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IKEA Will Soon Serve Vegetarian Meatballs

Marcel Antonisse / AFP / Getty Images

IKEA is developing an eco-friendly "green" version of their patently delicious Swedish meatball dish, a highlight for many making a trip to the massive furniture store, that will be completely meat-free. They have not set a date for the unveiling yet

Everyone knows that the best part of a trip to IKEA is taking a break to eat those delicious signature meatballs. That experience has heretofore excluded vegetarians, but soon, the Swedish furniture chain will begin offering a meatless option.

IKEA is developing this eco-friendly “green” version of the Swedish dish to cut carbon emission and tackle climate change, the Guardian reports. Each year, IKEA sells an estimated 150 million meatballs, which are made from beef and pork. The concern is that the farming process leads to high carbon dioxide emissions — so creating ‘veg balls’ would reduce IKEA’s carbon footprint.

The company hasn’t announced an official date, but we should expect the veg balls — along with a new chicken version — next year. Don’t panic, though. The original meatballs aren’t going anywhere.

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