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Everything We Know About The Bachelorette‘s Big Twist

ABC Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson

On last night's episode of The Bachelor, Kaitlyn and Britt were both chosen as the new Bachelorette

Meet your new Bachelorette, America: Kaitlyn…and Britt!

Last night it was announced that the popular ABC reality show couldn’t choose just one woman to escort on their journey to love, so instead the show is shaking things up—the next season will star both Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe, who were winnowed from the herd of women looking for love with Chris Soules on the most recent season of The Bachelor.

One of the longest running tropes in The Bachelor‘s history is for host Chris Harrison to dolefully intone that there will be “a dramatic twist” that is “unlike anything in Bachelor history” and will have “everyone talking.” Usually this speech precedes a particularly gruesome hissy fit or a contestant sneaking into the Bachelor’s suite for same late-night nookie (which is so unfair to the other 11 women he’s dating), or someone “shockingly” turning down a rose—but all of that is pretty typical turbulence for fans of the reality show. Last night, however, Harrison’s words actually had the ring of truth to them.

He announced that the producers of The Bachelor were evenly split between casting Britt or Kaitlyn as the new Bachelorette, and since the fan community seemed evenly divided as well, the show was going to try something new: They would cast both women.

Here’s what ABC’s press release had to say about the twist:

ABC’s hit romantic reality series, “The Bachelorette,” will kick off its 11th the surprises of this season’s “Bachelor” with the biggest one of all: there will be two Bachelorettes: the charming, charismatic beauty, Britt, who captivated Chris Soules and the rest of Bachelor Nation with a memorable hug on that first night at the Bachelor mansion, and Kaitlyn, the gorgeous, fun- loving, warm-hearted, but irreverent firecracker who let down her guard only to have her heart crushed. Who will the men prefer? Eventually, only one woman will be left to hand out the final rose.

So here’s what we know: the show has cast both Kaitlyn and Britt, but, much like The Highlander, there can be only one Bachelorette. Last night, Chris Harrison said something along these lines: both women will arrive at the mansion for an opening night cocktail party and then the men will decide which woman continues on her journey to love. This is what happened way back in Season 6 when The Bachelor tried to boost its ratings with a similar twist. The show cast both Byron Velvick and Jay Overbye and 25 women chose between them by handing out roses to their preferred suitor during one of the show’s infamous cocktail parties. Byron earned the most roses and went on to be The Bachelor. It didn’t end well. Yet, the producers are trying it again.

On The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, when Harrison asked Kaitlyn for her take on the twist on The Bachelorette formula she admitted her first thought was: “Well, that’s not ideal.” America just might agree with that sentiment.

Right now it sounds like what has ostensibly been a woman-powered show, where an empowered woman chooses her own life partner, is now becoming a show where two women compete for male attention for sport. Does America want to watch Britt and Kaitlyn enter a Bachelor version of the Thunderdome where the men will decide who is showered with roses and who gets the thorns? Who knows! It doesn’t sound like ABC knows yet, either. Based on the vagueness of the press release, it seems like the network is trying to keep their options open, depending on how this twist will play out with fans. If fans are unhappy, maybe the show will decide to let both women stay and find their own paths to love on reality television—just like our fore-mothers dreamed.

The Bachelorette returns to ABC, on Monday, May 18.

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Watch a Flight Attendant Entertain Passengers by Dancing to ‘Uptown Funk’

Dancing in the aisles.

There is very little joy in air travel these days with smaller seats, fewer amenities and closer quarters. So it’s nice when the flight staff goes the extra mile to help travelers enjoy the trip — even if that extra mile means going all the way “uptown”.

YouTube user Charlie Sierra caught a flight attendant going downtown on “Uptown Funk” and busting a move in an airplane aisle.

The flight attendant looked suitably fly as she threw out some old-school moves to the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars hit. Not only did she get to have a little fun, but she also kept the passengers from grumbling.

As this video goes viral thanks to Reddit, hopefully other flight attendants will see it and kick off a competition among those flying the friendly skies so passengers get some free entertainment along with their peanuts.

