"The weekend I met Donald for the first time in New York, 1976."Courtesy of Ivana Trump
"The weekend I met Donald for the first time in New York, 1976."
Courtesy of Ivana Trump
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Take a Peek Inside Ivana Trump's Family Photo Album

Oct 11, 2017

What is it like to grow up insanely rich? What is it like to be surrounded by the trappings and decor of the Trump family? What kind of childhood did President Donald Trump's oldest three children have? The curtain has been drawn back on their lives with the publication of Ivana Trump's new book Raising Trump, which details her life as the first Mrs. Trump and then as the mother of the three most prominent Trump children. TIME published an exclusive excerpt of the book and sat down for a lengthy interview with the first Mrs. Trump.

But there's nothing quite like seeing personal photos for getting the texture of a life: you can almost feel the terrycloth of Ivana's 80s headband or the sheen of her silver ski-suit. Sure, the Trump kids had braces and bad swimsuits and Terminator posters in their bedrooms, like many of their peers. But they also had summers spent on yachts, landline telephones in their elaborately decorated bedrooms and a white grand piano on which to learn to play. Click through and see the childhood that shaped Donald, Jr., Ivanka and Eric.

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