Charla Jones—Toronto Star via Getty Images

Tamagotchis Are Coming Back So You Can Practice Great Parenting Skills

Oct 10, 2017

If you're of a certain age and ilk, you probably remember the popularity of the Tamagotchi: a small virtual pet contained in an egg-shaped keychain that needed constant attention (feeding, cleaning, and of course, loving) to survive. For a '90s kid, a Tamagotchi was a way to practice the responsibility of caring for something without real-life consequences.

Now, grown '90s-kids and a new generation alike can put their care taking skills to good use caring for Tamagotchis again because Bandai is re-releasing the tiny virtual pets in honor of the toy's 20th anniversary.

According to Rolling Stone, the new iterations will be sold at different online retailers on November 5 for $15 each and are available in six different styles that pay homage to the original designs from the 1997 launch in Japan.

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