Shot of the interior of the 1 subway train at 157th and Broadway station underground. The subway train was moving at this time and caught a cool blue flare in New York City, NY (NYC) close to mid-night.
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By Associated Press
February 15, 2018

(NEW YORK) — It wasn’t meant to be for a New York City woman seeking a mystery missed connection via a 20-foot mural asking him to meet her on Valentine’s Day.

Twenty-five-year-old Devin Custalow waited for nearly 30 minutes at the billboard that asked the mystery man with yellow shoes she met on a subway train in October to meet with her at 1 p.m. Wednesday. She was surrounded by friends, family and plenty of cameras for the meeting that never came to pass — but her loved ones were on hand with a bouquet of flowers.

Custalow says despite the outcome, the search for her mystery Valentine was a really great experience and she hopes she’s encouraged others to look for love.


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