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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Teach You About the “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing”

Jimmy Fallon debuted on The Tonight Show with the "Cabbage Patch," the "Stanky Leg" and some not-so-sexy twerking

Jimmy Fallon’s debut as the new host of The Tonight Show brought in some familiar faces — including Robert DeNiro, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Steven Colbert, Lindsay Lohan, and special guest Will Smith. No big deal.

But one of the most memorable moments was part of a nod to the ’90s in which Fallon and Smith donned silver chains, patterned tees, and overalls while performing the “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing,” which included 24 signature hip-hop moves densely packed into 3minutes. From the Robot to “the Leg Thing No One Can Do” (iconic!), things went a long smoothly — until Smith got a little too into “Spank That” and had to be reminded to follow the cues.

So what ultimately brought the dance routine to an end? Jimmy Fallon’s twerking, of course — which you’ll have to see for yourself.

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