The Internet Has Jokes About Theresa May's Frequently Interrupted Speech

Oct 04, 2017

It was a rough day for Theresa May.

The British Prime Minister delivered a speech at the annual Conservative Party conference on Wednesday to an audience of fellow Tories. But between a persistent cough, a lettered sign that wouldn't stay put behind her and the disruptive behavior of a heckler who handed her a dismissal slip as a prank, May's message was nearly drowned out by the many interruptions.

Naturally, the internet has plenty of hot takes on all the snafus you can watch in the video above.

Some sharp-eyed viewers also noted an interesting jewelry choice by May: a bracelet decorated with what appears to be the likeness of Frida Kahlo, a noted Communist.

May herself, however, had one response to the aftermath: a reminder that she's just human after all. And badly in need of cough medicine.

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