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Honey Maid Responded to Hateful Anti-Gay Comments With This Inspiring Ad

Online commenters were not happy that Honey Maid included same sex couples in a new ad, and Honey Maid was NOT having it

On March 10, Honey Maid premiered an inclusive ad campaign called “This Is Wholesome” which celebrated all types of families — from mixed raced to tattooed to same sex parents.

But just as Cheerio’s became the subject of vitriol for its commercial starring an interracial family, Honey Maid was quickly inundated with hateful online comments from anti-gay activist. Rather than respond with a dry “We stand by our ad” statement, Honey Maid took the vitriol as an opportunity to create a new, powerful message about the power of love and family. They asked artists to print out every negative comment and turn it into something beautiful:

For every negative message Honey Maid received, ten positive notes came in. While haters will always spew hate, this goes to show that American consumers no longer see inclusion as taboo.

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