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This Special Glass Promises to Make Your Coke Taste Better

Coca Cola

Mmmm, overtones of sugar

Don’t worry, insufferable connoisseurs–now you don’t have to drink your Coca Cola out of a foul aluminum can like the rest of the little people. You get a special glass, designed to bring out the delicate flavors of America’s favorite beverage.

Reidel, an Austrian company that makes specially designed glasses to bring out the flavor of certain wines and spirits, has made their first glass for a non-alcoholic beverage, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports. The specially engineered Coke glass is designed to ensure the right balance of “sweetness, acidity, minerality, and effervescence,” so that you can pretentiously smack your lips and comment on the “longer finish” and more “intense aroma” of your $1 soda.

Oh, and the glass costs $30.


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