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10 Ridiculously Clichéd Stock Photos of Women vs. Lean In’s Alternatives

Facebook COO wants to bring equality to stock photos

Don’t worry, you’ll never have to laugh alone with salad again.

That’s because Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.org decided to tackle the important issues by debuting a whole new line of stock photos through Getty Images that shows real women doing real things, instead of multi-armed, multitasking octopus women eating yogurt or smiling at scales.

Here is a chronology of your perfect life through the Lean In photos, compared to the yoga-doing, salad-laughing nightmare that would be a life in stock photos. Choose your own adventure.

1) Eating Salad

Woman eating a salad

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

You eat real food with your friends, like cheese and wine, and you can stop trying to force that single cherry tomato into your frozen smile.

2) Multitasking:

Woman multitasking

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

You’re great at multitasking, but you do it at your normal-looking desk and you don’t type anything with your toes.

3) Leading a Meeting:

Businesswoman leading meeting in office

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

You’re able to lead meetings without writing random stuff on glass like in The Social Network.

4) Eating and Working:

Woman eating while working

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

Sometimes you’re busy so you need a snack, but that doesn’t mean you grow extra arms.

5) Jobs That Aren’t At An Office

Woman worker

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

Your friends are also regular people who work in regular jobs, not hammer-toting supermodels.

6) Exercise

Woman exercising

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

You have lifted weights, but you have never grinned at a scale, or crouched on one.

7) Beauty:

Woman at a salon

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

You know this lady who runs your favorite salon, but you don’t know this faceless pair of lips.

8) You’re Pregnant!

Pregnant woman exercising

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

You probably still exercise even if you’re pregnant, and you can finally stop trying to be happy about that scale. Enough with the scale.

9) Work and Kids:

Woman leaving for work

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

Your kid is totally fine when you drop him off at the bus before you go to work, not like this other brat.

10) Dads:

Stay at home dad

Lean In Collection / Getty Images (2)

Your hot husband sometimes takes your kid to the flower store, and it causes zero friction.

Thank God I can stop waiting for my octopus arms to sprout.

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