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Latest Twitter Trend: High School Kids Get Out Finals If They Get Enough Retweets

Who needs a solid high school education if you have a good personal brand?

Welcome to the era of the social media contract. On May 7, high school senior Andrew Muennink became a Twitter folk hero by getting his art teacher to agree that if his tweet got 15,000 retweets, his class would get out of its end of year exam. And hey, considering Round Rock High School’s close proximity to tech-savvy Austin, Texas, this social media stunt might prove more valuable to his future career than an art test anyway.

The school administration did not agree. Even though Meunnink met his goal number weeks before his deadline, Round Rock High School announced that the students would be taking the test regardless. “A deal was made and it should be owned up to,” Muennink told ABC via direct message.

But Muennink’s (failed) effort has now inspired other students across the country:

The retweets for finals concept has become a full blown meme:

Some looking less legitimate than others:

Every classroom has its own spin, though. Rather than retweets, one high school classroom just wants to get on Ellen:

Other teachers are throwing in promises of pizza parties to sweeten the deal:

And numbers have gone up to 35,000:https://twitter.com/NicBrinsley/status/46442953310641766

To 100,000

To three million and one…

We can finally stop worrying about the country’s ridiculously low-test scores. Our Twitter game is under control.

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