A Twitter account joking about the problems in Sochi is gaining sudden popularity
By Michelle Arrouas
February 7, 2014

After only three days online and 148 tweets, an unofficial Twitter account documenting the hassles and failings of the Sochi games has succeeded in attracting more followers than the official Winter Olympics account.

The official @Sochi2014, is being followed by 133,000 people, notably less than @SochiProblems‘ more than 178,000 followers (who have grown rapidly from the 100,000 on Thursday night).

While @Sochi2014 displays pictures of arriving athletes, the Olympic torch bearers and the competition facilities, the unofficial account has been busy sharing and retweeting information and jokes about unfinished construction, gross hotel rooms and more serious issues such as Russia’s gay rights record.

Hey @SochiProblems do I get a little credit for solving one? http://t.co/gyKi1gORXA pic.twitter.com/r7tXzBtE2z

— Steve Politi (@StevePoliti) February 7, 2014

Do we give Bob Costas an eye patch? #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

— Sochi Problems (@SochiProblems) February 7, 2014

On the way to the media center. The street is not quite ready yet. #SochiProblems pic.twitter.com/5lA4tmGoNz — Simon Rosner (@SimonRosner) February 6, 2014

Text message I woke up to this morning from @yahooMac “Appears I’m locked inside my place. Door knob fell apart this morning”.I got him out!

— Alan Springer (@alanspringer) February 6, 2014

Ohhhh it’s supposed to be the Olympic Games. Easy mistake; Sochi thought they were hosting the Hunger Games #SochiProblems

— Dave Mercer (@FactsofFishing) February 6, 2014

At least I didn’t have to share. #SochiToilet #Sochi2014 pic.twitter.com/Vt8BnECCcg

— Rob Elgas (@RobElgasNBC) February 5, 2014

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