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See Hunger Games: Mockingjay Stars’ Most Memorable Past Roles

From the Mighty Ducks to Game of Thrones, see the other titles from which you might recognize the cast members

The large cast of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 comes from an equally as diverse cinematic background. Take a look back at some of the other roles you may have seen them in.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 hits theaters Nov. 21, 2014.


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10 Benedict Cumberbatch Roles You Didn’t Know About

A look back at some of the British actor's earlier roles

You may know Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Smaug in the Hobbit movies, Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, or just simply as that guy who plays Sherlock, but what about his roles as Major Jamie Stewart or William Pitt the Younger?

Take a look back at some of his other roles from earlier in his career.

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Meet the Big Hero 6, Disney’s Newest Team of Superheroes

They're not your average crime fighters

Disney’s newest animated flick Big Her0 6, in theaters Nov. 7, is a re-imagining of a Marvel comic superhero group by the same name. Comprised of four super-smart college students, a comic-book geek and an inflatable robot, the Big Hero 6 are formed to oppose a mysterious masked man who threatens the city of San Fransokyo. Here’s our dossier on the crime-fighting crew.


Can You Guess Which Famous Musicians Made These Paintings?

Neil Young, Marilyn Manson and Patti Smith are just a few of the legendary singers who like to rock out with their smock out

As an art exhibit featuring Neil Young‘s watercolors opens in Los Angeles this week, we rounded up paintings by the venerable rocker and nine other famous musicians, including Marilyn Manson, Paul Stanley, Ronnie Wood, Tony Bennett, Neil Young, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Paul Simonon and Ringo Starr.

Can you guess who painted what? After viewing each image, click to the next slide to reveal the artist.

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Meet Black Panther, Marvel’s Newest Movie Superhero

The hero from Wakanda

Black Panther will officially join the Marvel cinematic universe in 2017, after the studio announced the superhero will get his own movie starring Chadwick Boseman, who previously starred as Jackie Robinson in the biopic 42.

The superhero, whose “real name” is T’Challa, hails from the fictional African country of Wakanda and uses claws and other weapons made from vibranium, a special metallic element that can absorb vibrations.

The movie comes out on Nov. 3, 2017.

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See Adorable Puppies Shaking Their Fur

Shake, shake, shake

Shake Puppies by photographer Carli Davidson features more than 60 puppies as they adorably flop around ringing out their fuzzy fur.

The photographs crisply capture the puppies mid-shake, revealing the almost surreal range of motions that normally only exist as a blur to the naked eye, while the brightly colored backgrounds help provide a sharp contrast to the puppies’ motions.

Who knew shaking puppies could be so cute?

Shake Puppies is on sale Oct. 28.

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See Jack-o’-Lanterns That Look Like Celebrities

Gourds gone wild

In honor of National Pumpkin Day, take a look at some artfully carved jack-o’-lanterns on display at Rise of the Jack-o’-Lanterns, a 1/4-mile walking trail filled with over 5,000 hand-carved illuminated Jack-o’-lanterns in La Canada Flintridge, Calif.

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See How Marvel’s Wolverine Has Evolved Over The Years

The iconic superhero turns 40

From Logan to James Howlett, the iconic Marvel superhero most people know simply as Wolverine has gone by many names and even more costumes since he was first introduced as a cameo in The Incredible Hulk #180 in October 1974. In honor of Wolverine’s 40th anniversary in October 2014, take a look back at the many renditions he’s seen over the years since his creation.

A version of this infographic first appeared on HalloweenCostumes.com.

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