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The Bachelor Watch: Farmer Takes a Wife


Also: The Bachelorette is revealed. Sort of

Tonight on the Bachelor finale, Chris Soules, America’s very own Fresh Prince of Farming, engages in a little animal husbandry on himself. The gentleman farmer’s journey to find love draws to a close, and tonight he makes his decision between Chicago-based fertility nurse Whitney and the San Diego–based chiropractic assistant Becca. Will he choose the woman who loves him (Whitney) or the woman who might some day love him, but she isn’t exactly sure when (Becca)? Will the farmer take a wife? Or will the cheese stand alone? Let’s get to it.

Here’s what happened on The Bachelor:

Whitney Meets the Family: There’s little doubt that Whitney really, really likes Chris, so she really, really wants Chris’ family to like her. So when she goes to the farm she wears a plaid flannel shirt dress and does her best to blend in with the triumvirate of blonde sisters. During dinner, she gives a toast and manages to make herself cry — and then makes Chris’ dad cry. The sisters pull Whitney aside to grill her about giving up her life in Chicago to live in the micro-town of Arlington, Iowa. Whitney makes it clear that she is done making other people’s babies and wants to start making her own, which is good enough for the sisters. Then Whitney tells her possible future mother-in-law (PFMIL?) that Chris makes her feel like the “only woman,” which is pretty impressive considering that up until very recently he was dating a baker’s dozen of other women. Whitney tells her PFMIL that since her mother died, she has been waiting for someone to call mom. The PFMIL wisely tells Whitney she likes her fine, but it’s up to Chris. While Whitney has charmed the pants off of Chris’ family, Chris can’t help but talk up Becca. His brother-in-law points out that he probably likes the slight mystery that is Becca, because he took a psychology class in college and knows things.

Becca Meets the Family: Becca tells Chris’ family that she’s not in love yet, and she’s scared that Chris is going to dump her because Whitney wants to get married and have babies right now and she’s not sure. Chris thinks Becca is worth the risk, but the sisters are not impressed. Chris swears up and down that he and Becca have a special relationship, and he knows that she will fall in love with him eventually. The PFMIL grills Becca about the fact that she lives in California, and Becca shrugs that she’s not in love with him yet and isn’t ready to move to the middle of nowhere yet. Chris’ mom keeps optimistically trying to point out that Becca might be in love with him, but she’s like whatever. Chris’ dad opines that he thinks Whitney is the sure thing, but thinks Chris loves Becca.

Post-Family-Visit Scorecard: Becca isn’t in love with Chris yet, isn’t ready for a proposal, and is not sure she wants to live in Iowa. Whitney loves Chris, wants to marry him, wants to move to Iowa. While his choice Chris should be clear, it really isn’t.

Final Date with Becca: Chris goes to Becca’s hotel and tries to kiss her on the bed, but she pulls away to talk. They finally have The Talk. Chris wants to know if she has any interest in being part of his small town life, and while she swears she’s excited to be with him, but she can’t make any promises about when she would be willing to move to Iowa. She doesn’t know why she’s not in love with him. Chris looks brokenhearted as she lays out all her fears and concerns and won’t commit to anything. She finally admits that she is not that into Arlington. She says, “I’m not just gonna pick up my life and go anywhere for someone,” which is not a sentiment that has ever been uttered on this show, like, ever. They hug and try to pretend there aren’t cameras trained on them. Afterward, Chris has no choice but to go stand in a field and stare into the middle distance.

Final Date With Whitney: Whitney gets dropped off in Chris’ field (which is not a euphemism, but could be) and they go jump on a combine with his dad and harvest some corn. Whitney is so touched that he wanted to bring her here to see the harvest (but, seriously, it’s just free labor). Whitney does Emmy-worthy work pretending that she is thrilled to be on a tractor harvesting corn in the middle of winter. Then he takes Whitney to his house and says leading things like, “It’s made for a family!” and she wanders around redecorating with her eyes. They sit by the fire and try to figure out why Whitney is getting the loser edit on the show. Later, at Whitney’s hotel, they have cocktails and talk. Whitney loves small-town life (although does she know she probably can’t get her eyelashes done in Arlington?), she love Chris, and can’t wait to get married and have babies. No pressure. Chris says, “I reciprocate that.”

