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Bryan Singer’s Accuser Names 3 Other Entertainment Heads in Lawsuit

Michael Egan's latest allegations are similar in nature to the ones filed against Hollywood director Bryan Singer. Egan claims that Singer sexually abused him 15 years ago, while he was an aspiring teen actor

What started as a lawsuit against one well-renowned director has turned into allegations against several other top Hollywood figures.

Michael Egan, 31, accused X-Men director Bryan Singer last week of sexually abusing him 15 years ago while Egan was an aspiring teen actor, according to court papers filed in Hawaii.

Egan has since filed new federal lawsuits against former Fox television executive Garth Ancier, theater producer Gary Wayne Goddard and former television executive David A. Neuman. Egan’s lawsuits accuse the three men of engaging in inappropriate behavior with Egan in the 1990s.

Singer has denied Egan’s allegations, while Ancier, Goddard and Neuman have not yet responded to the new suit. None of the men have been criminally charged and the statute of limitations for charges has passed.


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