The Brief

Issei Kato—Reuters

Ferry Crew Actions 'Murderous'

South Korean President Park Geun-hye has accused the captain and some crew members of the sunken Sewol ferry of “unforgivable, murderous acts.” More than 300 people are dead or missing as divers strive to enter the prone hull

Tonight's Game of Thrones

Spoilers ahead in this recap as some try to take advantage of a king's death — while others merely try to survive it

Pro-Russian militant walks past burnt cars near a checkpoint that was the scene of a gunfight overnight near the city of Slaviansk

Gunfight Erupts in Eastern Ukraine

Two groups apparently made up of separatists and pro-government loyalists clashed at the checkpoint near the town of Slavyansk, with the Ukrainian government saying one person had been killed and Russian state media reporting five dead


Nepal Mulls Banning Everest Climbs After Deaths

Following a meeting on Sunday at Mount Everest’s base camp, the local Sherpa community issued a seven-day ultimatum to the Nepalese government and threatened to boycott the upcoming spring climbing season if their demands are not met

Congress Garcia

GOP's Women Candidates Struggle for Support

In Republicans' efforts to bring in more diverse votes, New Hampshire's Marilinda Garcia could be a star. Yet many prospective female Republican candidates say they don't get enough institutional and establishment backing.

Lime Shortage Causes Drastic Rise In Price

Lime and Punishment

Bad weather, disease and other factors affecting Mexico’s lime industry have made prices in the U.S. skyrocket, turning the gin-and-tonic twist into a precious commodity. Once upon a time, though, “the only game in town was really the Florida-grown limes”


20 New Cases of MERS Confirmed in Saudi Arabia

Around 49 people have been infected in the past six days by the incurable Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, which has claimed 76 lives in Saudi Arabia. The country's Health Minister said he did not know the cause of the sudden rise in cases

Brendan Benson And Friends In Concert

Jack White Sets a Record With a Record

The singer performed a song from his upcoming album live, whose recording was then immediately pressed for customers -- all of which took 3 hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds. It broke a world record for the fastest recording released

Captain America The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier Enjoys Eternal Spring at Box Office

The record-breaking Captain America sequel earned $26 million domestically this weekend, beating out the Johnny Depp sci-fi thriller Transcendence and continuing its complete command of movie-goers' wallets for the third straight week

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah speaks to the media after voting at a polling station in Kabul

Afghan Election Results Show Abdullah Ahead

Abdullah Abdullah currently leads with 44% of the votes tallied so far, followed by former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai with 33.2% — though that could change before final results are announced on May 14

General Mills Headquarters Ahead Of Earnings Figures

General Mills Changes Course Over Legal Terms Flap

The food giant reversed itself regarding widely criticized new legal terms on its website that some said could prevent customers from suing the company over downloading coupons, joining its online communities, or interacting with the company