By Associated Press
February 26, 2019

(DONG DANG, Vietnam) — North Korea has meticulously prepared for leader Kim Jong Un’s summit with U.S. President Donald Trump in Vietnam, but his arrival still had its hiccups.

South Korean media compared a North Korean interpreter to Usain Bolt after he made a desperate sprint to catch up with Kim as the leader walked out of his train to meet waiting Vietnamese officials.

Kim arrived in Vietnam on Tuesday after an almost 70-hour ride in his armored train through southern China.

His green-and-yellow train had to back up after overshooting the red carpet prepared at Vietnam’s Dong Dang station. Minutes later, Kim stepped out of the train and was momentarily alone as he walked toward Vietnamese officials who came to greet him.

Kim’s interpreter wiggled through senior North Korean officials waiting at the train’s door and dashed after Kim, catching up with him just as he shook hands with the Vietnamese officials.

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