The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Mark Wilson—Getty Images

Morning Must Reads: April 4

Apr 04, 2014
  • "As his tireless efforts to broker Israeli-Palestinian negotiations hit bottom Thursday, withIsrael’s cancellation of prisoner releases that were considered crucial to keeping the talks alive, there are some around Kerry—including on his senior staff and inside the White House—who believe the time is approaching for him to say, 'Enough.'" [WashPost]
  • Karzai Is Trying to Keep His Sway After Term Ends [NYT]
  • 5 Things to Watch For in March Jobs Report [WSJ]
    • "This was supposed to be the year the U.S. economy would finally break out of the doldrums—the year it would deliver the kind of robust growth that could lift President Barack Obama’s dismal approval ratings and help Democrats avoid a shellacking in November. We are about to find out if that dream is dead." [Politico]
  • How to Stop the Next Fort Hood Attack [TIME]
  • "A Senate panel voted Thursday to declassify key aspects of a controversial report on the CIA’s interrogation program during the George W. Bush Administration." [TIME]
      • "CIA officers subjected some terrorism suspects the agency held after the Sept. 11 attacks to interrogation methods that were not approved by either the Justice Department or their own headquarters and illegally detained 26 of the 119 in CIA custody, the Senate Intelligence Committee has concluded in its still-secret report..." [McClatchy]
    • Wrestling with Putin [National Journal]
        • Nuclear Disposal Agreement Could Bring Russia, U.S. to Negotiating Table [WashExaminer]
      • Is China the next Lehman Brothers? [New Yorker]
          • The 'Most Powerful Man in China' Is About to Be Purged [Atlantic]
        • Brooklyn's Hipster Economy Challenges Manhattan's Supremacy [Bloomberg]
        • "This just in from the Home Office at the Ed Sullivan Theater: David Letterman announced to his Late Show audience today that he will be retiring sometime in 2015. This will end more than three decades in late night and maybe the most influential run in talk shows and comedy, period." [TIME]
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