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How to Sell Waterproof Gadgets, Sony Edition

But is it safe to drink the water after taking the MP3 player out?

Sony may be bidding adieu to its PC business, but the once-mighty (still-mighty?) tech giant has sure figured out how to market waterproof MP3 players.

The Bottled Walkman campaign seen in the above video tells the tale of Sony’s $100 W Series wearable MP3 player being stuffed into bottles of water and sold in vending machines at a swim training center.

As The Next Web reports, these gadget-filled water bottles made the rounds in New Zealand thanks to an ad agency there. No word on a broader push – this seems mostly like a proof-of-concept marketing test more than anything else. A true test, of course, would be to put these things into vending machines that only accepted $1 bills.

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