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Watch the Samsung Galaxy S Evolve Before Your Very Eyes

The Android-powered iPhone rival has come a long way

The Samsung Galaxy S has come a long way since it first launched in 2010. With its latest versions — the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge — set to go on sale on April 10, take a look at how the Android-powered iPhone rival has changed over the years:

Evolution of the  Galaxy S
gadgetlove.comEvolution of the Samsung Galaxy S

For a larger, interactive version of the GIF, head over to gadgetlove.com.

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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Won Grammys

Who said you had to be a pop star to win a Grammy?

  • LeVar Burton

    The 42nd Annual GRAMMY Awards
    J. Vespa—WireImage/Getty Images

    Best Spoken Word Album, 2000:

    The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Lewis Black

    The 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room
    John Shearer—WireImage/Getty Images

    Best Comedy Album, 2011:

    Stark Raving Black

    Best Comedy Album, 2007:

    The Carnegie Hall Performance

  • Zach Braff

    The 47th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room
    Steve Grayson—WireImage/Getty Images

    Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, 2005:

    Garden State

  • Chris Rock

    Comedian Chris Rock throws his Grammy Award in the
    Matt Campbell—AFP/Getty Images

    Best Comedy Album, 2000:

    Bigger & Blacker

    Best Comedy Album, 1998:

    Roll with the New

  • Kathy Griffin

    56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room
    Jason LaVeris—FilmMagic/Getty Images

    Best Comedy Album, 2014:

    Calm Down Gurrl

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Take a Sneak Peek at the New Frozen Animated Short

The cast is back for a birthday bash

The cast of Disney’s billion-dollar hit Frozen is back together and ready to party in a brand new animated short film called Frozen Fever.

Original cast members Idina Menzel (Elsa), Kristen Bell (Anna), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff) and Josh Gad (Olaf) will reprise their roles. The seven-minute animated short will show how the kingdom of Arendelle has changed since the events of Frozen and will also feature a birthday party for Princess Anna that goes awry when Elsa gets a cold.

Frozen Fever will play in theaters before Disney’s live-action Cinderella, which premieres on March 13.

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9 Things Everyone Should Know About Paddington Bear

Familiarize yourself with the popular British literary icon, coming to theaters on Jan. 16

  • Created by a BBC cameraman

    Author Michael Bond
    United News/Popperfoto/Getty Images

    Michael Bond, who at the time was a BBC TV cameraman for a popular children’s show called Blue Peter, was inspired to create Paddington after buying a small neglected toy bear on Christmas Eve in 1956.

  • He’s named after a train station

    The Queen's 80th Birthday - Paddington Arrives
    Gareth Cattermole—Getty Images

    Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington, decided to name the iconic British bear after London Paddington Station because he and his wife were living near it at the time.

  • He got the bronze treatment

    Statue of Paddington Bear in Paddington Railway Station
    Ricky Leaver—Loop Images/Corbis

    In 2000, a life-sized bronze statue of Paddington was installed at his namesake Paddington station in London.

  • The Paddington Trail

    The Paddington Trail - Launch
    Ian Gavan—Getty Images

    More than 50 individually-designed Paddington Bear statues were scattered across London to celebrate the city’s art and culture from Nov. to Dec. 2014.

  • Q is Paddington

    StudioCanal; Dave J Hogan—Getty Images

    Ben Whishaw, also known as the most recent incarnation of Q in the James Bond franchise, is the voice of the iconic bear in its eponymous film Paddington.

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Scarlett Johansson Confirmed to Star in Ghost in the Shell

Getty Images; Production I.G Left: Scarlett Johansson; Right: Major Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell

From comic book star to anime star

Coming off the success of her lead role in last year’s blockbuster Lucy, Scarlett Johansson is set to star in another sci-fi action movie, Dreamworks’ live-action adaptation of the iconic Japanese anime/manga Ghost in the Shell.

Ghost in the Shell was originally created by Masamune Shirow in 1989 as a manga, or Japanese comic book, before being adapted into an anime movie by the same name in 1995. Set in the year 2029, the franchise revolves around the exploits of Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cybernetically enhanced cyborg who works for a fictional covert ops division of Japan’s National Public Safety Commission called Public Security Section 9. Major Motoko and her team engage in everything ranging from counter-terrorist activities to cyber warfare to help maintain the status quo in a futuristic Japan.

No details have been released yet about how Ghost in the Shell will be adapted, leaving everything from the setting to even the name of the iconic main character, Major Motoko, up to question.

With Hollywood’s poor track record with anime adaptations (Dragonball: Evolution and Speed Racer), here’s hoping Ghost in the Shell, doesn’t deviate too far from what made the original anime/manga a cult classic.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen Colbert

How well do you know the late-night funny man?

As Stephen Colbert ends his 10-year run on the award-winning Colbert Report to take over the Late Show, take a look back at some things you may not have known about the celebrated comedian.

  • He was once a “real” correspondent

    Long before he played a fake correspondent, Stephen Colbert had a brief stint as an actual correspondent for Good Morning America. According to an interview with Mediabistro, he did exactly two reports—only one of which made it on air.

  • He was on the Daily Show before Jon Stewart

    Colbert’s time on The Daily Show predates current host Jon Stewart, having joined as a correspondent in 1997 during the Craig Kilborn years. Stewart came on board as host in 1999.

  • He was once in a bank commercial

    One of Colbert’s earliest gigs before he was famous was as the spokesperson for a commercial for FirsTier bank.

  • He is the Letter Z

    Sesame Street

    In 2005, Colbert teamed up with Nicole Sullivan and Elmo to teach kids their ABCs in the Sesame Street: All-Star Alphabet.

  • The man can sing

    Colbert is an entertainment triple threat, which means he’s able to act, sing and dance—skills that he will indubitably put a spotlight on on the Late Show. Until then check out a duet of the Star Spangled Banner he once sang with Steve Carell.

  • He has a Grammy

    Stephen Colbert
    Michael Tran—FilmMagic/Getty Images

    In 2010, Colbert won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album for A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!.

  • He graduated from Northwestern

    Colbert graduated from Northwestern’s School of Communication in 1986 and returned to his alma mater in 2011 to give the commencement speech.

  • He was once on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Colbert stretched his improv muscles as a guest star in two episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

  • He’s part of the International Space Station

    Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, equipped with a bungee harness, exercises on the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill

    A treadmill on the International Space Station known as the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill, or C.O.L.B.E.R.T. for short, was named for the comedian after winning a NASA naming contest.

    The contest was originally intended to name a new module of the space station, however NASA decided to name the module Tranquility instead of Colbert, with the latter’s name used for the treadmill instead.

  • He broke The Daily Show‘s winning streak

    65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - CBS Show
    Monty Brinton—CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

    The Colbert Report broke The Daily Show‘s 10–year Emmy winning streak for best Variety series in 2013 with its win at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards.

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See All the Official Batmobiles Ever Made

Which is your favorite batmobile?

Built in 1963, the earliest officially-licensed Batmobile known to exist was used by DC Comics licensee All Star Dairies to tour small towns in the Eastern U.S. as “Batman’s Batmobile.” This original custom Batmobile precedes even the iconic Lincoln Futura iteration of the Batmobile that graced the screens in the popular 1966 Batman TV series.

As this 1963 Batmobile goes up for sale at Heritage Auctions, take a look back at all the other Batmobiles to have been featured on film.

The 1943 serial Batman and 1949 serial Batman and Robin featured unmodified Cadillac and Mercury cars respectively as their “Batmobiles” and, as such, are not featured in this gallery.

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