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WATCH: Man Does Napoleon Dynamite Dance Perfectly 100 Days in a Row

That's dedication.

A strapping young gent with an impressive array of brightly colored tee-shirts and a penchant for dance just finished number 117 on his bucket list. Matt Bray perched a GoPro camera on top of his cabinet and recorded himself doing the Napoleon Dynamite choreography for Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat for 100 days in a row. “Technically it was around 120 something days but 100 days sounds better,” Bray admits on his YouTube description of the video. Be it 100 or 120, the result is kind of inspiring.

In case you needed any more proof of Bray’s dedication to be truly great, he also accomplished a bucket list goal of setting a Guinness World Record. His talent? Sitting on the most whoopee cushions in 30 seconds. (That’s 37 whoopee cushions!)

Matt Bray, we still probably would have voted for Jorge, but you at least would have come in a close second if you ran for public school office.

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