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This Twitter Account Tells You What Clothes Your Favorite TV Stars Are Wearing

You can now dress just like Jess on New Girl, thanks to this Twitter account.

With the rise of big-budget television, we’ve also entered a renaissance of TV fashion. Seinfeld no more—on screen, TV characters are outfitted in cutting-edge clothes from iconic fashion brands. But short of pushing one of those weird shop-on-your-TV buttons, how are we supposed to find out which Scandal character is wearing what? That’s where Style on Screen comes in.

The Twitter account and website dissects what stars are wearing on-screen (or at the Met Gala, as the case may be) and posts it so non-celebrities can get a leg up on copying the looks. PR companies and stylists help identify the items, but “we also work with a fantastic community of style spotters who love to help people find outfits,” Style on Screen founder Kingsley Maunder told The Daily Dot.

The service also offers alternatives when the clothing that appears on TV is sold out in stores. But if you want to find that Mickey Mouse sweater that Pharrell recently wore on The Voice (it’s Opening Ceremony, by the way), then you’re all set. There’s also an entire section of looks from New Girl, from blazers to dresses and even pajamas. If you start buying up all of Jess’s wardrobe, you might get some strange looks, however.

Style on Screen’s Twitter account takes personal requests with alacrity, so if you have an inquiry feel free to tweet it out. Looking for the suits that show up on Mad Men might take a little more time.

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