at Postmodern Jukebox to deliver.

In their latest effort, the group who turned Taylor Swift’s “Style” into a Grease-inspired bopper, transformed Spears’ 2000 chart-topper and re-imagined it as a sizzling jazz number—and it really works. The band decided to treat the song as if it was written for Marilyn Monroe and is appropriately full of horns, thumping bass, and plinking jazz piano.

The group has made a name for themselves turning pop songs into Flashback Friday winners. They’ve previously turned Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” into a cabaret number and “Shake It Off” into a Motown hit.

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This Guy’s Lightbulb Is Really Broken and He Has the Video to Prove It

And a potential film career to fall back on

It’s a sad tale: A man bought a lightbulb, only to have it break. He notified the manufacturer’s customer service department and that’s when things went downhill. According to YouTube user Eran C. Galili, “My LIFX bulb stopped working, and as part of customer support, LIFX suggested that I send a ‘video that confirms the issue.'”

While most consumers faced with this Kafkaesque task would likely give up and buy something else, Galili went big in the hopes of getting compensated. He created a compelling video of lightbulb-fueled drama complete with spaghetti western soundtrack and post-film credits. No word on whether Galili was able to get his money back for the bulb, but at least he has a film career to fall back on.

**An earlier version of this article misstated the name of the YouTube channel. It’s Eran C. Galili, not Eric C. Galili

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Watch Nick Offerman, Betty White and Other Celebrities Audition for Wolverine

Betty White is uniquely qualified for the job

Now that Hugh Jackman has announced he’s hanging up his claws, the role of X-man extraordinaire Wolverine is up for grabs. Conan O’Brien and his team unearthed the audition tapes of those vying for a shot at the part. Turns out many Hollywood stars are eager for a chance to strap on some adamantium claws and play Wolverine on the big screen.

The video includes auditions from perennial Golden Girl Betty White, Masters of Sex actor Michael Sheen, Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman and Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch. The group is rounded out with comedians Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal and Hannibal Buress, and perhaps most surprising, Larry King. If any of these actors earn the hallowed claws, Marvel should have no problem selling tickets to the next installment of the X-Men film franchise.

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