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President Donald Trump Meets With Economic Advisors
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The Bathroom Battle Is Back

The Trump Administration is expected to soon take what LGBT rights groups view as a big step back from protecting transgender students when it rolls back Obama-era guidelines that advised schools to allow transgender bathroom access

Campers set structures on fire in preparation of the Army Corp's 2pm deadline to leave the Oceti Sakowin protest camp on Feb. 22, 2017 in Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

Remnants of DAPL Camp Engulfed in Flames

Some of the last remnants of the Dakota Access pipeline protest camp went up in flames as opponents of the project set fire to makeshift wooden housing as part of a leaving ceremony ahead of a government deadline to get off the federal land

Jewish cemetery vandalized

Muslims Support Jewish Families After Vandalism

A Muslim-American group in the U.S. helped raise more than $77,000 in a single day to help a historic Jewish cemetery in Missouri repair hundreds of gravesites desecrated in what is being condemned as an apparent act of anti-Semitism

An artist’s impression of three of the seven planets orbiting Trappist-1. One planet is in the foreground; the other is a small silhouette as it transits the red dwarf star; the third is a tiny crescent off to the right.

NASA: Single Star Is Home to At Least 7 Earthlike Planets

NASA has announced that a single star relatively close to Earth is home to no fewer than seven Earthlike planets. If you're looking for extraterrestrial life, there may be no place better, according to the new findings published in Nature


France's Macron Gets Warm Welcome from London's Expats

Macron spoke at Methodist Central Hall, close to the British Parliament, to a crowd made up of young voters eager for a new approach in French politics and more cautious City professionals, curious to see what the 39-year-old would be like in person


Amazon Is Giving Everyone a One-Day Discount

Amazon is offering a one-day discount of $8.62 off of any purchase worth $50 or more to celebrate an 86.27 score on a recent poll ranking the company's reputation. Customers can receive the discount if they enter the code BIGTHANKS

Dave Brat

GOP Politicians Face Anger at Town Halls

GOP members of Congress returning home for town halls found protesters angry with President Trump, probing lawmakers to see if they will veer from his more controversial stands, and if they will promise coverage for those served by the Affordable Care Act


VP Mike Pence Visited the Vandalized Jewish Cemetery

Vice President Mike Pence is visiting a suburban St. Louis Jewish cemetery where more than 150 headstones were damaged earlier in the week. He says there is "no place in America for hatred or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-Semitism"

Charleston Church Shooting

Dylann Roof Drove Toward Second Black Church

Dylann Roof, who was convicted of killing nine worshippers during Bible study at a black church, drove toward a second black church after the shootings, according to South Carolina prosecutors who oversaw the federal case against him

International Cat Show in Kiev

Cats Don’t Cause Mental Health Problems, Study Says

Good news: having a cat in the home does not increase your risk for mental health problems, according to a new study. Cats are host to a parasite called Toxoplasma Gondii; prior research suggested that people who are infected are at an increased risk of schizophrenia

SpaceX launches supplies to space station

SpaceX ISS Shipment Delayed Due to Error

A navigation error forced SpaceX to delay its shipment to the International Space Station, following an otherwise flawless flight from NASA's historic moon pad. SpaceX's supply ship was less than a mile from the outpost when a problem cropped up in the GPS system