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Boy Scouts Rescue Ann Curry After She Breaks Her Ankle Hiking

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Debra L Rothenberg—FilmMagic/Getty Images

When the NBC journalist sprained her ankle while hiking in New York's Harriman State Park, a New Jersey-based boy scout troop crafted a makeshift stretcher and carried her down a mountain

A Boy Scouts troop’s awesome wilderness skills recently helped them rescue TV journalist Ann Curry.

Yes, really.

The NBC journalist was hiking last month in New York’s Harriman State Park when a New Jersey-based troop found her sitting on the ground, according to a Scouting Magazine blog post. She told them she’d broken her ankle, and they managed to create a splint for it.

Still, though, she couldn’t walk. Their next step was to craft a makeshift stretcher — a totally old school, rustic stretcher made from two strong sticks and a tarp. Only after they got her safely down the mountain did the teens realize they had just rescued a famous, Emmy-winning TV journalist.

This week, Curry tweeted her thanks to the troop:


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