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Ask an Expert: Will Getting Pregnant Screw Up My Mom’s Career?

Dear Pregnancy Pundit,

Yesterday I let slip that I’m expecting. But my mom is expecting a big new job. Will getting pregnant screw up my mom’s career?


Dear Chels,

That depends. As USA Today put it, “It’s unclear how [your] pregnancy will affect [your mom], who is considering a race for president in 2016.”

But many other presidents have had grandchildren while in office.

Most of these presidents are dead. All of them are men. This raises an interesting question. If it’s ordinary when it happens to “regular” women, is it extraordinary when it happens to a woman candidate?


Hi again Pregnancy Pundit,

I keep feeling happy for myself, even though I know this is really about my mom. What can I do to be less selfish?


Dear Chels,

We both know you can’t have it all. It might help you feel less guilty to participate in a choreographed family tweet-off about your news. That will show that you’re a team player.


Pregnancy Pundit,

Sorry last question. Politico published a photo retrospective of my life. Am I dying?



You’re not dying. But your whole purpose these last 20 years has been to illuminate whether your parents would become grandparents. Now that we know the answer, it’s time for a sentimental look back.



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