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Parachuting Grilled Cheese: The Latest Delivery Food 

Look out below!


Getting Seamless is great—food arrives at your door with little more than the click of a button. But wouldn’t it be better if it actually floated slowly down to you with the help of a parachute?

That’s the big idea behind Jafflechutes, a Melbourne pop-up restaurant that serves grilled cheeses by sending them down into an alleyway with the help of parachutes to hungry customers below. Jaffle is Australian slang for grilled cheese—it refers to a kind of waffle maker for toasted sandwiches—hence the portmanteau name.

Patrons pay ahead of time with PayPal then stand in a predetermined spot to await their meal (it’s marked with an X). Arms outstretched, they receive their grilled cheese in a manner not unlike getting blessed by the Pope. As the video above shows, it’s a much more interactive way of getting takeout.

Jafflechutes just completed a crowd-funding campaign to bring their airborne food to Manhattan, so keep your eyes people. If something hits you on the head on the New York sidewalk, it might be a sandwich instead of, you know, a pigeon.

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