The Decision: As Chris mulls over his options, Neil Lane comes to glamorous Iowa to help Chris choose an engagement ring. As Chris’ disembodied voice floats over the image of a limousine cruising through frost-covered corn fields, Chris stands in a barn (which is set decorated into an inch of its life filled with hurricane lamps, decorative blankets, and flower arrangements on wrought iron pedestals) and waiting to make his decision. It should be noted that the barn is so cold that you can see his anxious breath circling his head.

First Out of the Limo: Becca steps out of the limo, wearing high heels and a long-sleeved burgundy velvet dress to the final Rose Ceremony. Chris tells her that he’s always liked her and tells her that he could see her as his wife. Then he makes the trademark Bachelor sigh. The one that means: I didn’t choose you. He tells her that she’s just not ready. He knows she will make some guy happy, but it’s not going to be him. Becca looks relieved, but probably mostly because that means she can go inside where it’s warm now and end this farce. He tucks her back into the limo and sends her off. She does her best to cry during the limo ride, but doesn’t. She claims she can’t process it and might be in shock, but also just kind of shrugs.

Second Arrival: Whitney pulls up in front of Chris’ family’s barn and Chris Harrison pats her on the back and wishes her good luck, presumably he’s talking about getting up the barn stairs in heels. Whitney looks elegant in black as she goes to tell Chris that she loves him and that she is so scared right now that he is going to dump her for a 26-year-old chiropractic assistant. Then Chris tells her that she is “perfect for him.” As he talks she anxiously studies his face, looking for a clue as to whether he will fall on his knee or send her out the door. Then he tells her that he loves her and gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She says yes and he slips a giant Neil Lane diamond ring on her finger. Then they sit in the barn and make out.

After the Final Rose: Chris Soules joins Chris Harrison for a little Chris Time in front of a live studio audience. He is excited to finally tell the world that he is engaged to Whitney and declares her the right person for him. Chris S. reveals that Whitney has only been watching their dates in order to spare herself any unnecessary heartache. Being a smart lady sure makes for boring reality television, though.

Facing the Ex: Before the happy couple can revel in finally going public, Chris must endure facing Becca. Normally facing The Shunned is a grueling ordeal that makes everyone uncomfortable. Becca, however, clearly doesn’t care. She is totally nonplussed, because despite Chris S.’s claim to “strong feelings” about Becca, Becca just wasn’t that into him. She basically high-fives him and is like, “we’re chill.”

The Happy Couple: Chris and Whitney finally reunite and out themselves as an engaged couple. Chris H. asks Chris S. what he likes about Whitney, and he basically says that since he can’t marry his sisters, he wants to marry someone as close to them as possible. Whitney doesn’t seem to think that’s off-putting or odd at all.

Surprise Guest: Jimmy Kimmel comes out to congratulate the happy couple — and congratulate himself for setting them up on their first one-on-one date. He brought them a wedding present, too: a cow named Juan Pablo. Chris H. leans over and says, “Ees O.K. Ees O.K.” to the poor cow, which was pretty much the best thing ever.

The Big Surprise: Chris H. finally reveals who the new Bachelorette will be. It’s not Britt. It’s not Kaitlyn. It’s both of them! Apparently they will both show up on the first night of The Bachelorette, and the 25 men will determine which of them will make better marriage material, which sounds completely bananas. The new season will definitely be one to watch.

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Watch John Oliver Cast His Ballot for Voting Rights for U.S. Territories

Rock the vote

To help commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on Selma, Alabama, John Oliver focused his Last Week Tonight ire on a topic that does not tend to generate headlines: voting rights for the U.S. island territories — that is, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the Marianas Islands.

According to Oliver, there are 4.1 million people living in Puerto Rico and the island territories. Of that population, 98.4% are racial or ethnic minorities, none of whom have the right to vote in U.S. elections. According to Oliver, the more you look into the reasons that the U.S. territories don’t have voting rights, the harder it is to understand why these dated laws have not been changed. Way back in 1901, it was said that the island territories were inhabited by “alien races” that couldn’t “understand Anglo-Saxon principles” and thus were denied the vote. That hasn’t changed, despite the fact that even at the time, American legal thinkers thought that the territories’ lack of voting power should only last for a limited time. Fast forward 114 years and the U.S. citizens living on these territories still can’t vote, which Oliver compares to failing to update your computer operating system for over a millennium.

