Restaurateur Alice Waters on The Edible Schoolyard Project

This California Restaurateur is teaching kids across the world about healthy eating.

Restaurateur Alice Waters decided after the birth of her daughter that she wanted to improve the way children ate and thought about food.

Waters teamed up with Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley, Calif. and the Edible Schoolyard Project was born.

“I felt like I was an activist from the very beginning,” Waters said. “I felt like I could change the world, if we all changed the way we ate.”

The Edible Schoolyard Project has been teaching children since 2005 about basic foods they can grow and pick themselves. From the garden to the classroom, children involved in the project are responsible for creating healthy, filling meals. The program has become successful, branching out to over 3,500 locations worldwide, including five more fully-equipped edible schoolyards.

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