The Brief


Manhunt for Barcelona Driver and Missing Imam

Authorities in Spain searched for a member of an Islamic extremist cell that staged vehicle attacks in Barcelona and a seaside resort, focusing on links with his Moroccan comrades and a missing imam

Eclipse Nebraska

Mostly Sunny Skies Expected for the Eclipse

While it was previously predicted that clouds may obscure next week’s historic event for people in half of the country, the National Weather Service's final eclipse prediction says that clouds will be minimal


Prize-Winning Playwright Janusz Glowacki Dies at 78

Renowned Polish-U.S. playwright and screenwriter Janusz Glowacki, who won top prizes for his bitter, ironic analysis of the difficult lives of immigrants, died Saturday at 78. He wrote "Antigone in New York" and "The Fourth Sister"

Passers-by assaulted in Surgut

7 Wounded in Siberia Stabbing Attack

A knife-wielding man stabbed and wounded seven people on a central street in the Siberian city of Surgut before police shot and killed him. The motive for the mid-day attack was not determined


Why Donald Trump Fired Steve Bannon

Political strategist Steve Bannon, the fiery anti-globalist who prided himself of being a disruptive force, could not win in the White House because he was too much like President Trump: a fighter who couldn't relinquish the spotlight