To bolster his argument that many U.S. citizens don’t understand the relationship between the 50 states and the U.S territories, Oliver showed clip after clip of news sources reporting that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the child of Puerto Ricans who “immigrated” to the United States. As Oliver says, “If Puerto Ricans are immigrants, so is anyone who moves anywhere.” Despite the fact that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens—and has more U.S. citizens than 21 states— they can’t vote for president, have no representation in the U.S. Senate and send only one non-voting delegate to the U.S. House. Oliver compares this status to letting a six-year old “vote” on where to spend the family vacation.

But Puerto Rico is lucky compared to some of the other U.S. territories. American Samoans aren’t even automatically granted U.S. citizenship, which, according to Oliver, renders the “American” part as moot as the phrases “social media expert” or “People’s Choice Award nominee.” Instead, they’re considered U.S. nationals, but not citizens. Over on Guam, 27% of the island is occupied by U.S. Navy and Air Force bases, and a staggering high number of Guam citizens are veterans of the U.S. military, but they still have no voting rights. Despite that, Guam holds a straw poll every presidential election and has higher voter turn-out than any other U.S. state — you know, the ones whose votes actually count.

It’s a valuable civics lesson and an important reminder to ask — if you don’t mind cribbing a line from Oliver — how is this still a thing?


TIME Television

Watch John Oliver Nail the Ridiculousness of Daylight Saving Time

"How is this still a thing?"

John Oliver tackled the most pressing question of the day on Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight: How is Daylight Saving Time still a thing?

Everyone seems to blame the existence of Daylight Saving Time on the farmers. But that blame is misplaced, because as Oliver put it, cows don’t care what time it is and we’ve all been unfairly accusing America’s agriculturalists.

The real instigator of the dreaded “spring forward” was Kaiser Wilhelm, who wanted to preserve daylight on the battlefields of World War I. Yes, you lost an hour of sleep thanks to Germany.

While the ritual of moving clocks forward one hour has old roots, the practice continues on the grounds that it conserves energy. However when Indiana instituted Daylight Saving Time it found the opposite to be truem and noted a 1% increase in energy consumption. There are two other areas that show a marked increased as well: researchers found that there is a rise in car accidents and work-related injuries the week after the time change.

Watch the full clip below:

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Man Can’t Sue Applebee’s for Burns He Got While Praying Over Fajitas

POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2014/10/25: Applebee's restaurant exterior logo. (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)
John Greim—Getty Images

According to a new court ruling

A New Jersey man who was burned by a plate of hot fajitas while dining at Applebee’s can’t sue the restaurant over his injuries, according to an appellate court.

Hiram Jimenez took the chain restaurant to court because he said his waitress failed to alert him that his meal was hot. After being served, the court ruling says he bowed his head to pray over the crackling plate, and some oil popped and burned his face. Jimenez says he then panicked and knocked the plate in his lap, causing more burns, none of which resulted in scars, according to court records.

He filed suit seeking damages on the grounds that he suffered “serious and permanent” injuries “solely as a result of (Applebee’s) negligence when he came in contact with a dangerous and hazardous condition, specifically, ‘a plate of hot food’.”

A trial judge dismissed the suit, finding Applebee’s had no duty to warn Jimenez “against a danger that is open and obvious” like a sizzling hot plate of fajitas. Jimenez appealed, but an appellate panel confirmed the lower court ruling, saying Applebee’s can’t be held responsible because the hot food posed an a risk that should be “self-evident” and thus “approached with due care.”

[H/T USA Today]

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Watch Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Continue Their Happy Gilmore Fight For Charity

Fight! Fight!

Adam Sandler picked a fight with hospital bed-bound Bob Barker that turned into a rematch of their infamous Happy Gilmore brawl. The two claim to have not spoken in years, but they pick up right where they left off in the 1996 golf comedy, tossing barbs and heckling each other like old frenemies.

But Barker and Sandler didn’t throw down for fun. It was all for a good cause — a fundraiser for autism services. Specifically, Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars, which airs March 8 and features a crop of talent that helps the benefit live up to its name including Louis C.K., John Oliver, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Maya Rudolph, Jon Stewart, Jim Gaffigan, Sarah Silverman, Steve Buscemi, Steve Carell and many more.

To see how Sandler and Barker’s fight club has matured, here’s the original Happy Gilmore brawl:

Night of Too Many Stars airs Sunday, March 8 at 8/7c on Comedy Central.

