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Here’s the Rap Anthem About Bounce Houses You Never Knew You Needed

"In my bounce house, you know I'm jumpin' / In my bounce house, I got a toaster oven"

Forget about the decked-out mansions you once saw on MTV Cribs (rest in peace). For today’s rappers, it’s all about bounce houses.

Or at least, for the group Junior Barsity it is. Their newest song is an ode to the majestic inflatable structure and all the potential contained within it. Their particular bounce house has just about everything: a toaster oven, pediatric nurses, a carousel, a Vitamin Water pool, and even a Settlers of Catan set. Really, what else could anyone need in this life?

The best part of this whole thing, though, might be the fact that one of these rappers goes by the name Jewelya Roberts.

Oh, and let us warn you: this song is catchy. Really, really catchy. Like, problematically catchy. Enjoy!

(h/t The Daily Dot)

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