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10 DIY GIft Ideas for Father’s Day

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Suited for makers of young and old

Show Dad that you inherited his amazing creativity and ingenuity by giving him a gift you made yourself. We rounded up a variety of ideas to ignite your imagination. You’ll find projects suited for makers of every age, from pre-school through adult. Now grab your glue gun and get busy!

  1. His game is sure to improve with these decorated golf balls. (h/t Laughing Kids Learn)
  2. Remind him how much you care with homemade shaving cream. (h/t Handimania)
  3. This doodle mug is a fun idea for youngsters. (h/t Coconut Robot)
  4. Spell it out for him with this Scrabble-letter photo frame.
  5. These photo bookmarks couldn’t be cuter. (h/t Nearly Crafty)
  6. Another good one for the younger set, with a little help from Mom. (h/t Crafty Monkey)
  7. Let him know he rocks! (h/t Easy Preschool Craft)
  8. Make him a special food treat, and pack it in a mason jar. (h/t Live Laugh Rowe)
  9. Turn a photo into a Shrinky Dink tie clasp! (h/t Oh Happy Day)
  10. Keep him organized with this simple-yet-sophisticated bungee organizer. (h/t Brit + Co)

This article originally appeared on All You.

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TIME Food & Drink

12 Simply Sweet Easter Desserts

From cake to cupcakes to cookies, you can find all of them here

  • Bird’s Nest Cake

    Make Easter extra sweet and brighten your holiday table with a whimsical dessert that is sure to please!

    See recipe: Bird’s Nest Cake

  • Lemon Ginger Pound Cake

    Cost per serving: $0.71

    This cake is equally as delicious even when made a day early—simply wrap at room temperature and glaze the cake on the day you plan to serve it.

    See recipe: Lemon Ginger Pound Cake

  • Bunny Cars

    Go green! The grass surrounding the Bunny Cars is sweetened coconut mixed with green food coloring. Add more green to go darker, or a bit of yellow for a different shade.

    See recipe: Bunny Cars

  • Pecan Shortbread Easter Cookies

    Cost per serving: 19¢

    Make your cookies look extra special with royal icing. Start with royal icing mix ($6 for 14 oz.; wilton.com) and add water as the package label directs, then dye with food coloring and pipe or spoon onto cookies. Let stand overnight so the icing can harden.

    See recipe: Pecan Shortbread Easter Cookies

  • Lemon Curd–Filled Meringue Eggs

    Cost per serving: $1.12

    If you’re tight on time, use store-bought lemon curd in place of homemade. Or, fill each meringue center with lemon sorbet.

    See recipe: Lemon Curd–Filled Meringue Eggs

  • Carrot Cupcakes

    Cost per serving: 48¢

    We know the Easter bunny loves carrots, and with these cupcakes so will your family.

    See recipe: Carrot Cupcakes

  • Lemon-Strawberry Trifle

    Cost per serving: $1.70

    Loved ones will happily dig right into this decadent Lemon-StrawberryTrifle. If you enjoy making lemon curd, feel free to swap 1 1/3 cups of yours for the jarred curd.

    See recipe: Lemon-Strawberry Trifle

  • Lemon Roulade

    Cost per serving: $1.79

    Slice strawberries or other seasonal fruit onto the dish to add color and flavor.

    See recipe: Lemon Roulade

  • Coconut-Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Cost per serving: 27¢

    These tiny cookies pack a lot of flavor!

    See recipe: Coconut-Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Sour Cherry Coffee Cake

    Cost per serving: 91¢

    We like the balance sour cherries give the sweet streusel that tops this coffee cake but substitute blueberries or raspberries for something different.

    See recipe: Sour Cherry Coffee Cake

  • Bunny Cookie Cupcakes

    This adorable 2-in-1 treat is as sweet as it is precious. With a little help from refrigerated sugar cookie dough, these bunny-shaped cookies dress up your favorite standard cupcake recipe.

    See Recipe: Bunny Cookie Cupcakes

    Related Links: More Easter recipes, crafts and decorating ideas.

  • Sweet Li’l Bunny Cupcakes

    The secret to decorating these festive Easter cupcakes are the colored sugar and the cute candy decorations. No decorating sugar? Tint granulated sugar with a few drops of food coloring for a similar effect.

    We found these adorable bunny royal-icing toppers among the selection of cupcake and cookie decorating supplies at coppergifts.com.

    Recipe: Sweet Lil Bunny Cupcakes

    This article originally appeared on All You.

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TIME Food & Drink

11 Delicious Treats to Make With Cake Mix (Other Than Cake)

Rainbow Cake on White Pedestal
Getty Images

From birthday cake pretzels to cake batter cinnamon rolls

We don’t mean to suggest that plain-old cake isn’t delicious (it is!). But we’ve come to realize that there might actually be better uses for that box of Funfetti mix sitting in your pantry. Here are eleven drool-worthy ideas we found on Pinterest, from low-calorie cake batter dip to the sweetest pancakes you’ll ever make. Happy baking!

  1. Cake Batter Truffles from The Novice Chef Blog
  2. Skinny Funfetti Cake Batter Dip from The Skinny Fork
  3. Birthday Cake Pretzels from The Housewife in Training Files
  4. Strawberry Cake Bars from Raining Hot Coupons
  5. Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls from Sally’s Baking Addiction
  6. Funfetti Pound Cake from The Sweet Tooth Life
  7. Skinny Cake Batter Ice Cream from Call Me PMC
  8. Birthday Cake Pancakes from Seeded at the Table
  9. Cake Mix Donuts from It’s Always Autumn
  10. Cake Batter Blondies from Sally’s Baking Addiction
  11. Funfetti Gooey Butter Cookies from Cookies and Cups

This article originally appeared on All You.

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MONEY Love and Money

How Talking about Credit Scores Can Improve Your Marriage

Lots of cash

Survey finds that financial responsibility is one of the most important qualities people look for in a spouse.

This article was originally published on AllYou.com and was written by Jennifer Liu.

You’ve met the parents, survived a combined family holiday, traded embarrassing childhood memories, and are ready to start a life together. But before you hop over to complete your wedding registry, you might want to check out your future life-partner’s credit score.

That’s right—according to an Experian Consumer Services survey, half of married adults say that credit scores were important to them when choosing a spouse. In fact, financial responsibility ranked number two as the most important attribute in a spouse, second only to personal compatibility. Even physical attractiveness and career ambition came after a person’s ability to balance a checkbook.

The survey also measured what kind of shared goals spouses found to be important to maintain a compatible relationship. Having similar financial goals ranked number three in the survey, even above compatibility in sex and intimacy or religion and spirituality. The full list includes:

1. Family goals
2. Life goals
3. Finances
4. Sex and intimacy
5. Career goals
6. Religion sand spirituality
7. Politics

“Survey findings show that once someone identifies a compatible partner, his or her next thought is about how that person manages personal finances, and credit plays a key role in that scenario,” says Ken Chaplin, senior vice president at Experian Consumer Services. “This holds true for both genders, and the study further shows that working toward compatible financial goals matters to the vast majority of married adults.”

For those of you who might shy away from financial talk, consider this: The survey indicates that 73% of women and 60% of men state that having a partner who openly communicates about personal finances and credit makes him/her more attractive. Talking about credit is especially important when the couple is securing a home loan, applying for interest rates and securing a loan to buy a car. Just a few of many examples proving that in relationships, marriage especially, communication is key. Don’t believe it? Couples married for more than 20 years who participated in the survey reported that credit plays an instrumental role in marriage.


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