TIME Food & Drink

Ben & Jerry’s Founders Think Pot Ice Cream ‘Makes Sense’

Just think of the pun possibilities

Ice cream icons Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (a.k.a. the dairy deities behind Ben & Jerry’s) are in favor of a new flavor idea.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post Live, Cohen and Greenfield were asked about the possibility of making a pot-infused ice cream. “Makes sense to me,” Cohen said. “Combine your pleasures.”

“Ben and I have had previous experiences with substances,” added Greenfield, whose namesake company makes flavors like Satisfy My Bowl and Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies Encore Edition. “I think legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing, rather than putting people in jail for not hurting anyone.”

Does that mean cannabis-flavored edible marijuana ice cream will be on the shelf next to Half-Baked and Cherry Garcia in Washington, Alaska and Colorado, where weed is now legal? Potentially, but it’s not up to Cohen and Greenfield, who sold the company to Unilever in 2001. As Greenfield describes, “It’s not my decision. If it were my decision, I’d be doing it, but fortunately we have wiser heads at the company that figure those things out.”

Colorado sold nearly five million edibles last year.

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Here’s What It Would Look Like If Wes Anderson Directed an X-Men Movie

Mutants meet twee.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it would look like if the X-Men trained at Royal Tenenbaum’s Harlem mansion? Or if Max Fischer was expelled from Rushmore and enrolled in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters? Have you secretly hoped that Wes Anderson would take the reins of The Avengers franchise? Then this video is for you.

Patrick Willems just debuted a new fan film on his YouTube channel, and it attempts to answer the burning question on every Grand Budapest Hotel fan’s lips: What would it be like if Wes Anderson directed an X-Men movie? (That’s the question, because we already know what it would look like if Anderson directed Star Wars.)

The result is a very symmetrical, red-and-gold-filled film that plunks the Marvel mutants into a world of privileged prodigies with poor social skills. In short, it’s pretty great, if a little rough around the edges.

(h/t Bleeding Cool)

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James Van Der Beek on Starring in CSI: Cyber: ‘I Feel Like I Signed on With the New York Yankees’

Kidnapping 2.0
Monty Brinton—CBS James Van Der Beek stars in CSI: Cyber

The actor talks about his latest role in the latest CSI spinoff — and his favorite Dawson's Creek parody

James Van Der Beek is returning to television, but he’s not playing a comedic version of himself like in Don’t Trust the B-, nor is he playing a teen heartthrob like in Dawson’s Creek. Here, he’s playing Special Agent Elijah Mundo in the latest iteration of the CSI franchise, CSI: Cyber, which premieres March 4 on CBS.

Special Agent Mundo is current FBI and former military — or, as Van Der Beek put it in an interview with TIME: “He’s the guy that they call when they need someone to kick down a door or chase somebody.” While the show is about a whip-smart team of cyber law enforcement agents, Van Der Beek promises that CSI: Cyber isn’t just “people staring at a screen for 47 and a half minutes.” Instead, it’s a fast-paced crime drama that leverages the world’s growing cyber-insecurity into a new life for the long-time franchise.

TIME talked to Van Der Beek about trading comedy chops for karate chops, why he covers the camera on his laptop and what it was like working with Oscar winner Patricia Arquette.

TIME: Playing an action character is pretty different for you after years of comedy.

James Van Der Beek: Yeah. When I started doing comedy, I consciously thought, “What’s next?” so I started training to do some more physical stuff. I took Krav Maga, I studied jiu jitsu. I started training at a stunt gym, where a lot of stunt men work out. I started putting in work just to prepare myself for this kind of action stuff. I don’t think CBS knew that, though. I don’t think anyone knew that. But when they offered me the role and started shooting right away, thankfully I was ready.

I kind of thought Krav Maga was something Archer made up. What is it, exactly?

It’s the martial art that’s taught to the Israeli special forces. It seemed the most efficient and the most practical for combat. I thought it would serve as a good base for actual hand-to-hand combat that was most real-world applicable. Then I worked on modifying it to make it work on screen.

Have you tried it out in real life?

Thankfully, no. I think if I get in a fight it’s lose-lose. Either somebody beats me up and I lose. Or I beat somebody up and they take me to court, and I lose.

