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If You Lost Your Coffin Full of Weapons, Florida Police Have Recovered It

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From nunchucks to crossbows

Well this is weird. Police found an abandoned wooden coffin filled with 43 weapons — ranging from ball-and-chains to nunchucks — by the side of the road in Florida late last week. Weapon arsenals can be so hard to keep track of these days!

Here are the 43 bizarre weapons that a sad Floridian is currently missing, according to a local Fox affiliate:

  • Black crossbow
  • Black ball and chain
  • Set of nun chucks
  • Metal pair of forceps
  • Ball with metal spikes
  • Double-sided axe with handle
  • Baseball bat with numerous screws attached
  • Small black sheath
  • Scissors, silver in color
  • Wooden handle with attached metal hook
  • Wooden handle with attached metal knife
  • Plastic tube with black handles
  • Wide black metal hook
  • Black folding knife
  • 2 black arm weights
  • Broken yellow dart
  • Silver baseball bat
  • Small wooden handle with attached knife
  • Black metal crowbar
  • Silver antenna
  • Black metal hooks
  • Black sword sheathe
  • Silver metal chain
  • Black handle with attached long knife
  • Wooden handle with attached rusted knife blade
  • Black stick with attached chain
  • Single metal hook
  • 2 wooden metal hatchets
  • Silver boat anchor
  • Black fire poker
  • Black metal crowbar
  • Pair of blacksmith pliers
  • Silver metal sword blade with missing hand grip
  • Wooden blocking stick
  • Metal hammer
  • Double sickle handle
  • Single handle sickle
  • Large pair of black metal tongs
  • 2 wooden axe handles
  • Wooden sword

Non-weapons included:

  • Black hoodie
  • Small red square punching bag
  • Black leather pouch

Just go to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office to claim your goods!

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