When you started working with Patricia Arquette, you had no idea that she would become an Oscar winner before the show even started. What’s it been like working with her?

I saw Boyhood around the same day that I got offered Cyber, so not only was it a chance to be part of a really big TV franchise and play a really great role, but I got to work with my favorite actress from my favorite movie of the year. Then the whole roll-out of the awards, every time she won an award, the next day she would come on set and the whole crew would applaud her. It was sweet.

CSI has been on for 15 years now. What’s it like stepping into such an established franchise?

I feel like I signed with the New York Yankees. I feel like I’m wearing pinstripes to work everyday. It’s probably the biggest franchise in all of television right now. We didn’t even shoot a pilot — they picked us up for 13 episodes on the air with a really capable showrunner who had been running CSI: New York and a crew who had mostly been on CSI: New York, so I felt like I had stepped into a machine that was already well-oiled and moving. It was up to us to try and keep up.

Are you working on a trademark move, like David Caruso taking off his sunglasses?

There were no sunglasses offered to me at any point. Usually on any set, a prop guy will come up to you at some point with a briefcase full of watches and sunglasses. I got the briefcase full of watches, but not sunglasses. They were banned from CSI: Cyber set. No one on CSI: Cyber wears sunglasses. I guess they wanted to take this one seriously.

If your character did have a tagline, what would it be?

To keep things light for the crew, because we were working very long hours, I was constantly trying to come up with a tagline just to make the crew laugh after we had gotten the shot. We decided that “Cyberlicious!” was way too creepy, but my character’s name is Elijah Mundo, so the winner was I would hold up a microchip and look into the camera and say “Perfecta-Mundo.” Unfortunately, I don’t think those are going to make the final cut.

CSI: Cyber is about cybercrimes and hacking. Have you started changing your passwords a lot since you started working on the show?

Yeah. Human beings are hackable. If people put time and energy into it, they can get in. But there are some steps people can take, like changing your passwords, not logging into public free wifi. We’ve been learning about some dos and don’ts.

Have you taken to covering the cameras on your laptop and phone?

Not on my phone.

But you covered the camera on your laptop?

There might be a piece of tape on there. There might be.

Was it there before you started working on the show?

It was not there before I started talking to the FBI. It’s pretty terrifying.

I’m going to find some tape right after this interview. So the FBI came in to consult with the cast?

Patricia’s character is based on Mary Aiken, a forensic cyber-psychologist who advises the FBI and INTERPOL. What she does is fascinating. Based on the clues left behind in the hack she can profile the human being that’s behind it. [With] just the tiniest little brush strokes based on code and references, she can create a clear picture of who is behind them. While cybercrimes seem faceless, they are all started by humans. Part of the fun of CSI: Cyber is putting together that puzzle.

What would you least want CSI: Cyber to find in your browser history?

All the naked pictures of Charley Koontz that I have in my storage. That would be the most embarrassing, but just because I work with him. It would be awkward.

Speaking of things available online, your Power Rangers fan film is back on the internet. How did that come about?

I was at dinner with my friend Adi Shankar, and I was asking him, “What are you up to next?” He said, “I want to do a hard-R version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” I said, “That’s crazy…and is there a role for me?” He said, “Dude, if you want to be in it, yes.” He introduced me to Joseph [Kahn, the director and scriptwriter] and I saw that he was just someone who wanted to make something really cool, and put it online for anyone to watch for free. To just make something unencumbered by any studio or financiers, just to follow his vision — it seemed like a really fun thing to do. We put a bunch of work into it and we all worked for free, and we gave it away to anyone who wanted to watch it on YouTube and Vimeo.

If someone did something similar with Dawson’s Creek, would you watch it, or would you be horrified?

Please! I love fan parody. You can’t own anything on the Internet. Everything is fair game. Someone sent me a Dawson’s Creek parody made with dachshunds called Dachshund’s Creek. I thought, “Pretty genius!” Not to get too high-minded about things, but art has always been created by people doing variations on a theme, going back to Mozart. I love that there’s this forum now where anybody can exercise their imagination, and take existing entertainment and filter it through their own lens, and create something original. I think that’s awesome. And then you get to see a tiny wig of your ’90s hair on a dachshund! There ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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